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Sacramento Police Beats Black Man for Jaywalking – Video

Police Brutality has not stopped, although it’s not front and center in the news these days.

The Sacramento Police Department on Tuesday announced a formal investigation into the actions of one of their officers who was seen slamming a black man to the ground and beating him — all sparked by an alleged case of jaywalking, NBCNews reports.

The video, released Monday, has sparked national outrage. It shows the officer confronting the man, identified as Nandi Cain Jr., as he crossed an intersection and attempting to talk to Cain but the situation quickly escalates.

After some words are exchanged while Cain is standing in the street, the officer then violently throws Cain to the ground and begins to punch him in the head.

The events leading up to the incident were not captured by the camera, and it is not possible to hear the conversation between Cain and the officer before the incident occurred.



Kansas Cop Threatens Random Black Woman and Her Daughter on Facebook

The threat came after five police officers were shot and killed in Dallas. The Kansas cop apparently trolled Facebook, found the woman’s profile and proceeded to threaten her and her little daughter.
“We’ll see how much her life matters soon,” the officer said. “Better be careful leaving your info open where she can be found 🙂 Hold her close tonight it’ll be the last time.”

The Overland Park police officer was fired Friday after the Texas woman reported the threat made the night before, shortly after a gunman opened fire on law enforcement officers during a Black Lives Matter demonstration, reported the Kansas City Star.

The comment was made from the officer’s personal Facebook account on photos of the woman’s daughter she had posted in 2014.

The woman has no idea how the officer found her Facebook profile or why he targeted her and her daughter.

“I had no clue who this guy was,” said the woman, LaNaydra Williams. “I was angry, and then I was scared.”

The police department launched an investigation Friday morning after Williams reported the comments, and the officer was fired hours later.

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Newt Gingrich – White People “don’t understand being black in America” – Video

van jones and newt

In his conversation with Van Jones, former Republican House Speaker, Newt Gingrich, came to the shocking truth that black Americans live with every day – black lives do not matter  to white America and white Americans could care less about blacks being gunned down every day by police.

“It took me a long time, and a number of people talking to me through the years to get a sense of this. If you are a normal white American, the truth is you don’t understand being black in America and you instinctively under-estimate the level of discrimination and the level of additional risk,” Gingrich said.

He continued, speaking about his childhood: “It was still legally segregated, which meant the local sheriff and National Guard would impose, by force, the taking away of rights of Americans. We’ve come a fair distance, now we have a black mayor of Atlanta, and have had a series of them in fact. We have John Lewis who went from marching on Selma to a Democratic whip in Congress. But we’ve stalled out on the cultural, economic, practical progress we needed.”

That lack of progress, Gingrich said, “creates the kind of alienation where it begins to become legitimate to think about, whether it’s in songs or slogans or whatever, the shooting of policemen. If we were to continue in this direction of alienation on both sides, you could really be a very coarse and dangerous society in 10 or 15 years.”



Police Shooting

Off Duty Cop Chased and Pinned Pedestrian for Crossing Street


The video below was posted on Facebook by Stephen Harlowe. It shows a man in a Boston Red Sox shirt, kneeling on another man and pushing the man’s head into the sidewalk.

What caused the red sox man to act this violent towards the other man?

The victim says he was crossing the street and in the crosswalk when the red sox man drove his car into the crosswalk, cutting him off and almost running him over. The victim said he hit the car with an umbrella and that’s when Mr. Red Sox stopped his car and chased after the man down the sidewalk, eventually capturing him and pinning him to the ground.

“I tapped his [vehicle’s] glass with my umbrella,” the man says.

“And you tackled him and shoved his head into the ground?” Harlowe asks the officer, repeatedly asking to see a badge.

As Mr. Stephen began recording the incident, Mr. Red Sox claimed he was an off duty police officer.


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Officer Puts Gun in Black Man’s Face – Tells Him “Go Ahead, I dare You!” – Video

This incident happened in 2014, but the fate of the police officer in the video below was just determined by the court. The Prince George’s County Police officer, Jenchesky Santiago, was found guilty of 1st and 2nd-degree assault, use of a firearm in violence, and misconduct in office. He will spend at least 5 years in prison.

