Sean Hannity Wants All Americans to “Make Russia Great Again” – Tweet

Sean Hannity, a Fox News employee and die-hard supporter of Donald Trump, is apparently a die-hard supporter of Putin and Russia.

Responding to a tweet from @donnielilhands, a tweet that boldly states, “all Americans must join together to MAKE RUSSIA GREAT AGAIN. Teamwork,” received a response from Fox’s Sean Hannity, a response of total support and confirmation that Americans must “make Russia great again.” Hannity responded with the affirmative, “Amen!!”

I always ask this question and I’ll ask it again. Could you imagine the outcry from Fox News and Sean Hannity himself a Democrat had said “Amen!!” to someone calling on all Americans to work towards making Russia great again? Such a person would be hammered daily on Fox News, hung from a window of the Fox building on 6th Ave. and beaten like a pinata!

But it’s Fox News, and it’s Sean Hannity, and as usual they will get yet another free pass from the media and the American people.