President Obama’s Turkey Pardon Ceremony Filled with Jokes – Video

Soo much jokes, even his daughters cracked up, at one point telling their father, “that was good!” The joke that brought on the First Daughters’ approval?

“It is hard to believe that this is my seventh year of pardoning a turkey,” the President said. Then he chimed in, “Time flies even if turkeys don’t.”



Republicans to Iran – We Could Undo Your Deal with Obama


Congressional Republicans are tired of blocking domestic policies. They are now openly engaging in foreign and international obstruction of the President’s policies, and they don’t care who sees their obvious and sickening hate for this president.

Republican U.S. senators warned Iran’s leaders on Monday that any nuclear deal with President Barack Obama could last only as long as he remains in office, an unusual partisan intervention in foreign policy that could undermine delicate international talks with Tehran.

The open letter was signed by 47 senators, all but seven of the Republicans in the Senate, and none of Obama’s fellow Democrats, who called it a “stunt.” Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif dismissed it as a “propaganda ploy” from pressure groups he called afraid of diplomatic agreement.

In the letter, the senators said Congress plays a role in ratifying international agreements. Noting Obama will leave office in January 2017, they said any deal not approved by Congress would be merely “an executive agreement” that could be revoked by Congress.

The White House said the letter was a partisan effort to undermine Obama’s foreign policy by lawmakers who oppose a deal. “Congressional Republicans are ready to fast-forward to the military approach before the diplomatic approach has been given the opportunity to succeed,” spokesman Josh Earnest said.

A Western diplomat said the action was “without precedent.” “It’s 100 percent an American issue, but obviously it could become a real problem,” the diplomat said.

Iran’s Zarif blasted the Republicans. “I wish to enlighten the authors that if the next administration revokes any agreement ‘with the stroke of a pen’ … it will have simply committed a blatant violation of international law,” he said in a statement.

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Fox Network Shows Pic of Obama While Talking about a Rape Suspect – Video


Do you think this was a mistake? If you do, I have a bridge to sell you.

Fox5 San Diego showed the graphic on its Friday night news broadcast, while talking about a rape suspect who was cleared for lack of evidence.

At 10:04 p.m., viewers heard anchor Kathleen Bade say: “The only suspect in a sex assault at SDSU will not be charged.” At the same time, a picture of Obama appeared with the legend “NO CHARGES.”

The Obama shot lasted about 5 seconds, but it was noticed immediately in the newsroom, said Mike Wille, an assignment editor.

“Yeah, there was an accident when they had an over-the-shoulder” display, Wille told Times of San Diego. “It wasn’t on purpose.”

The news continued for 56 minutes, ending at 11 p.m.

Asked why there was no on-air acknowledgment or apology for the error, Wille said: “They really don’t do that when it’s a small thing like that.”

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As seen on America The Not So Beautiful

November 17, 2014

By Mike Caccioppoli


No need to mince words here. Starting with immigration reform President Obama must do what is best for the country and the people who live here and not give a fuck what the Republicans, still very much led by the Tea Party, think about it. After being stymied for six long years by a Congress that did not want the first black President to have a legacy of any kind, he must now give it back to them in a big way. There is nothing to lose, no Republican lite Democrats to protect. After Obama was elected twice, by landslide electoral college victories, Republicans refused to admit there was any mandate, even any legitimacy to his victories. Now Obama must tell them loud and clear that he feels the exact same way about their victory.

Immigration reform is a no lose deal for Obama and the Democrats. First of all it’s the right thing to do. It will prevent 5 million people who live and work here, have families here, from being deported. It will also cement the Latino vote in 2016 and the Republicans have little chance of winning without a decent chunk of the Latino vote. As the Republicans complain and talk about impeachment, this will only make Latinos hate them even more than they already do. Any attempt to impeach Obama for something totally lawful and correct, will further destroy Republicans just as the impeachment of Bill Clinton did.

So there really is no downside to Obama acting by executive action on Immigration. As I had mentioned in my last column, the next two years must be executive orders and veto’s and that’s it. There is no negotiating to do with Republicans, not anymore. Been there for six years, done that for six years. You can’t negotiate with neanderthals. They don’t have the brains nor the heart to do what is right for the American people that are not in the top one percent. On the Keystone pipeline Obama must use his veto pen. Obama must show that America will take the lead on global warming. Funny how a party that hasn’t cared one bit about creating jobs, all of a sudden cares about a thousand short term jobs that would lead to about 50 permanent jobs. The over 200,000 jobs that Obama has been creating every month, they won’t talk about of course.

There is nothing more to talk about. Obama must now finish carving his legacy. A legacy that is about taking us out of a recession, ending two wars, finishing Bin Laden, bringing affordable health care to over 10 million people, a stock market that hits record highs daily, gas prices that continue to plummet, cutting the deficit in more than half, and so on and so on and so on.

