Sean Hannity Wants All Americans to “Make Russia Great Again” – Tweet

Sean Hannity, a Fox News employee and die-hard supporter of Donald Trump, is apparently a die-hard supporter of Putin and Russia.

Responding to a tweet from @donnielilhands, a tweet that boldly states, “all Americans must join together to MAKE RUSSIA GREAT AGAIN. Teamwork,” received a response from Fox’s Sean Hannity, a response of total support and confirmation that Americans must “make Russia great again.” Hannity responded with the affirmative, “Amen!!”

I always ask this question and I’ll ask it again. Could you imagine the outcry from Fox News and Sean Hannity himself a Democrat had said “Amen!!” to someone calling on all Americans to work towards making Russia great again? Such a person would be hammered daily on Fox News, hung from a window of the Fox building on 6th Ave. and beaten like a pinata!

But it’s Fox News, and it’s Sean Hannity, and as usual they will get yet another free pass from the media and the American people.


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Sean Hannity is Now a Fan of Louis Farrakhan – Video

It’s Sean Hannity. He works at Fox News, so nothing he says should be taken seriously.

That said, Hannity attacked Obama in 2008 after news broke that the church Obama attended gave an award to Farrakhan. Hannity concluded that there was an obvious association between Obama and Farrakhan, and the “racism and anti-Semitism” Farrakhan exhibited extended to Obama.

But that was then, this is now. Now that Hannity learned that Farrakhan said some nice things about Donald Trump, Hannity has had a change of heart.

“I’ve always wanted to meet Farrakhan, Hannity said early Thursday morning after commentator Larry Elder said Farrakhan “has said positive things” about Donald Trump.

“I listened to hours and hours of his speeches. He’s mesmerizing. He’s an unbelievable orator,” Hannity continued. 

“What he says about individual responsibility and morality and being fathers and starting businesses is brilliant. Then he adds the racism and the anti-Semitism. If you took that away, this guy could have been such a powerful force in his life, but unfortunately his legacy is one of racism and anti-Semitism.” 

During the 2008 presidential election, and for many years afterwards, Hannity pegged Farrakhan as concrete proof that Obama was anti-Semitic and racist against white people. The church Obama attended in Chicago, led by Pastor Jeremiah Wright, had given an award to Farrakhan, a leader in the Nation of Islam and author of occasionally hateful tomes. Hannity often failed to mention Obama’s frequent denouncements of Farrakhan in favor of attempting to associate him directly with Farrakhan’s message.


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Ted Cruz Suggests President Obama Prefer Muslims Over Americans – Video

Ted Cruz has figured out a way to get another rise in the polls from the clueless Republican base with another dumb attack on the President. In talking to one of the original Obama Haters, Sean Hannity on Fox News, Cruz talked about the recent terrorist events in Paris, and his completely foolish views that the president prefers Muslims over Americans.

HANNITY: Senator, [Clinton] couldn’t say [“radical Islam”] during the debate Saturday, couldn’t say it today. Bernie Sanders thinks climate change is a bigger national security threat.

I want you to respond to that. And as you are, we have new footage, by the way, from inside the Paris cafe of some of the refugees (sic) attacking these innocent men, women and children. So what’s your answer to her and Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama when they say these things?

CRUZ: Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, the modern Democratic Party, has a blindness to radical Islamic terrorism, and they’ve endangered the safety and security of this country, the safety and security of millions of Americans.

You know, have you noticed that the one time President Obama and Hillary Clinton are willing to use military force is when using it benefits radical Islamic terrorists? Go back to the beginning of the administration, Libya. Listen, Qaddafi was a bad man. He had a terrible human rights record, but he had voluntarily handed over his nuclear weapons efforts. He was aiding the United States in going after radical Islamic terrorists. He was targeting the terrorists. And what did Obama and Clinton do? They led NATO in bombing Qaddafi and doing everything they could to drive him out of power. And the consequence was they handed Libya over to warring tribes of radical Islamic terrorists. One of the reasons Benghazi happened, four Americans were murdered—It wasn’t just Hillary Clinton’s malfeasance on that night. It was the failed foreign policy that had handed that country over to radical Islamic terrorists.

They did the same thing in Egypt. Mubarak, again a flawed man, a dictator with a terrible human rights record, but he consistently stood as an ally with America against radical Islamic terrorists. What did Obama and Clinton do? Pushed Mubarak out and pushed the Muslim Brotherhood, which finances radical Islamic terrorism…

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Fox News Calls Rev. Al Sharpton a “Sleazy Assclown” on Air – Video

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Yea, yea, I know. This is Fox News, so we should expect name calling to pass as news.

On his broadcast on Wednesday, Sean Hannity showed a clip of Obama’s former Senior Adviser David Axelrod, correctly saying that in the past six years of President Obama’s presidency, there have not been any “major scandals.” Yes, that is a correct statement but this is Fox News and like expected, on cue, Sean Hannity began naming all the man-made hysteria Fox News pushed as “scandals.” These include “scandals” like Benghazi, Healthcare.gov, the IRS so-called scandal, Fast and Furious, etc., etc., etc.

