Democracy #Tid Bits

Women and N’s Need No Voice!

Because they are already spoken for. There is no need for Ni**ers and Women to speak because they are not qualified to speak. They are not equipped with the right proportions of aggression, angry intellect or love of war to participate fully in our “Democracy”.

I mean, heaven forbid there be a display of  feminine energy to temper, check and balance the superior male mind. After all, the examples of the balance of masculine and feminine principles that is found in all things natural couldn’t possibly be a lesson to a mind that’s clearly superior even to the laws of nature itself, no way!

So we don’t need the participation or input of a woman, when we want your opinion…we’ll give it to you. What could they possibly bring to the table other than dinner? And you ni**ers, oh you ni**ers…we’ve tolerated you for over 400 years in our beloved country.

We’ve pulled you down from the tree’s in the jungles of Africa. We’ve taught you about Jesus, made you christians, what more could you possibly want negroes?

We’ve given you plenty. If it were not for our loving Christian hearts you would have never known the glory of civilized folk!

We’ve provided an entire industrial complex of modern prisons that your children are steered towards.

We have given you welfare, we have clothed you, we have protected your foolish and backwards minds from the rabblerousers that attempted to rise up from among you to influence you, to pursue independence from the salvation we’ve provided.

We’ve educated you so that you don’t need to identify with the other Ni**er savages in Africa, we have our own plans to carry out for the “Dark Continent”… never you mind your little black head about that jungle land, our brilliant ‘Africom’ program will see to it that Africa is taken care of. So you see? All is well… all is well…


Ladies and Gentleman,

The prevailing mindset that sets forth agendas in this great land, if it we’re honest, would probably sound something like that above. But let not your heart be troubled, “The arc of the Universe is long, but it bends towards justice.”

shift in conciousness

Balance is a principle found in nature and can’t be avoided for too long. The voice of the war mongering fascists, imperialistic racists, materialists and power addicts is dying a natural death.

So on your way to hell, take this lesson from the Son of Man with you…when you cut off the participation of a Woman, you cut off the part of nature that gives you balance. After a certain point in time the feminine manifestation of nature that is woman shows her power by producing a generation that will reject and remove your unevolved state of mind and send you back to the earth to start over because you are unfit for the coming time of spiritual awakening. The new inspiration for the new world will be breathed into the dust of the earth, the people and Nations that have been reduced to nothing.

As it was in the beginning … so shall it be now, here in the end. The womb that is destined to produce that generation is the womb of the voiceless.


Son of Man