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LAX Shooter Spoke of the New World Order


The New Jersey native who killed a TSA agent and wounded five people in a wild Los Angeles airport shootup left a note describing himself online as a “pissed off patriot” angry that airport searches violate his rights.

Paul Ciancia, 23, walked into a packed Los Angeles International Airport terminal Friday morning wearing fatigues and carrying an AR-15 assault rifle and about 150 rounds of ammunition.

He started picking off Transportation Security Administration agents — sending hundreds of terrified air travelers fleeing for safety.

Ciancia wrote in his note that he “wanted to kill TSA and pigs,” and was disappointed with the government, but did not want to hurt civilians, according to reports.

He signed it with the letters “NWO,” an apparent reference to an anti-government group called “New World Order,” according to the Daily Mail.

Ciancia sprayed gunfire as he marched through the terminal, apparently ignoring civilians while targeting TSA agents, according to reports.

TSA Officer Gerardo I. Hernandez, 39, was killed in the rampage. Hernandez was the first agent to die in the line of duty in the TSA’s 12-year history

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Whom So Ever Shall Conspire Against Us



“Just because you’re paranoid and you think they are after you…doesn’t mean they’re not after you.” 

A healthy dose of suspicion and skepticism never hurt anyone. In fact, you might say that its good for you. If you believe in Einstein’s Theory of Evolution, the human genome would have never made it outside the primordial soup if it hadn’t had a basic hunch (well, as much a hunch as a complex, organic polymer could have) to access the hostilities of a new environment and gradually mutate, adapt and conform to it. Its in our DNA to be suspicious of things that “just don’t smell right.”

Grounded in our primitive nature is the capacity to be wary of the bigger, more powerful among us (predators) conspiring against the weaker, smaller among us (prey). We like to use words like “civilized”  and “cultured” when describing ourselves, but in actuality we use them to convince ourselves that we are no longer the ‘animals’ that we once were. But our Merriam Webster definition of those adjectives do not do much to subdue a compulsion to behave the exact opposite. WE ARE greater than that, but we haven’t as of yet embraced it fully as a group. Watch any episode of Animal Planet and see if some of the behavioral patterns of our fellow creatures seem somehow familiar...

This is not meant to sound harsh, because there’s really nothing for us to be ashamed of. We are what we are after all, and there is only room to evolve even further until we reach our pinnacle, whatever  and wherever that may be.

As mentioned earlier, our base instincts are what keeps us alive in this physical world, so by Human standards a little paranoia is a damn good thing. Read the rest of this entry

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Conservatives Denounce Glenn Beck’s Crazy Antics

Say it ain’t so Joe:

In a shocking turn of events, conservative Republican Joe Scarborough of MSNBC has truned against his fellow conservative, ultra-extreme Glenn Beck. He then voiced his displeasure with the Beck-star – one of the appointed leaders of the Teaparty.

“I’ve been telling conservatives for about two years, this guy is bad for the movement, this guy is losing it before our eyes. He’s bad for the conservative movement. He’s bad for the Republican Party. He’s bad for Fox News…even guys over at Fox News have to start thinking, this can’t last. He’s out of control.”

Scarborough then pointed out that he is not the only conservative who’s becomming sick of Beck’s antics. He mentioned a blog post by another conservative, named Peter Wehner. The title of Mr. Wehner’s post is “The Most Distrubing Person on Cable Television.” A portion of the post said;

In the past few weeks Glenn Beck has spoken about the coming caliphate that he believes is about to envelope most of the world. He then dilated on the anti-Christ with a man who says he has “new prophetic understanding into the end times.”

In 2009, this self-proclaimed prophet wrote a column titled “What Obama and the Anti-Christ Have in Common.” Then, on a recent show, the discussion focused on the coming Islamic anti-Christ. And earlier this week, an irate, bellicose Beck spoke about the “perfect storm” America faces. “I can’t honestly believe we’re finally here,” he said in praising his own prescience. In his version of events, Beck is the solitary Voice of Truth willing to expose the New World Order (complete with references to Van Jones and Code Pink).

It’s hard to tell how much of what Beck says is sincere and how much is for show. Whatever the case, and even taking into account the entire MSNBC lineup, Glenn Beck has become the most disturbing personality on cable television. One cannot watch him for any length of time without being struck by his affinity for conspiracies and for portraying himself as the great decoder of events.

Well, it’s never too late. We welcome these conservative who are finally beginning to see the truth about Glenn Beck, and we hope that it’s not too late for the masses who watch Beck religiously, buying into his conspiracy theories and his willful attempt to dumb down Americans.

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