Pennsylvania Girl Hit by Car While Playing Pokemon GO


This game can easily be put in the same category as drunk driving or texting while driving as participants walk around with their eyes glued to their smartphones,  blindly walking into potential danger.

A Pokemon Go player, 15, has been hit by a car while playing on the popular app, prompting her mother to warn other teens to beware of the game.

Autumn Diesroth, of Pennsylvania, suffered injuries to her collarbone and foot when she was struck by the vehicle at the intersection of Ross Street and East Ninth Avenue on Tuesday afternoon.

Her mother, Tracy Nolan, says her daughter had been playing the game when she found herself at the busy highway. When she tried to cross, she was hit.

‘The Pokemon game took her across a major highway at 5 o’clock in the evening, which is rush hour,’ Nolan told Channel 11.

‘Parents, don’t let your kids play this game because you don’t want to go through what I went through last night. I really thought I was losing my daughter,’ she said.

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President’s Weekly Address – Investing in Technology and Infrastructure to Create Jobs

President Obama said he took action this week to launch new manufacturing hubs and expand a competition to fund transformative infrastructure projects. Both are policies aimed at expanding economic opportunity for all by creating jobs and ensuring the long-term strength of the American economy. Congress can boost this effort by passing a bipartisan proposal to create a nationwide network of high-tech manufacturing hubs and taking steps to invest in our nation’s infrastructure.

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Adobe Gets Hacked!

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OMG! Adobe has just disclosed that one of their servers has been hacked.

Although investigations are still ongoing, the company is sharing details on what they believe could have been accessed. It’s pretty huge!

Seems like the hackers have obtained encrypted data for as many as 2.9 million customers, and while Adobe stresses that the data is encrypted and that they “do not believe the attackers removed decrypted credit or debit card numbers”, that data — encrypted or not — is definitely not something they want to be floating around in the matrix. Neither do Adobe’s 2.9 million customers.

Adobe has yet to disclose how that data was encrypted, so it’s currently unclear just how secure anything really is at this point.

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Technology For Interactive Musical Experience!

New musical productions are increasingly making use of technology to embark their listeners into an interactive listening experience. Following the release of Bluebrain’s location aware album-app in 2011, several other musicians and groups have shown their interests for more interactive songs. The album-app by Björk that allow users to experience the songs through a game is another good illustration of this new trend.

Among the many producers who are setting the pace in this new era of music and technology, the “Appsongs” from Jorge Dexter stands out. Without going into the design of the app interface (which is great by the way), the idea of this ‘n’ project itself is just amazing. The listener gets to recombine the components and build the songs they are listening to in real-time. According to the app’s creator, there can be as much as 10^27 possible versions of the same song and the listener gets to decide what version he/she wants: “These songs are not solid, but liquid. They are half alive: always the same and always different”.

Which such innovations going on in this industry, do producers really have a choice but to go with the flow? What will the future of the musical industry look like? Are the days of static entertainment fading away? Food for thought.

The app is available for free on Android and iOS. Have a taste of the app by watching this video:


Tech Toys for the Entrepeneur

Okay, so you have a main computer, an all-in-one printer, a monitor, a power supply, and a shredder. What else do you need? That’s right: coffee. This office-ready brewer (call Tassimo Pro for prices), which uses cartridges called T-Discs to make the coffee, holds about a gallon of water. Flavors range from light to dark roasts, and you can also make lattes, specialty drinks, tea, and hot cocoa. Yum.

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