Republicans Rushing to Stop Enforcing Obama’s ‘Fair Pay and Safe Workplace’

Yes, they are against “Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces.” Who would be against that? Republicans of course.

Earlier this month, the House approved a measure to stop implementation of Obama’s 2014 “Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces” order, which was designed to ensure that contractors “understand and comply with labor laws.” Senate action is expected soon. The order had been stalled, if not killed by, a federal court ruling in Texas.

If repeal efforts are successful, it would be “the start of what we fear will be a sustained assault on America’s working families,” Christine Owens, executive director of the National Employment Law Project, said in a statement.

Under the executive order, contractors would be required to report workplace violations for the previous three years. Agency contracting officers then would use that information to determine if the business “is a responsible source that has a satisfactory record of integrity and business ethics.”

In other words, a firm’s prior violations of fair-pay and safe workplace standards could be used to prevent that company from getting future contracts, among other options.

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Pat Robinson – The Election of Donald Trump “Was a Blessing of God” – Video

They say the media has a “liberal bias,” Well Pat Robertson never got that memo as he consistently use his media platform to preach the gospel of the Republican party.

I’m wondering if it is possible to broadcast an episode of Pat Robinson’s show without Robinson wandering into the land of Republican politics and how Republican policies would save this nation. In an episode that aired January 3rd, 2017, Robertson assured his audience that God will finally be able to save America with the election of Donald Trump.

“Nothing is impossible,” Robinson said, while having a chit-chat his co-host. “This last election was a blessing of God. He delivered this nation from chaos, and He’s gonna do something for Israel, He’s gonna do something to the United States.”

Robertson then goes on preaching Trump’s message that because of his election, “we will all be rich!”

We’re gonna see a time of extraordinary blessings.” Robinson said, “So this is a time to be happy and to get with it.”


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Wife of Anti-Abortion Lawmaker Goes Public About Having an Abortion

“Your desire to see this story go public emboldened me to do something that I should have done years ago,” Chatfield wrote in a Facebook post published last Friday. “And no matter the intentions of anybody wishing to see this story go public, this I am certain of: God meant it for good and will glorify Himself through this.”

The post was titled “Be Pro-Life—But offer help to women in need.”

Chatfield recounted her experience of being “taken advantage of” while intoxicated at a high school party and deciding to get an abortion after learning she was pregnant three weeks later. She called her choice “the worst of my life.”

“To tell you the truth, I desperately wish that I had the courage as a teenage girl to accept and welcome my child into this world,” Chatfield wrote. “I wish that I had the same amount of courage that it’s taking me to share my story now. But I didn’t, and I made a decision that I’ve thought about and regretted nearly every day since. It’s haunted me. It’s made me weep. It’s made it difficult to look in the mirror at times. I knew that what I did was wrong at the time, but I never imagined the weight and guilt that I would carry as a consequence.”

Chatfield’s husband, who is currently up for re-election, is a stalwart opponent of abortion who voted to defund Planned Parenthood for providing the procedure. In introducing his wife’s remarks, which were posted on his public Facebook page, Lee Chatfield said he was “extremely proud” of his wife for “her courage.”

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John McCain Call Republicans “Bastards” for Choosing Donald Trump


And I totally agree with the Arizona senator. These Republicans are indeed bastards for putting their party before what’s best for the country.

In a recent interview with The Hugh Hewitt Show, McCain said that he cannot see a scenario where a third party candidate will be successful in challenging Donald Trump

“I just think that the people have spoken,” he said Wednesday on “The Hugh Hewitt Show.” “The fact is, the Republicans have spoken.

“Honestly, I just don’t see this scenario,” he told Hewitt. “I think you and I have heard about this ever since it appeared that Trump was going to win the nomination.

“I just don’t see it happening. One of the things that both parties have done over the years is pretty well set a system up that it’s almost impossible to challenge when the two parties have their candidates.”

McCain also shared an anecdote involving former Rep. Morris Udall (D-Ariz.) in describing his frustrations with democracy.

“I had a beloved friend named Congress Morris Udall, we called him ‘Mo’ and he was a Democrat, one of the most amusing guys that ever lived,” he said.

“He ran against Jimmy Carter for the nomination in 1976,” he said.

“After he had finally lost the last primary, … he said, ‘the people have spoken – the bastards.’ I kind of feel a bit like Mo Udall.”

When McCain ran for president in 2008 his slogan was “Country First.” But the decision by Republicans to let a xenophobe lead their party into the 2016 presidential election shows a sick and obvious allegiance their party over the continued progression of the United States.

Those “bastards!”

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The Countdown to the GOP Explosion


I’m at the point now where I don’t care about the process by which the Republican Party commits Hara-Kiri. I just want it to be over.

In its boldest move yet, the party has committed itself to making sure that Donald Trump is not its nominee come July, and the strategy looks like this: Let’s get the most unpopular Senator we’ve got, Ted Cruz (but you knew that) and make sure not that he has a majority of delegates after all the primaries, but that he denies Trump the majority. We’ll also keep John Kasich around to show that we actually have a moderate wing, even if we don’t want to say it too loud because moderate just means you’ll let women have an abortion before 22 weeks as opposed to the 6 that the far right is pushing for. Then, once Trump is denied the nomination, we’ll cart out a retread like Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan to rescue the party.

Wait! I have an even better idea! Let’s have Romney and Ryan run as a ticket! That would be a winner! Oh, wait…

Honestly, I can’t really see this working out well. Any party has a difficult road to 270 when it’s unified and has a fairly popular nominee. A divided party that is actively working against its own front-runner is giving itself an impossible task. The Democrats found this out in the 1970s, but then Watergate came along and falsely convinced them that the tide had turned. It hadn’t. Then came 1984. Is that what you want, GOP? I didn’t think so.

It’s gotten so bad that FOX News is even fighting with Trump over his treatment of Megyn Kelly. Why even get into it with them? If Trump wants to show that he can reach out to women, he’s going about it the wrong way. And he’ll pay for it if he does become the nominee. Likewise with the Mormon vote, if this story is true. Even Glenn Beck is against him. How the world has changed.

Now that the GOP has gone public with its concerns about Trump, it will be almost impossible for them to walk back comments and make nice-nice with him when he doesn’t buy into a good part of the conservative platform. Their frantic attempt to deny him delegates with flawed candidates will only make things worse.

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The Very Late New Hampshire Primary Predictions

Here’s how it will go down:


Kasich–20% (upset special)



There’s a real possibility that nobody on the GOP side drops out, but I think that Fiorina is the likliest.

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Bill Maher – Republicans have Gone from Lying to “just making sh*t up”- Video


Things that come naturally to Republicans – lying and making sh*t up.

HBO’s Bill Maher explains.