White House Responds to Larry Wilmore Calling Obama “My N*gga” – Video

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Mine was one of the millions of mouths that dropped to the floor Saturday night when comedian Larry Wilmore dropped the “N” word when referring to President Obama. “My n*gga,” as he ended his White House Correspondents Dinner comedic monologue.

The shock of hearing someone used that word while talking about the president was just momentary though, as the president seemed to go along with Wilmore’s characterization of him. Mr. Obama smiled, tapped his chest with a closed fist then made the peace sign, as if to say, it’s all good!

“I’m confident that Mr. Wilmore used the word by design. He was seeking to be provocative,” White House spokesman Josh Earnest said during a press briefing. “But I think any reading of his comments makes clear he was not using the president as the butt of a joke.”

Earnest compared Wilmore’s performance to Stephen Colbert, who faced criticism for his White House Correspondents Dinner speech during the Bush administration. Wanda Sykes also ignited controversy in 2009, Earnest noted, after she made fun of conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh.

“It’s not the first time we’ve had a conversation about this,” he remarked.

Earnest said the president “appreciated the spirit of the sentiments that Mr. Wilmore expressed.”


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Larry Wilmore on Donald Trump – “Trump is Stupid, Plain and Simple” – Video

Comedy Central’s Larry Wilmore did his best to describe Donald Trump’s performance in the 4th Republican debate on Tuesday and he summed up Mr. Trump as, “Stupid. Plain and simple.”

Wilmore continued;

“Contempt for higher learning, critical thinking — or as they called it, “elitism” — was always a strategy for smart guys to get into office. But now those smart guys are getting buried by their own creation of dumb.”


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Larry Wilmore on Jeb! – “Your head can’t contain the bullsh*t your mouth is spewing”

Another Comedy Central original. This guy is starting to remind me of Jon Stewart.

On his Monday night show, Comedy Central’s Wilmore analyzed the body language of Jeb Bush, as he conducted his Sunday interview on CNN. In that interview, Jeb continued his insane claim that George Bush “kept us safe” when he occupied the White House.

Wilmore showed part of Jeb’s interview and picked up on something. As Jeb spoke, his head kept shaking as if his mouth was saying one thing, but his head was disagreeing with what he was saying. And Wilmore asked;

“Why are you shaking your head the entire time you answer this question? It’s almost like your head can’t contain the bullshit your mouth is spewing.

“I’m not saying Jeb Bush doesn’t believe what he’s saying. I’m saying his body doesn’t. That’s why his mouth can’t help but stammer when he says bullshit like this.”