Steve Bannon Says Catholic Churches Need “Illegal Aliens” to Fill The Churches

Steve Bannon, leader of the conservative right, and most recently known as the man who whispered in Donald Trump’s ear as his Chief Adviser, explained his feelings on DACA – Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals – and the Catholic church.

In a recently published interview, Bannon told CBS that Trump’s recent decision to end DACA – which would lead to the deportation of children and young adults who were brought to this country at by their parents – would not go over good with Catholics. Not because the decision is a terrible and insensitive one, but because the church need “illegal aliens” to fill their pews.


Trump Elevates Bannon on National Intelligence Issues, Reduces Director of National Intelligence

Understand this if you can. Donald Trump has basically demoted the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the director of National Intelligence and in his place, Trump has elevated Breitbart’s editor, Steve Bannon to sit in on national intelligence meetings.

Pure Insanity!

But the defining moment for Mr. Bannon came Saturday night in the form of an executive order giving the rumpled right-wing agitator a full seat on the “principals committee” of the National Security Council — while downgrading the roles of the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the director of national intelligence, who will now attend only when the council is considering issues in their direct areas of responsibilities. It is a startling elevation of a political adviser, to a status alongside the secretaries of state and defense, and over the president’s top military and intelligence advisers.


Glenn Beck Calls Trump’s Top Adviser a “Terrifying man” – Video

Glenn Beck is one of the most terrifying Conservatives in the media. The man got fired from Fox News, FOX NEWS for crying out loud, after he implied that President Obama was somehow racist towards white people.

Glenn Beck, one of the most terrifying conservatives in the Republican media, is calling Steve Bannon – a man some people say is a racist who thrives in outrageous conspiracy theories and was just anointed president-elect Donald Trump’s top adviser – Glenn Beck is calling Bannon a “terrifying man!”

May God bless the United States of America and may he help us now… now more than ever!

Donald Trump #Featured

GOP Consultant – How Can Trump Serve “All Americans” with Steve Bannon Advising Him

More truth… Donald Trump ran a campaign catering to the most racists among us. When he shockingly won the election, Trump asked that all Americans “come together.” But then he named a known racist, Steve Bannon, as his chief adviser?

Republican Consultant, Ana Navarro could not understand how Trump wants us all come together when a known racist is advising him.

Republican consultant Ana Navarro told CNN’s “New Day” Monday that President-elect Donald Trump was already failing to serve “all Americans” as he promised in his victory speech on Election Day.

“I think that the appointments he makes early on are the first signal he sends about what kind of president he is going to be,” Navarro said. “Many of us are torn by the utter disdain that we have for candidate Donald Trump and the utmost respect we have for the office of the presidency of the United States, and we want to give this guy a chance. We want to extend the olive branch and extend one to us, but if what he is doing is naming somebody like Steve Bannon, who has got such a track record and such a reputation for being controversial, for leading the hunting season against Republicans.”

Navarro said Trump has not been forceful enough in his denouncement of violence against minorities following last Tuesday’s election results.