RNC Chairman Says Paul Ryan Should be “Commended” For Calling Minority Men Lazy


Come on.  Did you really expect Reince Priebus to disagree with Ryan?

Priebus made an appearance on CNN over the weekend and responded to the controversial hole Paul Ryan dug for himself when he casually said that the inner cities, “generations of men” are “not even thinking about working or learning the value and the culture of work.” Priebus – who once proclaimed that the Republican party needs to do more to reach Blacks, Latinos, Women and younger people – couldn’t use the opportunity to denounce Ryans racist statement. Instead, he commended the racism.

On Sunday, CNN’s Candy Crowley asked Priebus if he thought the remarks were “artfully phrased.”

“I’m not sure,” Priebus shrugged. “Here’s what I would say, why was Paul even talking about this? The reason he was talking about it is he devoted a large part of his life — starting back when he worked for Jack Kemp — on finding ways to tackle poverty, to free up capital, to create opportunities in urban areas around this country.”

“Whatever race, whatever gender, we are the ones leading the way, I think, in this country on these issues,” he added. “And so I commend Paul for his work that he’s doing around country.”