McCain Blames Obama for Orlando Shooting – Why I Blame McCain Instead

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., called the 800-page immigration reform bill proposed by a bipartisan group of senators a "fair, comprehensive and practical solution" to a difficult problem.

John McCain, one of the architect of the failed Iraq war that forced America more than a trillion dollars deeper in debt and caused the lives of thousands of American troops, today blamed Obama for the most recent mass shooting in Orlando. According to McCain’s twisted thinking, ISIS would not be around today if Obama had allowed the Iraq war, the longest war in America’s history, to continue indefinitely.

While answering a question from a reporter about the usual gun-control debate that sprouts up after every mass shooting, McCain inexplicably found a way to blame Obama for Orlando!

“Barack Obama is directly responsible for it,” McCain said. “Because when he pulled everybody out of Iraq, al-Qaeda went to Syria, became ISIS, and ISIS is what it is today thanks to Barack Obama’s failures.”

When pressed by a reporter on the claim that Obama was “directly” responsible, McCain reiterated his point — that Obama should not have withdrawn combat troops from Iraq: “He pulled everybody out of Iraq, and I predicted at the time that ISIS would go unchecked, and there would be attacks on the United States of America,” he said. “It’s a matter of record, so he is directly responsible.”

Noticed the masterful way McCain avoided any acknowledgement to the actual war in Iraq, a war he co-sponsored and a war that had absolutely nothing to do with the September 11th attacks on America. You would think if anyone is to be blamed for ISIS or by extension, the Orlando shooting, it would be the people who decided to invade Iraq and remove its leader, actions that threw Iraq into chaos and created the vacuum ISIS and other terrorist groups have thrived on. But McCain apparently bears no responsibility, according to him it’s all Obama’s fault.

One should note that Obama voted against the war in Iraq. If McCain and others had followed Obama’s lead, there would have been no Iraq war, no vacuum for ISIS to fill and by extension, no reason for a crazed maniac to open fire in Orlando killing 49 people while pledging his allegiance to ISIS.

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Report: Orlando Shooter and Wife Texted Each Other During Massacre

In the beginning, Noor Salman, wife of the Orlando shooter, insisted that she had no idea what her husband was up to when he gunned down 49 people at a Pulse night club. Now, reports say the two were communicating via text during the terrorist attack.
The Orlando shooter and his wife exchanged text messages during the Pulse nightclub rampage, a law enforcement official briefed on the investigation told CNN. Around 4 a.m., about two hours after he started the attack and while holed up in a bathroom, Omar Mateen texted his wife, Noor Salman, asking if she’d seen the news, the official said.
At one point, she responded with a text saying that she loved him. Salman also tried calling her husband several times during the standoff, a second law enforcement official said. The timing of her calls came after reports of the attack had emerged, and apparently after she realized her husband might be responsible. He didn’t answer, the official said.

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Ben Carson Admits – He Punked Out When Man Pulled a Gun On Him

Ben Carson must be trying to overtake Donald Trump with all these dumb statements. Carson, who bragged all week that he would have fought back and encouraged others to do the same if he was in the room when the Oregon massacre began, Ben Carson is now admitting that he punked out when a man tried to rob him at a Popeyes in Baltimore.

On an interview with Karen Hunter’s Sirius XM Radio program, Carson recalled that one time when he had the opportunity to do a Rambo on a gunman, but instead whimpered.

“I have had a gun held on me when I was in a Popeye’s organization,” Carson said.

“Guy comes in, put the gun in my ribs. I just said, ‘I believe that you want the guy behind the counter,’”

What happened to “the guy behind the counter?” We don’t know, Carson did not say. What is apparent however, Carson did not come to the guy’s rescue as he claimed he would have if he was a victim in the Oregon shooting.


Bobby Jindal Blames Single Mothers and Abortion for Oregon Shootings

No one is talking about Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. Since announcing that he is running for president, Bobby Jindal has been left out of every single conversation about the presidency. So in an effort to be relevant, bobby Jindal is blaming the shooting in Oregon on abortion and single mothers.

In the post (which we saw via ThinkProgress), titled “We Fill Our Culture With Garbage, And We Reap The Result,” Jindal “speak[s] the truth” about our “cultural rot.” A cultural rot apparently wrought on us, not by the easy availability of deadly weapons, but by violent television, video games, abortion, and single mothers. It’s like Republican Bingo and Jindal just hit the jackpot.

Jindal writes:

“We devalue human life, we have no regard for the sanctity of human life in any regard, from the unborn, to the old, and to every single person in between, we devalue it and act as if we have almost no regard for humanity.”…

In the next polls, expect to see Jindal’s numbers right where they are now – between 1 and 2%. Although Republicans love to talk about abortions and love blaming single mothers for everything wrong with society,  Bobby Jindal is clearly not
their messenger.

I also expect he’ll drop out of the race before December.

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Rick Perry Calls Mass Shooting at Black Church in South Carolina an “Accident” – Video

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And he is running for President of the United States!

“This is the M-O of this administration,” the Republican presidential candidate said in an interview with Newsmax. “Any time there is an accident like this — the president is clear, he doesn’t like for Americans to have guns and so he uses every opportunity, this being another one, to basically go parrot that message.”

The “accident” Perry was referring to is the intentional, calculated shooting of 9 black people in a South Carolina Church by a racist 21-year-old. The former Republican governor of Texas also chalked up the massacre to the need for more prescription drugs.

“Also, I think there is a real issue to be talked about,” Perry continued. “It seems to me, again without having all the details about this, that these individuals have been medicated and there may be a real issue in this country from the standpoint of these drugs and how they’re used.”

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Online Video Game Simulates The Sandy Hook Massacre


In an online video game, players follow shooter Adam Lanza’s footsteps the day of the Sandy Hook Elementary school mass shooting.

Called “The Slaying of Sandy Hook Elementary School,” the widely condemned simulation takes players through the shootings of 26 children and adults before it shows their “score”:

Game creator Ryan Jake Lambourn claims it has a “gun safety” message, but activists against gun violence are baffled and disgusted by the game. The family of Victoria Soto, a murdered Newtown teacher, took their outrage to Twitter, telling Lambourn, “Please tell us how playing a game that recreates how Vicki died would be beneficial?”

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) told the Hartford Courant he hopes the “very disturbed person who could think of something like this sees the cruelty of what he’s done and stops it.”

Post-Newtown, the National Rifle Association faulted video games and media, not guns, in its wide cast for blame. But the NRA is not above using controversial shooting games when it can profit from them. One month after the tragedy, the NRA released a game with coffin-shaped targets to promote gun ownership.