SNL – “Come Back Barack” Music Video

We share the sentiment!

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Alec Baldwin to Trump – “Release you tax returns and I’ll stop”

I think we’ll be watching Alec Baldwin play Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live for a long, long, long time. Baldwin just laid out the condition under which he would stop playing the role and it’s a condition we know Trump will not agree to.

Too much to hide!

Donald Trump told the world that he tried watching Saturday Night Live AGAIN, but couldn’t, “Unwatchable!” Trump said, “Totally biased, not funny and the Baldwin impersonation just can’t get any worse. Sad”

Baldwin happily replied; – “Release you tax returns and I’ll stop”

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SNL Takes On Donald Trump’s Addictive Twitter Activities – Video

Saturday Night Live took on Donald Trump’s Twitter account activities on Saturday and Alec Baldwin did a very skilful job as Russia’s President-elect, Donald Trump. The play was based on Trump’s apparent addictive use of Twitter, and before the show was over, Trump jumped on Twitter to tweet his disapproval.

“Just tried watching Saturday Night Live” Trump said, “- unwatchable! Totally biased, not funny and the Baldwin impersonation just can’t get any worse. Sad”

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SNL – Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock Dissect The Trump Election – Video

Something in this play struck me. While everyone was shocked about the results, Chris and Chappelle apparently knew and expected America to elect someone who got the support of racists like the KKK and White Supremacists.

Yes, we elected the first black president eight years ago then re-elected him again four years ago, but based on this play, and I’m seeing some truths in it, we have not come that far in race relations in this country.


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SNL Examines Donald Trump’s “Stalking” and Sexual Exploits – Video

Saturday Night Live has taken on many elections and candidates in the past, but, with this very special presidential election coming up in a few weeks, the cast of Saturday Night Live has found a gem in its impersonation of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

In this weeks episode, SNL took on the second presidential debate. SNL examined Trump’s sexual exploits and him ‘stalking’ his opponent, and Hillary’s almost robotic style. So good was Trump’s impression that the actual Republican candidate demanded an apology from the show and requested the show ends its long run.

“Watched Saturday Night Live hit job on me,” Trump tweeted. “Time to retire the boring and unfunny show. Alec Baldwin portrayal stinks. Media rigging election!”

With that said, let’s watch SNL’s masterful job on these presidential candidates.


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SNL – Donald Trump Considers George Zimmerman for Vice President – Video

The Saturday Night Live video below shows Donald Trump and Chris Christie going through the rigorous process of choosing a running-mate. And fittingly, in accordance with all his other nonsensical “policies,” Donald Trump suggested George Zimmerman – the Florida man who followed a black, unarmed teenager, picked a fight with that teenager then murdered the teen – for his running mate.

“How about a guy from a swing state, Florida,” Christie suggested. “He’s half-Hispanic, with a proven record for standing up for himself.”

“George Zimmerman,” Trump blurted out.

“No!” Christie immediately replied. “No no no no no no. Marco Rubio.”

“Oh, little Marco,” Trump said. “I can’t ask him to be V.P. until his parents sign the release form.”


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SNL – The Rise of Trump is like The Rise of Hitler – Video

Donald-Trump-Adolf-Hitler5It’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt, and Saturday Night Live see a comparison to be made between Adolph Hitler and Donald Trump.

“Saturday Night Live” opened its latest show with election coverage from CNN’s “election center,” where “bona fide hunk” host Jake Tapper, played by cast member Beck Bennett, looked back at the “crazy week in politics.”

Highlights included the Super Tuesday press conference of GOP front-runner Donald Trump, played by Darrell Hammond.

“What a great, great night. I really am running the best campaign, aren’t I? The media is saying they haven’t seen anything like this, not since Germany in the 1930s,” Hammond says.

“I mean everyone loves me: racists, ugly racists, people who didn’t know they were racists.”

Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who awkwardly stood behind Trump during the news conference, is not spared.

“Yes, sir. Thank you, sir. Please, sir, may I have another,” Bobby Moynihan, portraying Christie, says after being insulted.