An 85-Year-Old Smashes Toronto Waterfront Marathon in Record Time

His name is Ed Whitlock. He is 85 years old and he just put me to shame. Ed took part in the Toronto Waterfront Marathon and finished the event in record time for his age group, 3:56.38. The marathon is 5K!

More power to you Ed! I want to be like you when I grow up!

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Possible Pictures Of Bag Containing Bomb And Suspect Running From Scene

The two sets of pictures below were obtained by Fox 5 Atlanta. The first set of pictures, a ‘before’ pic shows a bag placed by the barricades next to a mailbox. In the ‘after’ picture, the bag is gone.

pictures of bomb


The next set of pictures show a man running away from the area where the bag was placed. Although it is possible that he was scared because of what had just occurred, it is a bit strange that while everyone around him seemed shocked, covering their ears and bending down, this man is seen running away in the opposite direction.

possible suspect


Runners United

Boston - united

As a runner, I struggle with what to say regarding the cruel and senseless act committed yesterday at the Boston Marathon. My heart aches for the city of Boston, the spectators, the volunteers, and the runners. My heart is absolutely broken for the victims and their families.

Runners are some of the most incredible people you will ever meet. They come in all shapes, sizes, ages, abilities, and walks of life. Runners love to share knowledge and enthusiasm about their sport, to encourage others to run.

Runners are helpers.

Nowhere was that more evident than yesterday. When horror-filled photos and anecdotes dominated media coverage, reports of runners going straight through the finish line to the nearest hospital to donate blood serve as a reminder that there are still many good people in this world.

One such good person I have never met, but we are virtual friends in the DailyMile running community. Phil S., from Orange, Massachusetts, is an EMT and yesterday served as a paramedic and zone captain for the finish line medical sweep team at the Boston Marathon. Where he and his team likely started their day anticipating sprained ankles and dehydration, they instead found themselves running with their colleagues towards disaster as first responders.

I am more proud than I can say to be part of the same community as these amazing people. In solidarity with them, today I wore a race shirt and I ran.  Even if you do not consider yourself a runner, I hope you will consider doing the same. You need not run fast or far, only enough to join in the spirit of togetherness.

Run because you are free to do so.

Run because you are healthy and able.

Run for those who didn’t finish their race, and may never race again.

Run because you can.

Jennifer is a recreational runner living in a Maryland suburb of Washington, DC. She writes about running for health and fitness at Terrapin Crossing.

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Running for Fun

As a runner, there are many fantastic opportunities to participate in run events all over the world.  My favorite event as a runner is by far The Color Run 5K, where dressed in white, you run through a color station at every 1K mark.  By the time you finish, your pristine white running clothes look like they’ve barely survived an explosion at a crayon factory, and you’ll have powdered color in places one shouldn’t have powdered color.


The Color Run 5K, and its sibling, Color Me Rad tour dozens of major cities.  Other popular fun runs are Zombie/Vampire themed 5Ks (do you want to run as a zombie, vampire, or human?), the Hot Chocolate 5K, and the Glo Run.

The cost of registering for these popular 5Ks will run you a little more than the average 5K registration, but for an untimed event, close to home, that you can choose to walk or run, your money will probably be well spent.  And oh, by the way, you’ll also be exercising your body – especially if you decide to train yourself to run the event.

rundisneyHalf marathons have been gaining in popularity in recent years, and when you’re ready to up the ante, there are of plenty of fun run half marathons to suit.  RunDisney seems to have set the bar for the fun long distance event, with its series of seven separate distance events over the course of the calendar year.  Events are held in Disney’s Florida and California locations, where runners are cheered on by Disney characters and performance groups, and surrounded by other runners who may well be running in Disney-themed running attire.  I personally hope to someday tackle the Epcot Wine & Dine Half, where the race starts at 10pm, and finishes at a runner’s only after-midnight party hosted at the Epcot Food and Wine festival.  Not a bad way to unwind after 13.1 miles!

There are many fun runs out there for recreational runners who like to set training goals, but also have a good time. is a great resource for finding local, national, and global events, and the 2013 season is just getting started.  Go have some fun!

Jennifer is a recreational runner living in a Maryland suburb of Washington, DC.  She writes about running for health and fitness at Terrapin Crossing.

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Get Moving!

I’d wager that for many, the winter weather has been a major culprit in letting go of New Year’s resolutions to make 2013 a healthy and fit year.  Fortunately, this excuse is just about over.  With the arrival of spring, there is little reason not to get outside and get moving!


My outdoor activity of choice is running.  For me, there are few better ways to enjoy fresh air, socialize with other running friends, and get an incredible workout.

As a recreational runner, I am frequently asked about the best way to start a beginning runner’s program.  I firmly believe that anyone is capable of completing a learn-to-walk or run program, provided they take it slow and steady.  All you really need is a good plan, motivation, and commitment to see it through!*

Thinking about getting started?  Check out these resources:

  •  Jeff Galloway’s 5K Training Plan:  This is the easiest and most gentle 5K plan I have ever come across.  In my opinion, it is superior to the popular Couch-to-5K plan, ideally suited for anyone who hasn’t been active in a while, or is looking for a less intense introduction to the sport.
  •’s Running Shoe Guide for Dummies:  Runners have all manner of opinion on what constitutes the best footwear (if any) for running.  Largely a matter of personal preference, but the bottom line is you should at the very least be aware of your options.
 * If you haven’t been active for a while, or you have known medical conditions, you should always check with your doctor before starting any exercise program.


Jennifer is a recreational runner living in a Maryland suburb of Washington, DC.  She writes about running for health and fitness at Terrapin Crossing.

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Mario Lopez Went “Streaking” In The Streets With Almost No Clothes On

Apparently, Mario Lopez lost a bet. Instead of choosing for the Ravens to win the Super Bowl, Lopez went for the San Francisco 49ers. The outcome was him running through in the streets with nothing on but a Ravens helmet and his little purple undies.



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Herman Cain Move Over – Quran Burning Pastor Jones Running For President

ABC News Reporting;

Pastor Terry Jones, the man who infamously burned a copy of the Quran in commemoration of 9/11, is throwing his hat into ring for the 2012 presidential race.

The pastor announced his presidential bid Wednesday morning.

His campaign, Stand Up America Now, released a statement that features a seven point platform, including deporting all “illegals” , bringing all military back on American soil until America’s finances are in order and reducing corporate taxes.

But of course! He’s a Republican and he fits right in with all the other GOP morons running, trying to ruin the greatest nation on earth!!!