John Oliver Held Back Tears When Talking about Orlando’s Terrorist Attack – Video


Appropriately referring to the gunman in Orlando’s terrorist attack as a “dipshit terririst,” John Oliver spoke about what has become a familiar passtime in America, and delivered an emotional opening to his show.


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John Oliver Slams Trump’s Foolish on Nuclear Weapons – Video


The Republican joker running for president has fooled many gullible Republicans into supporting his candidacy. But now that the media is finally asking questions, the shocking depth of Donald Trump’s ignorance is beginning to show.

In an interview with the donald last week, Trump boldly announced to CNN’s  Anderson Cooper that any country seeking nuclear weapons should be allowed to amass nuclear weapons.

“At some point we have to say, you know what, we’re better off if Japan protects itself against this maniac in North Korea,” Trump told Cooper. “We’re better off, frankly, if South Korea is going to start to protect itself.”

Asked about Saudi Arabia getting nukes, Trump replied: “Saudi Arabia? Absolutely.”

“He says that with the confidence of a man who could easily find Saudi Arabia on a map if he was given three tries — and the map only included countries ending with ‘Arabia,’” a smirking Oliver said.

Trump also stated that nukes could be used in Europe because: “Europe is a big place.”

“It’s ‘a big place’ is not a good excuse for using nuclear weapons,” Oliver explained. “It’s barely a good excuse for peeing in the ocean.”


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John Oliver – “Donald Trump is America’s back mole” – Video


You might be asking why John Oliver used the analogy of “a back mole” to describe Donald Trump. Oliver explained the reason – “It may have seemed harmless a year ago, but now that it has gotten frighteningly bigger it is no longer wise to ignore it.”

Oliver claims to understand why Trump’s supporters like him, as Trump is unpredictable and entertaining and could be seen as a “protest candidate.” For Oliver, though, “Donald Trump can seem appealing until you take a closer look, much like a lunch buffet at a strip club — or the NFL.”

Oliver is in a unique position to critique Trump as the current Republican front runner tweeted that he had turned down an invitation to appear on the “very boring and low rated” show, Last Week Tonight, because it was a “waste of time and energy.” However, according to Oliver, no one on his staff has ever invited Trump to be on the show, because it’s not a talk show.



Explained – Everything You Need To Know About Soccer – Video

If you’re like many and cannot figure out what all the fuss about this Soccer thing and The World Cup, then have no worries. John Oliver has explained everything.


Was John Oliver Responsible for the “Technical Difficulties” on The FCC Website?

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“This is the moment you were made for, commenters. We need you to get out there, and for once in your lives, focus your indiscriminate rage in a useful direction. Seize your moment, my lovely trolls, turn on caps lock and fly, my pretties!”

Those were the words of John Oliver, host of HBO’s “Last Week Tonight” on Sunday, charging up his audience in a raged commentary on Net Neutrality and the FCC’s plan to allow big telecommunication companies like AT&T and Verizon to charge online websites a fee to use a faster lines to deliver their content.

After Oliver’s call for action, the FCC commenting site was overwhelmed, as users left 3 times the amount of comments the site normally receives, some 3,000 comments from Monday into Tuesday.

The FCC tweeted on Monday that it was “experiencing technical difficulties with our comment system due to heavy traffic,” without elaborating. A spokeswoman for the agency said Tuesday it’s not clear if the disruption was due to the Oliver show.

The FCC’s comments portal is working again Tuesday.

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John Oliver – Why The Death Penalty Is Like a McRib – Video


With a backdrop like what happen in Oklahoma last Tuesday with the botched execution, media outlets far and wide are making their feelings and opinions known about the death penalty. But I’m choosing to highlight the thoughts and ideas of a comedian.

Why? Because the ideas expressed I think, best represent where this country should go in regards to the death penalty.

The comedian is John Oliver. The show is Last Week Tonight.