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Before We Invaded Iraq, Bernie Sanders Said This… – Video


Way before George Bush took his eye off the ball in Afghanistan and decided to invade Iraq in what eventually drained this nation of thousands of troop lives and over a trillion dollars, Senator Bernie Sanders warned of the dangers of invading Iraq.

Too bad Bush didn’t listen.


Rush Limbaugh to Republicans – Lie about Iraq – Blame Failure on Obama


Rush Limbaugh wants all the Republican candidates for 2016 to stop admitting that the invasion of Iraq was a failure. Instead, the mouthpiece of the Republican party wants the other members of his party to blame Obama and Democrats for the war and everything else that went wrong with the Bush-led invasion. 

His advice to Republicans is to say that Democrats “attempt[ed] to divide this country by sabotaging the war effort” and “these things we’re living with today… are the result of the Barack Obama presidency.”

In other words, the mouthpiece of the Republican party want Republicans to lie about the war and its outcome. And the so-called “Christian Conservatives” will gladly accept Limbaugh’s talking point.

Listen to the audio here.

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Donald Trump on Iraq “We shouldn’t have been there”


Now that Jeb Bush is totally ridiculed by both Democrats and Republicans for saying that, given what he knows now he would still invade Iraq, other Republican presidential pretenders are jumping on the bandwagon trying to distance themselves from Jeb Bush, George Bush and the whole Iraq invasion.

Enter presidential pretender, Donald Trump. Apparently, he and Preside Obama are in one accord when it comes to the Iraq invasion.

On “Fox and Friends,” co-host Steve Doocy asked Trump about reports that the Islamic State took control of Ramadi in Iraq and whether Trump would call for “boots on the ground” following ISIL’s latest attack.

“Well, I would have never been in Iraq,” Trump answered, according to a clip highlighted by Mediaite.

Co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck later asked Trump if he thinks the U.S. should have left Iraq, given what we know now.

“We shouldn’t have been there, and once we were there, we probably should have stayed,” Trump said. “The Middle East has been totally decapitated. It’s a mess. The balance has been lost between Iraq and Iran.”

Trump then referenced Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), who on Sunday struggled to explain whether the decision to invade Iraq was a mistake.

“These characters, like Rubio made a total fool of himself on Chris Wallace’s program, talking about ‘We’re better off without Saddam Hussein.’ Give me a break,” Trump said. “Right now we have ISIS, which is worse than Saddam Hussein. At least Saddam Hussein did one thing: he killed terrorists. He was very good at killing terrorists.”

Trump noted that Hussein did not have weapons of mass destruction.

“We had very bad intelligence. He had none,” he said.

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Jesse Ventura – Bush and Cheney are Responsible For Whats Happening in Iraq – PIC

I must say, I totally agree.


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Mother’s Emotional Plea to ISIS for Her Son’s Release – Video

shirley sotloff

After seeing the brutal killing of American journalist James Foley last week, Shirley Sotloff, mother of another captured American journalist Steven Sotloff, issued a video plea to the leader of the terrorist group asking for her son’s release.

“”Steven is a journalist who traveled to the Middle East to cover the suffering of Muslims at the hands of tyrants. Steven is a loyal and generous son, brother and grandson,” Shirley Sotloff says, adding that her son “is an honorable man and has always tried to help the weak.”

“I ask you to please release my child,” she says, “I plead with you to grant me this.”


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Watch President Obama’s Statement on Michael Brown’s Murder – Video


President Obama made a statement on the US efforts in Iraq against the terrorist group ISIS, and the ongoing tensions in Ferguson Missouri where 18 year old Michael Brown was murdered by police.

Watch the President’s statement below.

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John McCain Blames Obama for The George Bush Manufactured Problems In Iraq

John McCain(AP Photo/Matt York)

What else is new? Republicans, including John McCain himself have blamed Obama for everything that has gone wrong in this world since the beginning of time.

Sitting in his weekly chain on CNN, John McCain continued spitting his nonsense simply because like Fox News, he often goes unchallenged. For whatever reason now, Republicans and McCain are blaming Obama for the calamity that is Iraq.

Iraq, remember that place, where the Bush administration and Dick Cheney told 935 lies to fool us into an unnecessary war, where thousands of Americans were killed and thousands more dismembered? That place where John McCain and these same Republicans voted to invade? Yea, that Iraq… is now somehow Obama’s fault! Can’t you see the connection? It’s as clear as… night!

So on CNN’s State of the Union, McCain said that because of Obama, the terrorist group ISIS is roaming the land doing whatever they will. McCain is blaming Obama for pulling out the troops and ending the war…although the end of the war and its terms were negotiated before Obama even became president, under the Bush administration.

But of course, this point went unchallenged.

The senator said Obama’s targeted strikes in Iraq aren’t enough.

“That’s not a strategy. That’s not a policy,” McCain said. “That is simply a very narrow and focused approach to a problem, which is metastasized as we speak.”

McCain called for airstrikes in Syria and for the U.S. to give weapons and supplies to the Kurds in order to fight ISIS.

“There’s a vacuum of American leadership all throughout the Middle East,” he said.

CNN host Candy Crowley asked McCain to respond to the widely-held belief that he opposes everything Obama does when it comes to foreign policy.

“I predicted what was going to happen in Iraq,” he said. “And I’m predicting to you now, that if we pull everybody out of Afghanistan, not based on conditions, you’ll see that same movie again in Afghanistan.”