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Jon Stewart Has Something to say About Donald Trump – Video

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Jon Stewart is Back… well…sorta! The recently retired host of Comedy Central’s Daily Show, made an appearance to t Stephen Colbert’s Late Show and let loose on the Republican party, Fox News and, oh yea… Donald Trump!


Donald Trump #Donald Trump #Politics

Jon Stewart on Donald Trump – He is a “batsh*t billionaire” – Video

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Donald Trump is running for president. Have you heard? He made a “speech” about it yesterday. It’s the kind of speech that would make Sarah Palin proud. This “speech” has been described by Jon Stewart as “the most beautifully ridiculous jibber-jabber ever to pour from the mouth of a batshit billionaire.”

Stewart goes on…

“America’s id is running for president! This speech was so fucked up that in the middle of it, all the liquid in his body tried to escape from the corner of his mouth.”



Jon Stewart’s Replacement Announced – Trevor Noah from South Africa – Video


I don’t know. Jon Stewart was and is something special and ever since he announced his retirement from Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, I knew his replacement would have some big shoes to fill. And now that his replacement is announced, I took it upon myself to YouTube him and I must say, I am somewhat surprised.

Maybe Trevor Noah will be able to keep The Daily Show going.

In an interview with the Times, Comedy Central President Michele Ganeless said that after an extensive search, the network decided Noah was “the best person for the job.”

“You don’t hope to find the next Jon Stewart – there is no next Jon Stewart. So, our goal was to find someone who brings something really exciting and new and different,” she said.


So, What is Jon Stewart Saying about Ted Cruz’s Announcement for President? – Video


Like you may have heard, Ted Cruz formally announced his intentions to run for president in 2016. I’ll wait for the laughter to stop.



Ok, I can’t wait anymore. We don’t have all day you know.

Moments after Cruz made his announcement in front of a reported 10,000 students at the Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University, another report stated that these students had to attend the event to avoid being fined. But with such a demand for mandatory attendance, some in the audience could have been angry and could have missed Cruz’s speech. They were there physically, but mentally…?

Well we are here to help. So let’s take it to Jon Stewart for his two-cents on this two-cents Republican candidate.

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Jon Stewart Slams Fox News Using Fox News as Ammunition – Video


Leave it up to the mastery of Jon Stewart to use Fox News against Fox News.

When the Justice Department released its findings on the Ferguson incident where Officer Darren Wilson shot and killed Mike Brown, it also highlighted the backbone of the Ferguson Police Department’s money stream – racism, where blacks were targeted with bogus charges and fined heavily for those charges.

Yet, over at Fox News, the emphasis was misplaced like it often is at the Republican network. Fox spent countless hours demanding an apology from the Justice Department and the rest of the media for saying Mike Brown had his hands up when he was killed, a claim the Justice Department found to be… unfounded.

Stewart skillfully took this same Fox outrage and directed it at another well disputed favorite Fox story – Benghazi. And Stewart wondered why Fox News fails to admit that their Benghazi money-maker – although well debunked by all credible agencies as a total Fox fabrication – warrants the same apology.

Of course, that apology will never come, and Fox will continue pushing the same failed and debunked Benghazi narrative because, for whatever reason, people watch Fox and advertisers go where the people are.


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Jon Stewart – Republicans Gave Netanyahu “The Longest Blowjob A Jewish Man Ever Received”

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Not fo nuffin’, but Jon Stewart again hit it on the head… when he called the Republican’s response to Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech, “the longest blow-job a Jewish man ever received!”

In the House chamber, there was no such reflecting. Netanyahu wrapped his speech up and it was time for another ten minutes of applause. Whether Netanyahu achieved his goal of sabotaging a deal with Iran or mistakenly opened up a riff in the U.S./Israeli relations, one thing is certain. The in chamber response to this speech was by far the longest blow job a Jewish man has ever received.

Stewart was of course talking about the Republican congressional speech Netanyahu gave at his Republican State of the Union Address, where he addressed a joint session of Congress about how terrible president Obama is for trying to get Iran to peacefully end their nuclear plans. Republicans loved hearing the foreign leader dogged Mr. Obama, and at the end of Benjamin’s speech, they awarded the Israeli leader with a thunderous applause… all that was left was for Ben’s pants to hit the floor!



Jon Stewart is Leaving The Daily show


This news shocked me to the core.

Jon Stewart, who turned his biting and free-wheeling humor into an unlikely source of news and analysis for viewers of “The Daily Show,” will leave as host this year, Comedy Central said Tuesday.

His departure was announced by Comedy Central President Michele Ganeless after Stewart, host of the show since 1999, broke the news to the audience at Tuesday’s taping in New York.

“Through his unique voice and vision, ‘The Daily Show’ has become a cultural touchstone for millions of fans and an unparalleled platform for political comedy that will endure for years to come,” Ganeless said in a statement.

She called Stewart, 52, a “comic genius.” He will remain as host until later this year, she said, but did not specify his exit date or what lead to his decision.

Reaction was swift from his admirers and, in some cases, likely past targets.

“Just had the honor of being the great Jon Stewart’s guest (on ‘The Daily Show’), where he announced he’s leaving. Emotional night,” David Axelrod, former adviser to President Barack Obama, posted on Twitter.