EMINEM Destroys Donald Trump in New Rap – Video

If only other entertainers would stand up and proclaim their disgust with Donald Trump and where his so-called “leadership” is taking this nation, I’m sure we will be in a much better place.

More respect to EMINEM for making his feelings known, and not being afraid of speaking out!


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Rapper Demands that “Scumbag” Trump Stop Using his Music – Calls Trump “a Piece of S–t”


Add Rapper Everlast from the rap group “House of Pain” to the long list of musicians who have demanded that Republican leader Donald Trump, stop using their music. And to get his point and frustrations across, Everlast used some rather colorful adjectives to describe the donald.

“Hey @realDonaldTrump stop using my song jump around at your rallies you piece of s–t. Cease and desist is coming you scumbag,” the rapper, whose real name is Erik Francis Schrody, tweeted Monday night.

“Stop playing my song you ignorant racist piece of s–t lawyers are already on it. I don’t want your money no amount you offer will get the license. I would love to meet you and smack that comb over right off your scalp you scumbag!!!” he added on Instagram.

“The reason he doesn’t ask anybody — a lot of people have asked him to cease and desist — (is) because every f–king person would say, ‘No, f–k you,’ except for whatever right-wing country artist wants to give him the song,” he said.

It’s unclear whether Trump’s campaign obtained a license to play the song, which has long been a favorite in movies, clubs and sporting events. A spokeswoman has yet to return the Daily News’ request for comment.


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Rap is all Black People Understand, So Here is Ben Carson’s Rap for Blacks – Audio

I am personally offended that the only black man in the race for president thinks the only way he can reach black people is to rap to them. Are you kidding me? So is it Carson’s thinking that black people cannot understand policies or don’t know or maybe just don’t care about the issues?

That this man is running for president is a joke. That he is the leading candidate in the Republican field for president is a travesty!

Here black people, this one’s just for you because rap music is apparently all you know!



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Boy George – “I’ve slept with Prince.”

The new judges on The Voice were discussing who they sung with during their career when new judge Boy George, dropped the bomb!

George kicked off with: “I have duetted with some of the greatest soul singers in history including Luther Vandross and Smokey Robinson.”

Paloma upped the stakes, saying: “Well OK, if we’re throwing big soul names out there I’ve performed with Prince.”

But BG fired back: “Forget that, darling, I’ve slept with Prince.”

A source said: “We just couldn’t believe what he had come out with — and the guys in the gallery were beside themselves.”

Fellow judge Will.i.am thought the whole thing was hilarious, high-fiving Boy George.

But the 54-year-old, who replaced axed Tom Jones on the show, soon took it back.

The source told The Sun: “After that Boy George started backtracking saying he hadn’t really slept with Prince and that in reality, he just had his poster on his wall.

“But as far as the crowd were concerned the cat was already out of the bag.”

The fifth series of The Voice starts in January.

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T-Pain Just Killed The National Anthem… Without AutoTunes – Video

Apparently, the man can really sing! Check out this clip from last Monday’s Dodgers game!


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Fantasia Barrino is a Married Woman – PIC

Fantasia married Kendall Taylor on Sunday and posted pictures of the event on her Instagram. Below is the caption she put on one of her wedding pictures.

Those who really know me know that I LOVE Water.. Can you see it? How Happy I am.. This Man.. God made him just for Me and me Just for Him.. This Man.. Covers and prays for me and my children EVERY morning.. This Man.. Loves My Father in Heaven and his name is God.. This Man allows me to just be a woman.. No more Hurt because King Kendall will never let that happen.. I’m off to just kiss, Hug, and play in some water with This Man.. Look at Him in the pic YEP!! HE COVERS ME.. Be Happy with me you guys cause I’ve been thru SOOOOO much. Some stuff was my wrong decisions but all I ever really wanted was this.. Real Love. This Man and this smile is real… Later you guys bye bye for a while.. God did not forget about me…. 


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Angie Stone Arrested on Domestic Abuse Charges


Grammy-nominated R&B artist Angie Stone and her daughter Diamond Stone were arrested in their Atlanta home on domestic abuse charges.

According to police report, Angie’s account of the events claim that after repeatedly getting punched in the face by her daughter, Angie took a metal stand and threw it at her daughter striking her in the face and knocking out two of her teeth. Stone,  according to the report, said she was unaware that the piece of metal actually hit her daughter.

Once she realized this, Stone “quickly put the stand down and attempted to get away from Ms. Diamond Stone. Ms. Angie Stone then stated while she tried to get away, Ms. Diamond Stone continued to come after her as if to strike her again but stated that Ms. Blondy Chisolm came to break up the fight.”

Stone, who was arrested in Lithonia, GA on Monday, was charged with aggravated battery. According to court documents, the fight errupted after an argument over Stone’s grand children. Stone is currently being held in Dekalb County jail. Her daughter was released without any charges.