Trump Didn’t “Drain The Swamp”, He Brought The Swamp With Him

What’s going on with Trump’s cabinet members and their need to fly all over the place on the taxpayer’s dime?

Tom Price, Trump’s HHS Secretary was forced to resign because he billed the American people over 1 million dollars to pay for his travel costs, and now another cabinet member wants us to pay almost 1 million dollars for his travels over the last few months!

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has not violated any laws with his use of government-funded planes but should provide more detail on why he needs them in the future, the department’s inspector general found in a report released Thursday.

Mnuchin has flown on military aircraft seven times since becoming secretary, at a cost of approximately $811,797.81, and will do so again later this month, according to the report. He has never expensed a private charter flight.