Back on May 10th 2014, William Cunningham and Kenneth Smith were sitting in their car in front of their home doing absolutely nothing wrong when the officer pulled up, informing them that they were illegally parked. But according to the prosecutor in the case, the car was legally parked as there were no signs, no markings on the curb, no hydrants to suggest an illegal parking situation.

Officer Santiago, it was also revealed, had two unauthorized riders in his cruiser and apparently wanted to show off.

“You guys wanted my attention. You got my attention now.” the officer said.

Having not been legally detained, Cunningham simply tried to walk into his house when all hell broke loose.

Santiago, responding to an innocent man walking into his own home, pulled his gun and pointed it at Cunningham, demanding that he “get back in the car!”

Frightened that he had a madman pressing a gun against his temple ‘so hard that it moved his head,’ Cunningham slowly made his way back to the vehicle. This slow walk was seen as a threat to the tyrant Santiago, which made him even more enraged and more apt to preen for his sadistic audience.

He then pressed the gun directly at the center of Cunningham’s face and mouth, “Go ahead. I dare you to f**king fight me, son.” All of this was captured on video.

After the video was turned off, Cunningham testified in court that Santiago later told them, “Y’all gonna learn about officer Santiago today. I just got back from Iraq. I’m not scared of you all.” He testified that Santiago also said, “You need to watch your attitude because us P.G. cops, we shoot people.”

Cunningham and Smith were then illegally searched without consent. Since Santiago found nothing to charge them with, he made up two counts of disorderly conduct, which would later be thrown out after the video surfaced.

“The actions Officer Santiago chose to take that day are his alone. His behavior is flagrant, appalling and isolated. His actions are among the worst I’ve seen as Chief of Police and that will be taken into account when I make a decision about his employment,” PGPD Chief Mark Magaw said.

“The moment officer Santiago made the decision to act in a reckless, illegal way, he ceased being a police officer,” Prince George’s County State’s Attorney Angela Alsobrooks said. “There is no place for that type of behavior in our county or on our police force. Every citizen should be able to walk across their front yard to their door without fear of being assaulted, especially by a police officer.”

Warning! Video contains Graphic Language!



Black American Seeking Refuge in Canada Because of Police Brutality – Video

It has come down to this!

Kyle Lydell Canty, 30, crossed into B.C.’s Lower Mainland in early September of 2015, telling border agents that he was here to visit and take photographs, but once in Vancouver decided he would apply to remain as a refugee.

“I’m in fear of my life because I’m black,” he told IRB member Ron Yamauchi in a hearing on October 23rd in Vancouver. “This is a well-founded fear.”

Canty argues that black people are “being exterminated at an alarming rate” in the U.S. and included examples such as the shooting of Michael Brown in Missouri and the death of Eric Garner in New York City at the hands of police.

Canty represented himself at the hearing, which he applied to have made public, and was commended by Yamauchi at its conclusion, who said Canty had put together a “well prepared case … and argued it as well as it could be.”

Canty submitted a significant evidence package to the IRB including videos, media reports and the UNHCR’s handbook on determining refugee status.

In order for someone to be called a refugee in Canada, they must prove they are in danger in their home country, “that you’re someone with a well-founded fear of persecution in your country, based on race, religion, nationality, political opinion or membership in a particular social group.” said Melissa Anderson. who speaks for the IRB.

Born in New York, Canty has lived in six different states before arriving in Canada, a country he says he’s never been to before.


Racial profiling

Black Woman Beaten and Arrested for Filming White Cops – Video

Her husband was getting arrested, so like anyone else with a cellphone, she turned on her camera and began recording the arrest when the two white officers in Jacksonville Florida, suddenly became afraid for their lives and decided to attack her and her cellphone to save their lives.

“I was beaten, and then falsely arrested, my phone was stolen, my car was taken. It was a traumatic experience,” Kelli Wilson said of her unintended encounter with the cops. “It was definitely an experience you never think you would be going through,” said Wilson.

Wilson said that when the officers demanded she put away her phone, she asked “why?” And that is when the police decided to escalate the situation with the citizen.

“He asked for it, he demanded it again, and I gave him the same, ‘Why do you want my phone? What do you need my phone for?’ He told me he would punch me in my face. I eventually got punched and beaten and the sergeant that was on the scene joined in the beating.”

Wilson said the police still have her phone. Her beating for recording an arrest was captured by a nearby surveillance camera. On the police report, the officers claimed they arrested Wilson because she was interfering with an arrest.

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