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Geraldo Rivera – “I Endorse Romney/Ryan, But I’m Voting Obama/Biden”


Geraldo Rivera from the Fox News Network signaled that he may run for the Senate representing New Jersey, saying that he’s been in touch with “some people in the Republican party” about running in 2014. But it seems that Geraldo¬†is¬†suffering from short-term memory.

In the 2012 presidential election, Geraldo went against everything Fox News and the Republicans stand for when he openly admitted he was voting for President Obama. In the tweet sent on November 5th right before the election, Geraldo said that he endorses Romney/Ryan, but will vote for Obama/Biden because of their stance on immigration and gay marriage.

Yes, that may have been his best vote yet, but if you really think New Jersey Republicans will forgive him for voting for their enemy and send Geraldo to the Senate, then I have a bridge in Brooklyn I’ll like to sell ya!