The Walking Dead – Season 7, Episode 2 – Trailer

After a mind-blowing Season 7 Episode 1 where Glenn and Abraham literally got their mind blown, Episode 2 seems to take a little more relaxing approach… relaxing as far as The Walking Dead goes that is.

Welcome the The Kingdom!



Daryl Faces a “Dark” Future after Causing Glenn’s Death

It can be said that Daryl is the reason for Glenn’s demise on Season 7, Episode 1 of The Walking Dead. After being warned by the bat-wielding maniac that everyone should remain on their knees, Daryl allowed his anger to get the best of him and attacked Negan, punching him in the face and causing Negan to introduce his bat to Glenn’s head. Glenn obviously died from his injuries and Daryl, according to Norman Reedus, will descend into “a very, very dark, dark place” because of the outcome of his decision.

In a recent interview, Reedus revealed the following;

“I think it weighs heavily on him. I don’t know that anybody in that group blames him for anything, but he blames himself more than anything. It really brings him down to a certain level where whatever shitty thing is thrown at him, he is just going to take it.

“He goes very, very dark. He does certain things that he can’t go back from. He goes to a very, very dark, dark place. It’s a combination of hatred. It’s a combination of self-loathing. It’s different from when he first started on the show. He has a big chip on his shoulder. He thought people wouldn’t like him. He didn’t give a shit. He hates you, too. It turns now into he kind of hates himself. He hates the world that we’re in, and he doesn’t lose the fight in him, but he definitely no longer sees anything good in the world, that’s for sure.”


Glenn Gets Kiss on the Lips from Eugene-  More Love from TWD Cast – Video

The cast and crew of The Walking Dead showed their appreciation to Glenn, after the character was brutally murdered in Season 7, episode 1.

They chose a cheek and planted a goodbye kiss on Glenn’s face, Eugene chose Glenn’s two cheeks and his lips.



The Walking Dead – Epic Deaths in Tonight Episode?

I said it right after the last episode in Season 6 aired. I listened to him talk and based on the things he said I knew he was the one. He was talking about settling down and having children with his new love, Sasha. So when Rick’s group was captured and it became apparent that someone would not make it to the next episode, I immediately said that Abraham was the one who saw his demise at the hand of Negan.

But Glenn? I had no clue. I do not follow the comics simply because I want to be surprise, angered, sad when I watch the show. So seeing Glenn meet Lucille – Negan’s barbed-wire baseball bat – was surprising, shocking and sad.

So yes, Glenn and Abraham died viciously in tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead.

Negan. I really don’t like this man and I didn’t know the gravity of my hate for him until I saw how he went about getting Rick to come to terms with the fact that Negan was now in charge.

After he brutally killed Glenn and Abraham, Rick looked Negan in the eyes and told him, “I’m gonna kill you.” Negan, challenged in front of his entire crew, could not have that. So he went about the process of breaking Rick, breaking him to the point where Rick had absolutely no choice but to accept. How did Negative win Rick over? By trying to get Rick to chop off his son’s arm with the promise of killing the rest of Rick’s crew if he refused. 

At that point, I felt a whole new level of hate for the Negan.

Season 7 episode 1 turned out to be extreme and emotionally draining. There were tears flowing in my little group and I bet the same was true all over this nation. Tonight we said goodbye to two of the show’s favorite characters. I take solace in knowing that Negan will get what’s coming to him, I’m patiently waiting…


The Walking Dead Season 7 – Official Trailer

Are you ready? Welcome to The Walking Dead, Season 7

Coming 10.23.16


The Walking Dead Season 6 Preview – Video

Coming in October!



Walking Dead Introduces a Gay Character


His name is ‘Aaron’ and he made his appearance when Maggie and Sasha were having some quiet time after an extremely hectic night. He slowly approached the two women describing himself as a “friend.”

According to the comic books (spoiler alert), Aaron actually is friendly. He’s a recruiter for the Alexandria Safe-Zone trying to bring in Rick and his group. In the comic books, Aaron also has a boyfriend named Eric.