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Will Christie Run? The Latest Answer… Again!

Some people just cannot take no for an answer. Every time Chris Christie was asked if he was running for president in 2012, he always responded the same way. For whatever reason, the media and √©lite Republicans don’t know what “NO” means. Christie even joked about killing himself to show that he is serious about not running. And even then, after making that statement, the media asked, “what will Christie do, will he run?”

After Christie answered that question again in his well publicized speech at the Reagan Library by directing all to a political video where he said “NO” a number of ways, the media asked again, “what will Christie do?” Apparently, the word “NO” coming from Christie’s mouth is not an acceptable answer for the media or the elites.

And now this: Christie will make another statement explaining whether he plans to run or not. The Wall Street Journal has a story that says, just last week, Christie made a pledge that he will not run.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who has kept the political world in suspense for weeks over his presidential intentions, told prominent California fund-raisers and donors as recently as last Wednesday he had no plans to seek the White House.

One assurance took the form of a pledge Mr. Christie made to Meg Whitman, the newly appointed Hewlett-Packard Co. chief executive, said two people familiar with the matter. As a condition of Ms. Whitman’s hosting a high-priced fund-raiser for him, Mr. Christie said he wouldn’t enter the Republican presidential contest, these people said.

But that cannot be right. The media and the Republican elites would not rest until poor Christie says yes!