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Murder Caught on Video But Shooter Walks Free

We all watched the video as the police officer took out his gun, took aim at the man running away from him and fired, hitting the man multiple times in the back and killing him. We all watched the killing because it was recorded on a cell phone video and made public for all to see.

But apparently, the cold-blooded murder of the man… on video… was still not enough to convince a jury that the shooter did in fact, shoot and kill a man who posed no threat to him.

The judge in the murder trial of former North Charleston, S.C., police Officer Michael Slager declared a mistrial on Monday after the jury said it could not come to a unanimous decision.

“We as the jury regret to inform the court that, despite the best efforts of all members, we are unable to come to an unanimous decision in the case of the State vs. Michael Slager,” a letter from the foreman of the jury read.

Judge Clifton Newman said the case would be retried at a future date, the timing of which could depend on a federal civil rights case that is also pending against Slager, as we have reported.

Slager is accused of murder for shooting Walter Scott multiple times as he ran away from the officer in 2015, after a routine traffic stop. The jurors had three options if they hoped to avoid a mistrial: a guilty verdict for either murder or voluntary manslaughter, or an acquittal.

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Police Officer Indicted in Shooting of Unarmed South Carolina Black Man


In this case the video existed, and it showed the final moments of Walter Scott’s life as he ran away from the officer who ended up shooting him in the back. Earlier this week, the grand jury in South Carolina indicted officer Michael Slager on a murder charge.

Mr. Scott was originally pulled over on April 4th for a busted break light, but is later seen on dash cam running away from the officer with the officer giving chase. A passerby later saw the final confrontation between the officer and the man and began recording the events on his cell phone. Moments later, Mr Scott is seen on cell phone video breaking away from the officer and attempted to run, but this time, he did not get too far. The unarmed man was shot in the back by the police officer and died.

Michael Slager was immediately fired from his job as a South Carolina police officer and later arrested.


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Police Officer Heard Laughing after Shooting Man in the Back – Audio


Another recording was released today showing the aftermath of a police shooting in South Carolina, where a black man was shot in the back and died from eight gunshot wounds inflicted by the officer. In the audio recording, another man is heard advising the officer on what the next steps will be, telling the officer that his gun will most likely be taken away and advising him to take a few days to get his story straight.

“Once they get here, it’ll be real quick,” the other man says to Officer Slager. “They’re gonna tell you, you’re gonna be off for a couple days and we’ll come back and interview you then. They’re not gonna ask you any type of questions right now. They’re gonna take your weapon,” the officer says. “It’d probably be a good idea to jot down your thoughts about whatever happened … once the adrenaline stops pumping.”

Slager responds: “It’s pumping,” and then laughs.

Slager is also heard apparently answering a call on his phone, telling the person on the other end of the call that “everything’s OK. OK? I just shot somebody. He grabbed my Taser, yeah. Yeah,” says Slager. “He was running from me. … I’m fine.”

Of course, the only thruth in that statement is the fact that the man, a 50-year-old man named Walter Scott, was in fact running away from Slager when he was shot in the back and died on the spot.



GoFundMe Shuts Down Donation Page for Police Who Shot Unarmed Man in Back


And once again, it has already started. Even with the video showing that the officer lied in his report on what happened in South Carolina, even with that video evidence showing a man being gunned down like an animal as, even with that video available for all to see, the supporters of the police who pulled the trigger are making themselves known with a GoFundMe page to raise money for the officer who shot the man in his back. But according to this report, that page was shut down by GoFundMe.

A fundraising page dedicated to South Carolina police officer Michael Slager was shut down by GoFundMe on Wednesday.

Slager was charged with the murder of 50-year-old Walter Scott after video surfaced of him shooting at the unarmed man eight times. GoFundMe’s public relations manager, Kelsea Little, told The Huffington Post that the page’s removal was “due to a violation of our terms and conditions.”

However, Little said GoFundMe was unable to discuss the details of the campaign with anyone other than the organizer because of “privacy concerns.”

One source of outside financial support for the Slager family will be North Charleston. In a press conference Wednesday, Mayor Keith Summey confirmed that the town would continue to pay for the medical insurance of the officer’s wife, who is eight months pregnant, until the birth of the child.