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Twenty Foot Snake Taken from Home in New York – Video


Did I mention that I do not like snakes?

Two huge pythons given up by their owner in New York are now at a Massachusetts sanctuary for reptiles.

The reticulated pythons, one approximately 20 feet long and weighing about 225 pounds, the other slightly smaller, are native to southeast Asia.

Pat Howard, a snake collector in North Clarendon, Vermont, says he received a phone call from a snake enthusiast in New York who could no longer care for the snakes.

Howard said he had serious concerns about his ability to care for the animals, because of their size, appetites, and potential risks to humans.

“If a snake that size got ahold of you, if you didn’t have any help with you, you’re a goner,” Howard said.

Howard said he took both snakes to his home, but promptly called the Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife.

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