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Israel Strikes Romney – “Shooting From The Hip Is A Very Dangerous Sport To Engage In”

In a new interview released today in Foreign Policy magazine, Efraim Halevy the former head of Israel’s foreign intelligence organization Mossad, the “Spymaster” has a few choice words directed at Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

“Regarding the election, I think many of the statements made by the Republican candidate are very undesirable as far as Israel is concerned. I remember an article of Governor Romney’s in the Washington Post in March where he advocated dispatching American warships to the Eastern Mediterranean. Shooting from the hip on these matters is a very dangerous sport to be engaged in. And I think that drawing Israel into this campaign is detrimental to Israeli interests, and I regret that one of the candidates is doing this.”

Romney, the Republican Party and the right wing media continuously attack President Obama, saying that he does not fully support Israel. This is despite the fact that Israel’s Prime Minister, Israel’s Defense Minister and Israel’s President, all say that military and intelligence sharing has never been better under any other U.S. President.

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PolitiFact – Mitt Romney Lies 58 Percent More Than All Other Candidates Combined

You’ve all heard it, that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are liars. Well, no need to take our word on it, we now have a study that proves exactly what we’ve said all along.

PolitiFact – a ‘non partisan’ organisation that many considers lean slightly to the right – did the study comparing the claims of the Republican Presidential ticket of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to those of the Democratic Presidential ticket, Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

PolitiFact found the following;

For statements that were ruled to be “True” and “Mostly True”, it’s Obama and Biden at 45.0%, Romney and Ryan at 29.1%. When it comes to “False”, “Mostly False” and “Pants on Fire”, it’s Romney and Ryan at 43.9% and Obama and Biden at 28.8%. In fact, Romney and Ryan have over 4 times as many “Pants of Fire” lies as the President and Vice President. Mitt Romney himself has well over half of the total amount of “Pants of Fire” lies (58.6%) of all the candidates combined!


The Obama Resurge Starts Now

Ignore the national polls from now on. Ignore them. Even the Gallup poll that has Mitt leading by 7 points. You heard me. The only real action is in the swing states that will decide this election.

There were some very good polls for the president over the past two days, and you need to keep one thing in mind when you read them: they were mostly taken before Tuesday’s debate. The Romney Bounce, which ended last week according to this sage, has given way to the Obama Resurge, which should improve after his debate performance.



And with the president holding a lead in Ohio, he’s now ahead in enough states to claim an electoral victory. As I have said before, this will be a very close election down to November 6 and Mitt Romney will need an event or a stellar run of ads and circumstances in order to win.

The final debate on Monday is on foreign affairs, and let’s face facts; foreign affairs ain’t where it’s at this election. It won’t matter how many times Mitt mentions Benghazi or Tripoli or Bibi, fewer people will be watching, and fewer still will know a lot about what he’s talking about. Obama can pretty much stick with “Osama bin Laden is dead” for about 85 minutes, then give a closing that mentions the 47% and GM being rescued.

OK, it won’t be that easy, but I think the debate danger is past, unless Mitt decides that he wants to get aggressive, but since that didn’t work out well on Tuesday, I don’t think he’ll try it.

We’ve come to the frenetic last weeks of a campaign that’s gone on far too long, but this what political junkies like us live for, so get your comfy sneakers on and line up your binders full of women for the stretch run. And stop looking at that Gallup poll. Yes, I’m talking to you.

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Romney’s Son Wanted To Take A Swing At President Obama During Debate

The audio clip above features the voice of one of Mitt Romney’s son, Tag Romney. The son of the Republican presidential nominee went on a radio show after the second presidential debate was held and responded to the following question -“What is it like for you to hear the president of the United States call your dad a liar? How do you react to that?”

Being the class act he is, Tag answered, saying that he wanted to take a swing at the President. “Well jump out of your seat,” Tag said, as he explained his initial feeling. “And you want to rush down to the debate stage and take a swing at him.”

Tag later admitted that his plan would have been spoiled by the Secret Service.

The truth hurts, huh Tag?

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Polls Show Obama With Significant Lead Over Romney

WASHINGTON — A presidential race that has been neck-and-neck for months suddenly isn’t.

In the week after the political conventions ended, President Obama has opened the most significant, sustained lead in the daily Gallup Poll since Mitt Romney emerged as the Republican nominee last spring. Disappointing unemployment statistics released last Friday haven’t stemmed Obama’s rise, and Romney’s sharp criticism of the president in recent days during the unfolding crisis in Libya has opened a new line of partisan attack against the challenger.

With 53 days and three presidential debates to go, strategists in both parties say there’s time for Romney to recover lost ground, especially with an electorate deeply dissatisfied with the direction of the country and the state of the economy. But even some Republican political analysts warn that the former Massachusetts governor faces a political landscape that has become steeper as the campaign heads into the home stretch.

The Gallup Poll showed Obama leading Romney 50%-44% Thursday among registered voters. A Fox News poll Wednesday also had Obama ahead, 48%-43%, among likely voters.

The two candidates had been locked within 2 percentage points of each other in the daily Gallup survey since July. Neither had held a lead of as much as 5 points since June.


Republicans In Panic Mode – Realizing The Inevitable Romney Loss This November

With new polls showing President Obama extending his lead over Mitt Romney by as much as 52% to 46% according to a CNN/ORC poll, Republicans are now officially in panic mode.

On the “Fair and Balanced” Fox News network – you know, that network that goes out of their way to make sure the content of their programming is “fair and balanced” – one of the “fair and balanced” host advised Mitt Romney to “call Barack Obama a socialist.”

And the President of Fox News himself offered his two cents, telling Romney to “draw a clear line” and “offer specific path to restore American dream.” Sarah Palin suggested that Mitt Romney is being too soft, and told the candidate that he must fight, and fight with all his might!

And Republican Joe Scarborough slammed Romney recently, calling him a “flawed candidate.”

But Laura Ingraham so far takes the cake. She assailed the Republican candidate and his campaign, stating that if Romney cannot win, the Republican party should be dismantled.

“If you can’t beat Barack Obama with this record, then shut down the party. Shut it down. Start new, with new people,” Laura said. She continued;

“Election after election, we hire people who have lost previous campaigns; who’ve run campaigns that have failed; who have message campaigns where the message fell flat, and they keep getting re-hired. I don’t understand that. I don’t know why those are the people you hire.”

They’re flipping their lids, and the heat hasn’t been turned on yet!


Mitt Romney Flips Again – Promises To Repeal ObamaCare “In Its Entirety”

Sunday: Mitt Romney went on Meet The Press and told the nation that he liked parts of ObamaCare. He reassured the American people that he will not repeal the entire bill because there are some parts he agreed with. Mr. Romney specifically mentioned the pre-existing conditions provision in ObamaCare, where insurance companies are required to provide insurance coverage to everyone no matter what their health history is. This, Mr. Romney said, was good policy and would remain in his version of healthcare.

Later on Sunday: Moments after Romney made his new position known, his campaign issued a statement basically saying, “there he go again!” The campaign explained that what Romney said on Meet The Press was incorrect, and reclaimed a previous position Romney held to repeal all of ObamaCare.

Monday: Romney backtracks on the new position he revealed on Meet The Press. On Monday, Romney bowed to his campaign and said in a radio interview that he will in fact, repeal all of ObamaCare in its entirety.

Some leader, huh? This is the man who Republicans have tapped to be the next leader of the free world, but he cannot stand up in opposition of his own campaign.

Romney’s Radio interview: