Donald Trump Supporter Pepper-sprays Teenage Girl Outside Trump Rally – Video

Hey, if the candidate approves, then why not?

We’ve all heard Donald Trump and the not-so-subtle messages he give to his rally members, telling them things like, back in the day protesters would be carried out in stretchers, or his defense of a rally member who sucker-punched another man when that man wasn’t looking. Trump announced that he would ask his campaign to look into providing the puncher with financial help.

So hearing or seeing this video of another Trump supporter attacking someone, is now the norm.

The incident happened outside a Trump rally in Wisconsin when a 15-year-old Trump protester was sprayed.

A video from the tense scene shows the girl, wearing glasses, appear to swing out at someone off camera before a hand reaches into the frame and deploys the noxious spray. The girl then stumbles away, rubbing at her face.


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More Violence at Trump Rally – KKK Hood Wearing Protester Kicked, Punched – Video


When this video was tweeted out from inside the rally by CNN’s Noah Gray, Gray wrote, “The protestor was wearing a hood while saluting, presumably referring to KKK/Hitler, before he was punched & kicked.”

I guess the KKK sympathizer felt a little too comfortable at the racist’s rally!


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Raw Video – Protester Shot Dead in Libya

With all the ongoing civil unrest, scenes like this are being played out all across the world. People are tired of being denied the basic human rights many take for granted.

Following the uprising in Egypt, Libya is just one of several nations rising up against their dictator-style government. In this video, we see just how far some will go to gain their freedom, and how far some will go to keep their citizens in fear.

Disclaimer: There is no way to independently verify that the contents of this video is from the protests in Libya because media are not allowed to broadcast the uprising, but the title of the youtube video is Libya – 17 Feb 2011, Demonstrator Shot And Killed, 17/02/2011