Mike Pence is Fighting In Court to Keep His Emails a Secret

Apparently, Hillary Clinton’s emails were fair game and public records. But not the emails on Mike Pence’s government account and he has taken his fight to the Supreme court trying to keep his emails secret.

Vice President Mike Pence is asking the Indiana Supreme Court to let him keep secret some documents emailed to him while he was the state’s governor.

The request comes after an Indianapolis lawyer earlier this month sought the overturning of a state appeals court decision denying access to emails sent to Pence in 2014 in which a staffer for Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott outlined a legal strategy for challenging then-President Barack Obama’s executive order on immigration.

The appeals court ruled the documents are privileged attorney-client communications.

Pence lawyer Joseph Chapelle argues in a Friday court filing that requiring the release of such documents would interfere with the governor’s decision making.

The state supreme court hasn’t yet decided whether it will consider the appeal.

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Mike Pence – “Who Cares” if Trump Has Conflicts of Interests

As you’ve probably heard, Donald Trump and his business partners from around the world are having secret meeting. Again, these are men who have business ties with Trump, and they are sneaking in under the cover of night and outside of any media coverage to see their business partner.

Some people apparently think there is nothing wrong with this obvious conflict of interest.

During an interview with Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday,” Pence was asked about allegations that Trump’s meetings with business leaders from nations like India could constitute “the Clinton Foundation on steroids.” His response was to quote a line he heard from Trump on the same subject: “Who cares?”

After Pence reassured viewers that “the best legal minds in the country” were involved in the transition process, Wallace pointed out that this is “not just a legal question,” but one that speaks to the ethical character of the president-elect, particularly given reports that his children (who are still in charge of his business empire) will also act as advisers to the new administration.

“Well, I can tell you, in a recent interview after the election, the president-elect summed up his view of his interest in his business life with two words. He said, ‘Who cares?’” Pence replied to Wallace.


Trump’s Vice President Gets Booed at Showing of “Hamilton” – Video

Donald Trump’s Vice Presidential pick, Mike Pence, decided to take in the Broadway show, Hamilton. His outing didn’t go well.


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Trump’s Sexual Assault on Women Force Republicans to Look To Pence

If Trump’s running mate, Mike Pence, is the stabilizing factor in Trump’s 1-legged campaign, then removing Pence from the equation should eventually result in a loud thud as Trump’s campaign crushes to the ground.

That is the hope of some Republican officials in the wake of Trump’s confession that he happily committed sexual assault on unsuspecting women.

Donald Trump could be left without a running mate as GOP officials may consider pressuring Mike Pence to quit the race after he publicly stated that he could not ‘condone’ the billionaire’s crude hot mic comments.

A few GOP leaders may be considering a scenario in which they would convince Pence to leave the ticket, according to CNN.

Former Jeb Bush supporter, Vin Weber told the network that he would ‘absolutely’ call for Pence to leave the ticket as a way to put ‘immeasurable pressure’ on Trump to leave the race.

‘Pence is the anchor that keeps Trump in the race,’ so without him it would be over for the candidate, Weber said.

Pence’s advocacy for Trump came to a screeching, perhaps temporary, halt Saturday in the hours after Trump released a video apologizing for 2005 remarks in which he describes his aggressive conduct toward women.

The Indiana governor was said to be ‘beside himself’ over Trump’s comments.

Pence said in a statement about Trump: ‘I do not condone his remarks and cannot defend them. I am grateful that he has expressed remorse and apologized to the American people.

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So Mike Pence Won Because he “Looked Presidential?” Give Me a Break

As soon as the vice-presidential debate ended, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews called the debate for Republican vice-presidential candidate, Mike Pence. His reasoning made me sick to my stomach, so I changed the channel to see what CNN had to say and they too stated that Pence won.

I sat there shocked, totally amazed at the power of the media and the way this debate was spun to make the American people accept a Pence win.

The Spin? “Mike Pence looked more presidential.”

