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Christie’s Fat Tuesday Result Leaves His Campaign In Ashes

Those of us in New Jersey knew that this day would come, and it’s really best for the country that Chris Christie has ended his presidential bid. The governor does not have the personality to be a thoughtful, caring, empathetic leader and there’s some poetic justice in the fact that he lost mainly because Donald Trump won. Christie always thought that he was going to be the wise-cracking loudmouth in the race, but Donald upset that cart with his first campaign utterances last spring. Add in the terrible job Christie has done with the economy, his utterly disgraceful YouTube rants and his poisonous attitude towards public workers and anyone who disagrees with him, and you have the recipe for…well, for what just happened.

What struck me about Christie is that he didn’t seem to have a moral compass when it came to running for office. He would say anything, even contradict himself if it served his goals. His charge to the right on many issues left New Jersey in seriously bad shape. He vetoed a train tunnel that the state and region desperately needed, refused to raise the gas tax to pay for our potted roads, and slashed budgets for social services that many state residents needed to survive after the financial crisis hit. He did make his name during the aftermath of Sandy, but even that is overshadowed by the number of people who still don’t have their homes back.

Christie will now come back and be the governor, for at least a while. I wouldn’t be surprised if he left at some point because what’s he really got to work for now? His legacy? Another run in 2020? He can be a FOX News host or lobby for a radio program, but I can see him getting very bored and frustrated by an emboldened Democratic majority that will savage him during the 2017 election, and the state GOP that is furious with him for abandoning them during the Assembly elections in 2015. The man has no coattails. He doesn’t even appear to have much of a coat.

I’m thinking that the biggest beneficiary of Christie’s supporters will be John Kasich as he tries to navigate the rather unfriendly South Carolina political landscape. Perhaps Carly Fiorina’s backers will go with Kasich too. Or maybe I’m just a dreamer and they’ll all go to Trump because he’s such a peachy guy.

The campaign moves on.

Chris Christie goes home.

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Bernie Sanders Lays Out his Economic Agenda – Video

After a one-sided win against Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire, Democratic Presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders flew back to Harlem, New York and was interviewed for MSNBC’s Politics Nation by the Rev. Al Sharpton. In the interview, Bernie Sanders laid out his policy agenda for the upcoming votes in Nevada and South Carolina, and for the rest of the country.

Among his policy initiatives are positions the Senator has advocated for decades –

  • Reforming Wall Street,
  • Healthcare for all,
  • Tuition free colleges,
  • Creating Jobs and
  • Reforming the tax code ensuring that the rich pays their fair share.

The presidential candidate spoke about his agenda in the video below. The interview will broadcast on Sunday’s episode of Politics Nation on MSNBC.



A Defeated Chris Christie Pulls Out of GOP Race for President

chris christie quits

Becoming president of the United States was a long-shot for Chris Christie ever since the New Jersey governor hugged and thanked President Obama for bringing federal help to the people of his state during hurricane Sandy. Couple that with the fact that Donald Trump, another loudmouth, callous Republican is in the race, no one cared what Christie had to say.

So after Tuesday’s sixth place reward in New Hampshire, Fox Business News is reporting that Christie is calling it quits.

Despite a strategy that heavily focused money and resources on New Hampshire, Christie ended up in a disappointing sixth place Tuesday. Christie announced shortly after Tuesday’s loss that he was retreating to New Jersey and would be reevaluating his campaign.

Another major hurdle to Christie’s prospects was that he was very unlikely to make Saturday’s CBS debate. Polling at seventh place nationwide and sixth in the next primary state of South Carolina, Christie faced an uphill battle with no clear path to victory.

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Christie’s Last Stand

It’s too late to say it with any meaningful conviction now, but Chris Christie should have run for president when the Republican Party and Nancy Reagan were imploring him to do so in the late fall of 2011. He was the guy, the shining star, six months removed from pounding out a public worker pension and benefits bill that would be his most lasting achievement. The stars were aligned, and let’s face it; that doesn’t happen twice.

