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Two Year Old Shot and Killed by 20 Gauge Shotgun – Video

This happened in Henderson County, North Carolina on Monday. No conclusion yet on what exactly happened to two-year old Abigail, but as she was being transported to the hospital after being shot by a 20 gauge shotgun, she died.

“It’s a very, very traumatic situation for everybody involved,” Maj. Frank Stout with the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office said. “We’re going to take this very slowly, very deliberately, before any charges or any talk of charges are made.”


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Report – The Average Gun Owner Owns 8 Guns

When the current leader in the Republican presidential nomination field campaigns and tells his audience that Obama is coming to get their guns, then naturally, those misguided folks run to the gun store to get more guns. So this new report stating that the average gun owner has 8 guns, is not surprising.

There are nearly twice as many guns in the average gun-owning household today as there were 20 years ago, according to new Wonkblog estimates based data from surveys and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. In 2013, there were an estimated 8.1 firearms in the typical gun-owning household, according to these data. In 1994, the average gun-owning household owned 4.2 guns.

These numbers comport with what survey research has shown for several years now: the share of gun-owning households has been declining over the past 20 years and possibly more, according to numbers from Gallup and the General Social Survey. On the other hand, domestic firearm production and imports of firearms have risen sharply, particularly in recent years. If those numbers are correct, it follows that increasing gun purchases are being driven primarily by existing owners stocking up rather than first-time buyers.

Now gun owners stocking up on guns is nothing new, but campaign lies from the likes of Donald Trump that the government was on its way to take your gun plays on the emotions of the few, and gun stores stay happy.

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Gun Kills 8 Year Old Girl While Her Hair was Being Braided – Video


“She was a precious little girl, she made everybody laugh — she was the kind of kid in class everybody loved,” said Ann Arnold, principal of Sara Ragsdale Elementary School in Georgia. “Our hearts are just broke. We’ve got a lot of tears going on, of course. We’re in shock right now.”

According to reports her mother was braiding the little girl’s hair when a gun fell on the floor and discharged, hitting the mother in the leg and shooting the little girl in the head. Little Sharia Lynch, 8 years old, died on the spot.

But I know, I know. “Guns don’t kill people, People kill people,” right?


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6 Year Old Shoots 3 Year Old in The Face While Playing “Cops and Robbers” – Video

The 3-year-old was pronounced dead at the hospital.

According to CBS News, the older boy retrieved the gun from atop the refrigerator Saturday night and a game of “Cops and Robbers” began with his 3-year-old brother and the loaded gun. Shortly after, the bullet struck the infant in the face, killing him.

Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi says their father Michael Santiago told investigators that he was a former gang member and felt he needed the gun to protect his family.

Santiago is now facing felony charges for the death of his 3-year-old son.



Survive The ‘Hot Car Challenge’, Win $100.00 – Video

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The organization Kars4Kids came up this idea to educate parents and caregivers on how hot the temperature inside a parked car gets. We’ve all heard the stories about kids dying because they were left in parked cars with the windows up. Kars4Kids came up with the “Hot Car Challenge” – for the adult caregiver to spend 10 minutes inside a parked car. If they succeed, the win $100.00

How many adults successfully completed the challenge? ZERO!


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Stephen King Is Angry With The Teaparty – Look At His Twitter Feed

stephen king pic
I share your feelings sir, and then I shared them on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest! These Republicans/Teaparty members are thorns in the flesh of America’s progress!

Mr. King took to twitter and expressed his frustrations with the hypocrisy that is the Republicans Teaparty members in this country. The same folks who call themselves “Christians,” but are quick to turn their backs on the least amoungst us – the kids crossing the borders trying to escape the turmoil in their country!

What would Jesus do?

These are Stephen King’s Tweets;

stephen king

But, of course you know what was coming. The people King referred to in his tweets decided to defend their hate for the children trying to escape the hardships in their countries. They were not kind to King at all…!

king 2

And they didn’t stop there, they continued. But you’ll have to see his twitter feed if you want to know what other crazy things they said to King because of his tweets. I have reached my crazy tweets limit for today!

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Nancy Pelosi on Migrant Kids – Dems are “Committed” on Addressing Their Humanitarian Needs


As Republicans jump all over each other looking for a microphone and camera to debut their newest humiliating idea about the kids crossing the border, Democrats are more concerned about the kids’ humanitarian needs.

Appearing in the Capitol with the presidents of Honduras and Guatemala, the minority leader suggested Democrats wouldn’t accept any border-assistance bill that rolls back the mandatory due process rights currently afforded those children.

“We are committed to addressing their humanitarian needs; we are committed to due process for them,” Pelosi said during a briefing. “In order for that to happen, we must pass the president’s request.”
With more than 57,000 unaccompanied children crossing the border since October, Congress is wrestling with a legislative response that will speed the processing of those kids while ensuring they aren’t sent back into harm’s way.

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