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Why Soda Is Bad for You


Is soda really bad for you? Yes. Very bad. All of it: Pepsi, Coke, Sprite, Seven Up, Mountain Dew, Root Beer. It’s all bad for you. How do you know? Pick up a can or bottle and read the ingredients. 2-methylimidazole. Do you know what that is? You’re not supposed to know. You’re not supposed to read the ingredients.

Let’s start with how much sugar there is in soda. Except they don’t say sugar. Aspartame, cyclamate, saccharine, acesulfame-k, sucralose, by any other name it’s sugar and it’s all nutritionally empty and it all contributes to obesity and diabetes. And it’s addicting. Those soda execs are no dummies.
Consider also that all colas contain phosphates or phosphoric acid. Too much of these can lead to heart or kidney problems and trigger accelerated aging.

The artificial sweeteners don’t break down in our bodies. They end up in waste treatment facilities and then in our waterways. The bromated vegetable oil in Mountain Dew (called BVO) is an industrial chemical known to cause memory loss and nerve disorder.
Aspartame raises blood glucose levels and when your liver has too much glucose, the excess becomes body fat. Non diet sodas can cause fat build up around your liver and your skeletal muscles.

Aluminum cans are lined with a resin called bisphenol. It’s known to interfere with hormones and linked to obesity, diabetes and some kinds of reproductive cancer.
The caramel coloring in brown colas contains 2-methylimidozole and 4-methylimidazole. They have been found to cause cancer in animals.

There are so many other things you can drink besides soda. Is the health risk worth it? Read the ingredients on your next can of soda. Do you know what they are? Do you know what effect they have on your body? Do you trust the big soda companies to have your best interests in mind?


Pepsi Teams With SongBooth To Launch Pepsi Experience Points Rewards

Exclusive: Pepsi Launches Pepsi Experience Points Rewards Program, Teams With SongBooth At SXSW

SongBooth founder Gregory Lowe warms up the Pepsi SongBooth Truck at Empire Auto in Austin

Pepsi introduced a new pop culture-based rewards program at South By Southwest Tuesday called Pepsi Experience Points, or PXP, which will allow fans to collect points through Pepsi purchases and social media interactions to win exclusive prizes like Monster headphones, Pepsi apparel and tickets to see Beyonce’s Mrs. Carter World Tour.

“Its not just about rewarding transactions, it’s about incentivizing and rewarding engagements across everything in the Pepsi Music experience,” says Shiv Singh, global head of digital for PepsiCo Beverages. 
PXP includes a partnership with SongBooth, a social music video mobile app that lets users record their own music and share it with others. A special SXSW activation, the Official Pepsi SongBooth Truck, will allow fans to record covers and film music videos of current pop hits and earn the chance to win prizes. Pepsi will also sponsor the SongBooth app for iOS, which has 1.3 million registered users since launching in December.
SongBooth was created in part to create a more curated experience outside the “oversaturated” environment of YouTube, says creator/founder Gregory Lowe. Although users can record full-length songs, they’re streamed in 30-second clips to encourage quick engagement and interactions. “We wanted to give people a way to share their user-generated videos, because so many are uploaded on YouTube and there’s not an easy way to find them,” Lowe says. “The dynamics of social networking are changing, and this gives people a niche avenue to view their content.”
Stars like Miguel and Ryan Beatty have also used the app in its first weeks, with potential for Pepsi-backed artists to show up in the coming months too. “SongBooth helps us continue the conversation we’re having around music, from our big activation with Beyonce at the Super Bowl to the Grammys to working with a few of the artists that we’re building for the rest of the year,” says Javier Farfan, senior director of cultural branding for PepsiCo. 

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pepsi songbooth
And Songbooth will launch a music competition called Project SongBooth which will offer a chance to win a professional music video and a singles deal with a major label. Lowe says Pepsi and SongBooth are in the final stages of talks with two different potential partners so keep yourself tuned in here @ Ezkool for contest rules!