Republicans will scream and shout, they will have tantrums and curse and threaten. Too damn bad. They have and will continue to misread this past election and overplay their hand. Obama must use this against them and continue to watch the infighting within the Republican party. Let them continue to have to answer impeachment calls from the Tea Party members, let them continue their infighting over this and other issues. Let them fight over shutting down the government. The more resolute he is the more infighting there will be as they try to figure out what to do with this newly defiant President that they are certainly not accustomed to.

I’m cautiously optimistic.  Obama has had these opportunities before and has squandered them. However maybe with Immigration reform, the great climate deal with China, and his recent comments about the Keystone pipeline, we are indeed seeing a new Obama. An Obama that has finally realized what the agenda of the Republican party is and has been since January 20, 2009. They couldn’t prevent him from being elected twice, but they still believe they can control his destiny.

They can do so only if he allows it. He is the President. He has the moral high ground and the law on his side. He has the veto pen. He cannot allow Republicans to hurt this country anymore than they already have. He cannot allow them to destroy all the good he has done and take us back to 2008.

He must forge ahead. All they can do is cry about it. He has all the power. They know it. Let’s hope he does as well.

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Rush Limbaugh – Obama Wants Americans Infected with Ebola Because of Slavery


Day after day, Republicans tun in by the millions to hear the things Rush Limbaugh say. Not only to hear the things he say, but also to memorize the list of new talking points from their leader with the golden mic.

On Monday, said leader with the golden mic went on a rant, stating, without facts of course, that president Obama is allowing Americans to be infected with the Ebola virus as a payback for slavery.

I know, I know, just when you think a couldn’t get any crazier, this will be the new talking point from the Republican party.

While speaking with one of the unfortunate callers on his nationally syndicated talk show, ‘the Limbaugh’ said that there are liberals who believe that America is responsible for the spread of Ebola in Liberia because that nation was established by freed American slaves.

“And if it hadn’t been for that they probably wouldn’t have [Ebola]. So there are some people who think we kind of deserve a little bit of this,” he said, before accusing elected leaders of purposely leaving the country vulnerable to the virus.

“The danger we have now is that we elected people in positions of power and authority who think this or think like this in terms of this country being responsible, this country being to blame for things and it’s that kind of thinking that leads to opposition to shutting down airports from various countries,” Limbaugh explained, referring to the Obama administration’s handling of the crisis.

“It leads to opposition to keeping these people out of the country: ‘How dare we? We can’t turn our back on them! They exist because of us. We can’t turn them away!’”


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Vacations – Bush took 3 Times More Than Obama, But Obama gets Crucified for Taking Time Off


He’s dealing with a hundred times the amount of issues that George W Bush dealt with when he was president, but everytime Barack Obama goes on vacation, the-right wing echo chamber screams bloody foul, accusing Obama of being lazy “while bodies fall from the sky,” tes, they’ve actually said that.

So naturally, with a little digging,  the facts about Obama’s vacation is is found, and like expected, the right-winged militia media has once again, lied and mislead their audience into thinking that Obama is the supreme vacationing president.

But here’s the facts.

CBS News’ Mark Knoller has meticulously kept track of presidential vacations and such since 1996, and his data showed that, when compared to his predecessor George W Bush, Obama is no where close to Bush when it comes to taking days off.

At this time in his presidency, Bush had already taken 3 times the amount of vacation that Obama is being crucified for, and he had traveled more times too.

See below.


But then, we all know that facts have a liberal bias!

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John McCain Blames Obama for The George Bush Manufactured Problems In Iraq

John McCain(AP Photo/Matt York)

What else is new? Republicans, including John McCain himself have blamed Obama for everything that has gone wrong in this world since the beginning of time.

Sitting in his weekly chain on CNN, John McCain continued spitting his nonsense simply because like Fox News, he often goes unchallenged. For whatever reason now, Republicans and McCain are blaming Obama for the calamity that is Iraq.

Iraq, remember that place, where the Bush administration and Dick Cheney told 935 lies to fool us into an unnecessary war, where thousands of Americans were killed and thousands more dismembered? That place where John McCain and these same Republicans voted to invade? Yea, that Iraq… is now somehow Obama’s fault! Can’t you see the connection? It’s as clear as… night!

So on CNN’s State of the Union, McCain said that because of Obama, the terrorist group ISIS is roaming the land doing whatever they will. McCain is blaming Obama for pulling out the troops and ending the war…although the end of the war and its terms were negotiated before Obama even became president, under the Bush administration.

But of course, this point went unchallenged.

The senator said Obama’s targeted strikes in Iraq aren’t enough.

“That’s not a strategy. That’s not a policy,” McCain said. “That is simply a very narrow and focused approach to a problem, which is metastasized as we speak.”

McCain called for airstrikes in Syria and for the U.S. to give weapons and supplies to the Kurds in order to fight ISIS.

“There’s a vacuum of American leadership all throughout the Middle East,” he said.

CNN host Candy Crowley asked McCain to respond to the widely-held belief that he opposes everything Obama does when it comes to foreign policy.

“I predicted what was going to happen in Iraq,” he said. “And I’m predicting to you now, that if we pull everybody out of Afghanistan, not based on conditions, you’ll see that same movie again in Afghanistan.”