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Michelle Obama Strikes Sexy Poses in VOGUE – PICs

The outgoing First Lady of the United States can easily be called, the sexiest First Lady Ever… at least I think so. The First Lady is featured on the cover of the upcoming VOGUE.






Madonna Vouging

Madonna Vouging

In the age of the endless quest for the newest thing” its become way too easy to suppress our unique individuality for the sake of vogue.

We work so hard at being trendy, barely noticing that we’re relying on total strangers to dictate our life’s style, from the toys we buy to the food we’re now told are our favorites. Who died and left them boss, I wanna know?

Seeing as one day we ALL will have to Give Up Our Individual Consciousness For The Exaltation Of A Greater Singularity Of Oness With The Cosmos…but right now I resist the universal pull to mold me, shape me, amalgamate me… 

Ah! But the World, she is vast my friend. And just when I think I’m out, she pulls me back in…

Here’s a look at a few trends taking hold in 2013, according to that pinnacle of trend spotter blogs, Trend Hunter:

wake up vibe

Pleasure-Inducing Alarm Clocks

Byungmun Seo Fall/Winter 2013

Militant Apocalypse Menswear

Surrealist Amphibious Furniture

woodiees 4

Wood-based Men’s Underwear

Diamond Encrusted Eye Wear

Finger-Worn Telephones
TaskOne iPhone Toolkit

Swiss Army Cell Phones

Food Inspired Clothing

High Tech Backpacks

Aurora Jungle Juice

Glowing Galaxy Cocktails

Life-Like Male Dolls

Reebok ATV 19+All Terrain Footwear
3D Printed PEZ Dispensers

Personalized PEZ Dispenser

zombie teddy bears

Zombie Teddy Bears

chevrolet ngo

Insectile Electric Cars

WAD Magazine 'Cocktail' 4

Tribal-Influenced Western Fashion

edible valentines day card 2

Edible, Cryptic Valentines Day Cards

 On second thought…I think I’m good, thanks.