Then came his insatiable desire to win the biggest landslide in New Jersey history which led to the George Washington Bridge scandal which occurred at the same time that New Jersey’s economy was doing bupkis and the governor was actively running away from his signature accomplishment. When asked the NJ Supreme Court to rule his pension and benefits bill unconstitutional so he wouldn’t have to make a full pension payment. This is not at all presidential and, to their credit, most of the national Republican electorate has rejected Christie’s message, such as it is, his bluster, and his insufferable swaying back and forth on the issues. Of course, that same Republican electorate seems to have fallen for the political alchemy that Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are pandering would suggest that the voters are batting .500.

Last night’s debate was really and truly Chris Christie’s final chance to turn an aggregate 5% polling average into a stunning political comeback. He yelled mightily at Marco Rubio and continued to tout his aggressive style of governance, which is exactly what the country doesn’t need. He was angry at the weather when it forced him to leave the campaign trail in January and understands that he needs to finish way ahead of Jeb Bush and John Kasich in Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary.

I don’t see it happening.

Christie should blame Trump for most of the damage done to his campaign. Christie was all set to be the loudmouth truth-teller, but even he couldn’t have foreseen Trump’s supreme ability to say whatever was on his mind and watch his poll numbers rise. When terrorism reared its ugly head in November, Christie’s numbers rose too, but ultimately there were just too many other candidates for him to leapfrog in the standings. If Christie can somehow finish in the top three or four with double-digit number next to his name, then maybe he can move on to South Carolina and Nevada and get squashed there.

But then what? Christie says that he’s going to come back to New Jersey to finish out his term, but he will return to a very different political landscape. He won’t be able to be the dominant force in Trenton that he would like, and will find that many GOP legislators will defy him if it’s in their political interests. And it will be. The Democrats can smell a victory in 2017 and will do all they can to get a supermajority in both the Assembly and the Senate. Further, those Republicans who voted against Christie when bills would come up for votes but then vote to uphold Christie’s vetoes, will not always do so in the future.

On the flip side, Christie will not need to be so conservative if he returns, so maybe we can get some common sense laws on firearms, school financing, health care and transportation. In the end, it will be up to the Governor and what he wants to see as his legacy.

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Republican George Pataki Ends His Campaign for President


I almost forgot he was even running. His name wasn’t even mentioned in the polls anymore because there simply wasn’t any numbers invented to accurately show his support. Pataki’s poll number was often represented by a -.

In a video to the voters of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina on Tuesday, George Pataki officially announced the end his campaign.

“While tonight is the end of my journey for the White House as I suspend my campaign for president, I’m confident we can elect the right person. Someone who can bring us together,” Pataki said.


Lindsey Graham Ends His Failed Presidential Bid – Video

South Carolina Republican Lindsey Graham is known for saying some crazy things. But in an atmosphere where just being crazy is not enough for Republicans, Graham couldn’t make the grade and wasn’t taken seriously in this year’s extremely crazy Republican nomination process. After languishing around zero percent for what seemed like an eternity, Graham finally called it quits.

In a YouTube announcement shared on his Instagram account, the South Carolina Republican said, “Thank you to everyone who honored me with their support. God bless our fighting men and women & God bless America.”



Bobby Jindal Quits Presidential Race – Didn’t Know He Was Running


Bobby Jindal thought it was his time. He thought he would be the next president of the greatest nation on the face of the earth. Bobby Jindal dreamed of that title – President Jindal. But someone should have told him that you need to run for president in order get a chance a chance at winning!

After his feeble attempt to run, Jindal, who couldn’t get more than an average of ZERO in all the polls, called it quits!

“I’ve come to the realization that this is not my time,” Jindal said on Fox News.

He also said that he wasn’t prepared to endorsed anyone, but will support the eventual GOP candidate.