That’s all. That’s all the political pundits had to say about Pence after the debate was over. That’s all they wanted to see to decide who won the debate. A total disregard to the fact that Mike Pence was unable to prosecute the case for why Americans should put the Trump ticket in the White House.

Pence sat at the debate table and lied, and lied, and lied. He denied recorded facts about things Trump has said – things like banning all Muslims from coming into this country or when Trump called all Mexicans “rapers and killers.” Pence sat in his chair “looking all presidential” according to the talking-heads on MSNBC and CNN, and he lied to the American people when he was put on the spot by the Democratic vice president candidate, Tim Kaine. When Kaine asked why Trump calls women disparaging names for example, Pence looked the right into the camera and denied those recorded facts.

But he “looked presidential” so apparently, he won… according to the political talking heads.

Time Kaine on the other hand did his homework and it showed. He came to the debate armed with direct verbiage, quotes from Donald Trump and Mike Pence himself, and Kaine asked Pence to defend the things he and Trump say. Pence couldn’t, so he lied… again! Yes, Kaine interrupted Pence a few times, but wouldn’t you do the same if your opponent’s game plan was to “look presidential” and lie?

Americans know the game. Tim Kaine clearly won the debate. He was prepared, armed with facts and policies and he clearly expressed why Hillary Clinton should be the next president. But giving Kaine the win would not jive with the apparent talking point these pundits wanted to promote – that Mike Pence threw Donald Trump under the bus and is preparing himself for a top-of-the-ticket run in four years.

If all the pundits say this in unison, word will eventually get back to Donald Trump setting up the news for the rest of the week –  the inevitable credit Trump will take for Pence winning the VP debate.

And less than 24 hours after Pence was crowned the winner, Donald Trump spoke to his followers telling them that he deserves the credit.

“Mike Pence did an incredible job and I’m getting a lot of credit because that’s really my first so-called choice,” 

“That was my first hire as we would say in Las Vegas, And I’ll tell you, he was phenomenal. He was cool, he was smart. He was meant to be doing what he’s doing and we’re very, very proud of Gov. Mike Pence.”


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Potential Trump VP has Sealed his Congressional Record


Nothing to see here folks, keep it moving.

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence could become the next vice president of the United States, but he has gone out of his way to prevent people from seeing his congressional record. If the man was proud of his work, would he have sealed it from the public? I doubt it!

Pence is believed to be on Donald Trump’s shortlist of potential vice presidential candidates.

His congressional library, housed at Indiana University in Bloomington, is closed until either Dec. 5, 2022, or Pence’s death.
“It’s not standard, but it’s not unusual,” Dina Kellams, the school’s director of university archives, told The Huffington Post.

The website noted that former Sen. Richard Lugar (R-Ind.) put similar restrictions on his own congressional papers before opening up some parts of his archives.

Kellams said Pence could open up his library if he chooses.

Pence met with the presumptive Republican nominee and his children Wednesday in Indiana as the businessman inches toward naming a running mate. Trump is expected to pick his VP by the end of the week.


Lawsuit Filed Against Refugee Refusing Governor

I can only imagine that there will be a lot more law suits of this sort, since Republican governors nationwide are blatantly violating the Constitution for their own dumb brand of politics.

A lawsuit challenging the Indiana governor’s decision to stop state agencies from helping resettle Syrian refugees alleges that the action wrongly targets the refugees based on nationality, and violates the U.S. Constitution and federal law.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana filed the federal lawsuit Monday night on behalf of Indianapolis-based nonprofit organization Exodus Refugee Immigration. It accuses Gov. Mike Pence of violating the U.S. Constitution’s Equal Protection Clause, as well as Title VI of the Civil Rights Act, by accepting refugees to Indiana from other countries — but not from Syria.

The first-term Republican governor objected to plans for refugees to arrive in Indiana following the recent deadly attacks in Paris. Five days after the Nov. 13 attacks, a family that had fled war-torn Syria was diverted from Indianapolis to Connecticut when Pence ordered state agencies to halt resettlement activities.