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Unpredictable Easter Bunnies Have Sex on Local News Program


Bunnies are always cute, no matter where they are or the reason they are where they are…

Okay. So to celebrate the Easter festivities, a couple of bunnies were invited on camera in a Knoxville, newsroom for WBIR-TV. Apparently, no one explained proper bunny etiquette to the creatures and… bunny sex ensued!

It appears that humans have sex too, and their offspring was quickly shown as the bunnies did their thing.


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Breaking News: Men, Too Much Television Will Reduce Your Sperm Count

See! I told you. It’s time to get your ass off your seat and run, not walk, run to the gym.

Here’s some news that may cause men to drop the remote controls and hit the gym: Excessive TV watching and a sedentary lifestyle has been linked to lower sperm counts, according to a study published Monday in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. Researchers in the Harvard School of Public Health analyzed 189 healthy men between the ages of 18 and 22, and noted the number of hours per week they exercised, as well number of hours per week they watched TV, videos, or DVDs, over the past three months.

The results? The men who were the most physically active, and spent 15 hours or more exercising each week, had the highest sperm counts. In fact, this group’s sperm count was 73 percent higher than that of the group who exercised the least, BBC Health reports. Additionally, men who spent 20 hours per week or more in front the boob tube had a sperm count 44 percent lower than those who spent little time in front of the TV. The study was a relatively small one, but it echoes a tip that works for our overall health and, apparently, for sperm counts, too. “My advice would be everything in moderation,” Allan Pacey, head of andrology for Sheffield Teaching Hospitals in the United Kingdom, told BBC. “And that includes time in the gym as well as watching TV.”



Primaries In CT, NY, PA, RI, DE: Five Things to Watch Tonight

With the Republican nomination race all but sewn up, here are 5 things to watch tonight.

1. Cougar Town (8:30 ABC)

Why watch: If you love nature shows, this is one for you. Cougars are sleek cats with keen eyes and a devastating first bite. They also run very fast. In their natural habitats they…oh wait, wrong cougars.

2. American Experience: The Crash of 1929 (8:00 PBS)

Why watch: Why indeed? Nothing to see here. Move along citizens.

3. Frontline: Money, Power and Wall Street (9:00 PBS)

Why watch: Really PBS? A double bill? Are you just baiting the Republicans to cut all of your funding when they take power next year? What’s next; Bert and Ernie Occupy Sesame Street?

4. Frozen Planet: The Ends of the Earth ( 9:00 Animal Planet DVR Alert!)

Why watch: Here is the ultimate relaxation program for the GOPer who’s come home after voting. The  show talks about changing habitats, polar extremes and the warming trends that are affecting wildlife without mentioning the causes! It’s guilt free climate change! When Vanessa Berlowitz, the series producer, said in an interview. that scientific theories “would have undermined the strength of an objective documentary, and would then have become utilized by people with political agendas,” you know that Animal Planet is going to get a zillion dollars in the next budget go-round.

5.  Edge of War: Saddam vs. The Ayatollah (10:00 Military Channel)

Why watch: Are you kidding? We love wrestling matches. Especially ones that incite 8-year wars between really bad guys. In this oldie but goodie, the US supports Saddam, but only so we can beat the crap out of him in 20 years. Ahhh, the Reagan-Bush-(Blank)-Bush years.

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Olbermann To Rachel Maddow – You’re Welcome At Current T.V.

Making his rounds to the various television shows, Keith Olbermann dropped a bomb on The Jimmy Fallon show. Asked if he spoke to any of his fellow MSNBC hosts, Olbermann replied that they have all been busy since his departure.

As Rachel put it the other day on another program, we’ve both been kinda busy, so we haven’t spoken but that doesn’t mean we’re not speaking. It’s just, you know, as you just alluded to when I left, perhaps there was a little… friction.

Olbermann then dropped the bomb;

Someday I’ll really like Rachel to come and work with me at Current, when legally she’s available to do so.

Fallon then suggested that MSNBC will be very mad if Rachel left and joined Olbermann at Current TV, to which Olbermann replied, “tough!”

See the clip below, it begins around the 16 minute mark.

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Countdown With Keith Olbermann – Uncensored – Official Ad

Countdown with Keith Olbermann starts on June 20th, and Keith just released his official video promoting the show. In what could be considered a slap-in-the-face to his previous network, MSNBC, the video shows Olbermann talking about the corporate spin that dictates what gets on television under the guise of  “news.”

As Keith talks, a censor is placed over his mouth, but Keith simply moves to the side and continues;

The free flow of information has been thwarted, dissenting voices silenced, and for every story there’s a flurry of heavily biased corporate-sponsored spin that can distract even the most engaged viewer. And every day we’re left with a bit less clarity. Until now.

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Pentagon Release New Videos of Osama Bin Laden

The Pentagon has released videos seized from the Bin Laden raid last week. In the four videos released, Osama Bin Laden is seen sitting on the floor with a remote control in his hand, watching a small television showing images of himself.

The videos were offered as further proof, that the most wanted man in the world was killed last Sunday by United States Navy Seals.

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David Letterman – I Think Donald Trump’s Actions Are Racist

Although Dr. Phill tried to defend his “friend” Donald Trump, on last night’s Late Night with David Letterman, the host did not feel Trump’s actions and choice of words over the last few months were appropriate. Mr. Letterman labeled Trump’s statements and actions as that of a racists, and suggests that Trump may not get any further invites to appear on his show, without first issuing an apology.

Responding to Phill’s claim that Donald Trump doesn’t “have a racist bone in his body,” Letterman says;

It’s not a pleasure to watch, and I would think that if he comes back on this show, and I’m not sure if we’ll want him back on the show under those circumstances, he ought to be prepared to apologize.”