Russia and Iran Warns of War if America Attacks Syria Again

Are you ready for World War III?

A statement released by “the joint command operation center of Syrian allies,” a group that includes Russia and Iran, warned the U.S. against further military actions in the war-torn country, following a missile strike on a Syrian air base last week.

Referring to its defense of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad‘s regime, the group warned that they would support Syria and its people “with all means that we have.”

“The United States crossed red lines by attacking Syria, from now on we will respond to anyone, including America if it attacks Syria and crosses the red lines,” the statement read. “America knows very well our ability and capabilities to respond well to them, [and] we will respond without taking into consideration any reaction and consequences.”

The statement did not include critical details like what kind of military operation would cross such a red line, or what kind of response would be made on the part of Syria and its allies, but noted that they would work to “liberate” Syria from occupation.

“Rest assured that we will liberate Syria from all kinds of occupying forces, it does not matter from where they came to the occupied part of Syria,” the statement warned. “Russia and Iran will not allow the United States to be the only superpower in world.”


Montel – “Beyond Irresponsible” for GOP to Criticize American Prisoners Release

Montel Williams, often a critic of President Obama, turned the critical table around and aimed his criticisms squarely at the Republican presidential candidates last weekend, as they all hammered the president for negotiating a deal that freed five Americans held prisoners in Iran.

Instead of putting his dumb politics to the side just for a brief moment, Marco Rubio couldn’t pass up the opportunity to hit President Obama. “Governments are taking Americans hostage because they believe they can gain concessions from this government under Barack Obama,” Rubio said. “It’s an incentive for more people to do this in the future.”

Under a Chris Christie administration, there would be no negotiating to free the captured Americans. Christie would just wait and hope for their freedom.  “We shouldn’t have to swap prisoners,” Christie said. “These folks were taken illegally in violation of international law and they should have been released without condition.”

Montel lashed out on Facebook;

It’s beyond irresponsible that some of the Republican candidates criticized the swap that will bring our hostages home this morning – beyond terrifying that they seem to so profoundly misunderstand the delicacy of these that they did so PRIOR to the hostages actually leaving Iran – so incompetent that it borders on disqualifying.

It’s beyond irresponsible that some of the Republican candidates criticized the swap that will bring our hostages home…

Posted by Montel Williams on Saturday, January 16, 2016

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Donald Trump Takes Credit for Iran Releasing American Prisoners

You know it was only a matter of time before Trump pats himself on the back for what the Obama administration accomplished in Iran. You know it was eventually going to happen, Donald Trump taking full credit for the release of Americans held as prisoners in Iran.

At a rally in South Carolina, Trump addressed the audience, telling his followers that because he’s been on the case, things are happening.

“So I’ve been hitting them hard and I think I might have had something to do with it,” Trump told a crowd of activists at the South Carolina Tea Party Convention. “You want to know the truth? It’s a part of my staple thing, I mean, I go crazy when I hear about this, you go absolutely wild because how is it possible?”

Trump has castigated the Iran nuclear deal for months – making it a significant portion of his stump speech. At many campaign rallies, Trump receives a loud cheer from the crowd as he calls Secretary of State John Kerry an incompetent negotiator.

Even though he believed he was due some credit for the prisoner exchange, Trump made clear that he didn’t think that the deal was fair to the United States.

“First of all, it should have taken place three or four weeks ago, whenever the hell they started,” Trump said. “Did you ever see an agreement take so long as this agreement? How long has this thing been going on? Years and years.”

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Allen West Wants War with Iran Over Captured and Release of US Soldiers

Allen West echoed the common Republican thinking when he took to his blog and expressed his disappointment with the fact that 10 US soldiers were captured, fed and then released by Iranian National Guards. As far as West is concerned, America should declare war against Iran and the two nations should duke it out ’till the last man falls!

“The result of two U.S. Navy vessels being boarded and seized by an enemy — which is what the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Navy is — is disturbing,” he wrote on his blog.

“The images and video they took depicting our soldiers on their knees in the position of surrender is damning,” West continued. “This, folks, is an act of war, and our soldiers were captured. Our honor calls upon us to fight, to resist, not surrender.
“The ramifications of not doing so means our honor is now being mocked and we’re seen as nothing more than cowards on our knees. Say what you wish, but that’s the perception in the Middle East, especially to our enemies.”

No surprise here folks. War is the Republicans’ only language. It’s all they know. And although every single soldier was apparently fed and released hours later, West and the Republicans cannot accept that sometimes, war should not be the answer. Bring the guns, shoot bullets, drop bombs, kill tens or even hundreds of thousands of people in the process.

Fight! Fight! Fight! Kill! Kill! Kill! And shed the blood of out troops too!

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Fox News Calls Out Dick Cheney for Lying About Obama – Video

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Former vice president Dick Cheney is a liar. He is so good at lying, that an entire party believes the things he say, especially the things he say about President Obama. Often times, Fox News will parrot these lies as truths, but not on Sunday when Dick Cheney encountered Fox News host, Chris Wallace.

Talking about the Iran Deal, Cheney bagged his usual talking point, that the deal is a travesty which will result in Iran getting nuclear weapons and becoming even more stronger than before. Then Chris Wallace asked him about his 8 years in the White House and why the Bush/Cheney administration did nothing to stop Iran from trying to get a nuclear weapon.

“You and President Bush, the Bush-Cheney administration, dealt with Iran for eight years, and I think it was fair to say that there was never any real, serious military threat,” Wallace noted. “Iran went from zero known centrifuges in operation to more than 5,000.”

“So in fairness, didn’t you leave — the Bush-Cheney administration — leave President Obama with a mess?” the Fox News host asked.

“I don’t think of it that way,” Cheney replied. “There was military action that had an impact on the Iranians, it was when we took down Saddam Hussein. There was a period of time when they stopped their program because they were scared that what we did to Saddam, we were going to do to them next.”

“But the centrifuges went from zero to 5,000,” Wallace pressed.

“Well, they may have well have gone but that happened on Obama’s watch, not on our watch,” Cheney wrongly insisted.

“No, no, no,” Wallace fired back. “By 2009, they were at 5,000.”

“Right,” Cheney grumbled. “But I think we did a lot to deal with the arms control problem in the Middle East.”


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Watch President Obama Announce Nuclear Deal with Iran – Video

obama deal2

Another breakthrough for the Obama administration. Despite all the naysayers, and it comes as no surprise to learn that they are all mostly in the Republican party, President Obama announced a deal between the United States and other countries including Russia and China, to curb Iran’s nuclear ambition.



New Poll – Americans Stand With Obama on New Iran Nuclear Plan


According to a new poll by Quinnipiac University, 58% of Americans stand with the president on the new Iran nuclear plan.

According to the new poll released earlier this week, a majority of Americans believe the new plan should get the approval of Congress, with 33% rejecting the plan altogether.
But 77% say they want to plan to succeed instead of a military intervention, as proposed by Congressional Republicans.

“Americans are worried about Iran, but not enough to send in the troops,” said Tim Malloy of Quinnipiac.

The poll was taken between April 16 and 21 and surveyed 1,353 registered voters.