Among the panelists was Geraldo Riveria, who timidly began saying the things Hannity named were not real scandals, but it was another panelist named Bernard McGuirk who stole the show with his personal attack on the Rev. Al Sharpton, criticizing the amount of times he visited the White House as “the real scandal.”

“You know, they didn’t go anywhere so they weren’t ‘scandals’ per say, they were scandalous,” Bernard said, dismissing Hannity’s list. He went on to name a few more so-call “scandals” that Fox News harped on in the past, like the apparent “flirting” by Obama in South Africa when he attended Nelson Mandela’s funeral and another apparent “flirting” edition by the president in California.

Then Bernard said this: “But I would say this. Speaking of scandalous, the biggest scandal of the whole administration is the fact that he has Geraldo’s – to borrow from Joe Biden – Geraldo’s butt-buddy Al Sharpton, that sleazy assclown Al Sharpton to the White House…,” to which Sean Hannity is heard saying, “that’s true, 85 times.”

This is news! This is Fox News!


Stephen Colbert – Sean Hannity “Has The Ability to Get His Head Up His Own Ass” – Video


In typical Colbert fashion, Stephen Colbert chastised Sean Hannity of Fox News for being a little too much into himself.

I don’t watch Hannity,  in fact, I try to stay away from all things Fox News. My time is precious to me and wasting it on Fox is obviously unproductive. So when Hannity debuted his “Question of the Day,” segment, I was probably busy doing other things, like… washing my hair for instance. It’s called being productive.

Hannity’s segment however, did not escape the ever-loving eyes of one of his biggest fans, Stephen Colbert.

“I’m a huge fan of Fox News anchor Sean Hannity,” Colbert said. “Sean is such a good journalist he can break down the news into simple terms that even he can understand. And recently, my main mannity Hannity introduced a new segment on his show called ‘Question of the Day’ where he answers the most pressing questions of our time.”

Colbert then played a clip from Hannity’s show on Tuesday night.

“Tonight’s question is something I’m really excited about,” Hannity said. “‘What is your favorite way to work out?’ Now President Obama, he delicately jogs on his elliptical and struggles to lift a couple of 2-pound weights. Well, I’ve been engaging in a real exercise.”

Colbert couldn’t contain his amusement.

“Yeah, President Obama delicately jogs while Hannity forcefully rams President Obama into this segment for no reason,” Colbert said.

“Seeing Sean take time out from covering Ebola and ISIS to let us know his bod is rock hard has inspired me to introduce my own segment where I ask myself flattering questions about myself,” he added. “It’s time for ‘Stephen Colbert’s Everything I Wanted You To Want To Know About Me But I Was Afraid You Wouldn’t Ask.'”

Colbert then answered one of the questions he’d submitted himself, which read: “I’ve noticed you’re in much better shape than Sean Hannity. How do you work out?”

After revealing his outlandishly grueling workout routine, Colbert admitted there was one area of physical fitness in which he could never beat Hannity: flexibility.

“Because listening to him answer questions about himself on his own show, I know I can never match his ability to get his head up his own ass,” Colbert explained. “I mean literally. Literally. I look forward to more of Sean’s answers to burning questions like ‘How is this news?’ and ‘What else is on TV?'”



Jon Stewart Smacks Down Bundy Defender Sean Hannity


Cliven Bundy has refused to pay fines to the federal government totalling $1 million dollars. Usually,  this would be an out cry to the so-called “Patriots” over at Fox News and the posse that supports them.

But since the the federal government is now managed by a Democrat in the White House named Barack Obama, Fox is now the head cheerleader as their posse take up arms to defend Bundy’s apparent right to cheat, you know,  FREEDOM!

Jon Stewart – the media voice of reason from Comedy Central – found this position from the “patriots” perplexing, and took on one of the leading pom pom wavers at Fox – Sean Hannity.

“It seems like something about this Bundy feller is blinding Hannity to all the things that would normally drive Hannity mad with rage,” Stewart said. “Is it the hat?”



It Was Just A Matter of Time Before Fox Nuts Blamed Obama for Missing Malaysian Airline

It has been four days now since  a Malaysian airline vanished in the middle of a 2,700-mile trip to China. Multiple nations have since joined in the search for any possible details to help figure out what happened to the plane and the 227 passengers and 12 crew members on board. But for the good ole nuts over at Fox “News”  have already figured it all out.

Sean Hannity brought his guest on air to discuss the strange events surrounding the plane’s disappearance and the fact that there appeared to be two Iranian passengers on board with fake or stolen passports. One of Hannity’s guest, Angela McGlowan, couldn’t resist the urge to mention president Obama and his foreign policy on Iran, as if that had anything to do with the plane’s disappearance.

Another guest on the program took issue to the way Angela tried to bring the President into the whole Malaysian/Iran discussion and called her out on the show. But Hannity couldn’t let the President be defended, so he continued Angela’s argument that because of the President’s foreign policy with Iran, that the two passengers with fake or stolen passports would not have been on that Malaysian flight.

Of course he was quick to say that he wasn’t blaming the President, but… talk about the President and his foreign policy anyway. You know, mention the president in the same paragraph or sentence with the plane’s disappearance and hope that some in the audience put it all together.

Crazy, yea, I know. But we are talking about nuts at Fox!

Listen below.