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Vacations – Bush took 3 Times More Than Obama, But Obama gets Crucified for Taking Time Off


He’s dealing with a hundred times the amount of issues that George W Bush dealt with when he was president, but everytime Barack Obama goes on vacation, the-right wing echo chamber screams bloody foul, accusing Obama of being lazy “while bodies fall from the sky,” tes, they’ve actually said that.

So naturally, with a little digging,  the facts about Obama’s vacation is is found, and like expected, the right-winged militia media has once again, lied and mislead their audience into thinking that Obama is the supreme vacationing president.

But here’s the facts.

CBS News’ Mark Knoller has meticulously kept track of presidential vacations and such since 1996, and his data showed that, when compared to his predecessor George W Bush, Obama is no where close to Bush when it comes to taking days off.

At this time in his presidency, Bush had already taken 3 times the amount of vacation that Obama is being crucified for, and he had traveled more times too.

See below.


But then, we all know that facts have a liberal bias!


President Obama’s Lunch – Fried This and Fried That


It’s raining on Martha’s Vineyard, but President Obama apparently felt the need to get out of the house tuesday.

Obama went for a lunch run at one of the island’s landmarks — Nancy’s snack bar on the waterfront in Oak Bluffs.

Dressed for vacation — blue fleece, Nike sneakers, a Chicago White Sox cap — Obama shook hands and greeted about 40 other patrons before picking up his order at the counter.

The selections, as identified by the White House: fried shrimp, fried oysters, onion rings and french fries.

Obama told the staff at the counter: “Good to see you man, thanks for feeding us.”

The presidential motorcade then headed to the house where senior adviser Valerie Jarrett is staying this week.

After lunch, the president went to a nearby school to play some basketball.

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Summer Time means Vacation Time

Summertime is Here! School is out and that means it’s time for the Family Vacation. My family and I just returned from the Best Vacation I’ve ever been on, a 5-day cruise to the Bahamas. This being my first cruise, I’m going to discuss the “Hotel on Water” experiences only.

Now let me begin by saying we cruised on the troubled cruise liner, Carnival and we chose the Fantasy ship which had not been under the dreaded and beleaguered brand of ships. Our daughter graduated high school in June and this was a present to her that had been planned for 2-years.

I must admit I was very nervous leading up to our voyage to the Bahamas because of the difficulties Carnival had been having over the last few months. And needless to say, ALL that water out there and NO land around didn’t give me ‘warm, fuzzy feelings’.

So, last week, our very 1st cruise began at the Port of Charleston, SC at 4pm departure time. Security was very similar to the airlines with bag checks and going through the metal detector. Once through security, it was time to board or in Cruise terms, Embarkment began. When my family and I got on board and put our bags in our assigned rooms, we met on the Lido Deck and looked over to see others boarding. The view was spectacular but somewhat unnerving for a beginner like me. I’m not a big fan of heights so add to the idea of being on water as well…not a good mix. But things were about to change, For the Better!


Four o’clock pm. Like clockwork, we began to move. Tug boats were pushing us out and we were off. Out to the Atlantic, on our way to the Bahamas! From the moment we set foot on the Carnival Fantasy until we got back to Charleston, SC, the entire Crew – from the room attendants, the dining staff, the drink attendants, the show and entertainment staff, the excursion personnel and the store employees – were the BEST I’ve ever had pertaining to hospitality! Top-notched Service All the Way!

Pictures were taken at every moment it seemed. And that was just from the ships photographers. Drinks were offered continuously and the guest were buying them up. I must admit, my family and I had our share as well. On the entire voyage, this was the smoothest ride ever. Again, my first cruise, I was thinking it would be rough, bouncy, turbulent, nauseating but to my surprise, None of the aforementioned. I purchased Dramamine for that very reason but never needed it.


Our first port of call was in Nassau. Beautiful. Scenic. Tranquil Beaches. Gorgeous Blue Waters. It is definitely the Island of Paradise. From there, we journeyed up to Freeport. That day, we decided not to venture onto the island but to enjoy the ship’s activities. We enjoyed a broadway show, a comedy show (Adults Only), Bingo with up to $3000 at stake, karaoke and clubs for our generation to the teen-agers.

Then there’s shopping on board, casinos, eating, putt-putt, swimming pools, eating, a walking track on the very top of the ship where the putt-putt course is located, eating, ping pong, eating, sun bathing, eating, eating, Eating, a gym, a masseuse and EATING! OMG, I ate and Ate and ATE! But it was GOOOD! Yep, I gained 5-pounds but it was a GOOD 5-pounds.

To sum it up, The BEST Vacation my Family and I have EVER Had. I’ve been to Disney a number of times, a Washington, DC trip twice, Myrtle Beach, SC countless times, Virginia Beach, Williamsburg, Va. and other locations, but a Cruise? Wow! There’s Nothing that compare. Kudo’s to Carnival Fantasy Cruise Line! They made our Vacation one of the most Memorable Ever! And as Arnold said in the “Terminator”, I’ll Be Back!


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Democrats On The Attack – Asks Republicans Where Are The Jobs?

News on The Hill – In their first public address of 2012, House Democratic leaders ripped into Republicans Thursday for ignoring President Obama’s jobs package amid a lingering unemployment crisis.

Behind Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), the lawmakers accused GOP leaders of neglecting their duties and remaining on vacation as the jobless rate tickles down to 9 percent.

“The American people need jobs, and we’re not on the job,” said Pelosi, flanked by more than two dozen other Democrats in the Capitol. “Where are they [Republicans]? I don’t know. Where should they be? Right here in this Capitol getting to work.”

The Democrats used the one-year anniversary of the Republicans’ takeover of the House to question why GOP leaders have resisted new education, infrastructure and public works funding – all part of Obama’s plan to create jobs.

“One year in office and no significant jobs bill,” Pelosi charged.

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The Facts About Vacations. Barack Obama vs George Bush

The big controversy now is that Republicans are trying to hammer the President on is his vacations. President Obama and his family decided to take a 10 day vacation in Martha’s Vinyard, but Fox News, Sarah Palin, Donald Trump and the rest of the Republican presidential field have read their talking-points and are zeroing in on the President’s family time as “inappropriate.”

Here’s some of the lies from Donald Trump;

The fact is, he takes more vacations than any other human being I’ve ever seen. They used to complain about George Bush, but I understand he’s already exceed George Bush and we’re not even through the year, so he likes vacations.

But take a look at the video below. It shows the difference between the vacation time of the last few presidents and the hypocritical nature of this Republican argument.