World-Wide Gamblers Betting Big Bucks on a Donald Trump Impeachment 

The joke that is Donald Trump is serious business in the gambling world, as people place big bets on whether the Donald would be impeached or quit before his term is out.

Gambling houses all over the world are taking in action on whether Trump, inaugurated just last month, will resign or be impeached. And the odds aren’t as long as you might think.

Ladbrokes, the British oddsmaking giant, has Trump’s chances of leaving office via resignation or impeachment and removal at just 11-to-10, or just a little worse than even money. The odds of Trump being impeached this year in the House of Representatives are only 4-to-1, according to the Irish bookmaker Paddy Power, despite GOP control of the chamber. You can win $180 on a $100 bet with Bovada, the online gaming site, that Trump won’t make it through a full term — though the bet is off if Trump passes away during the next four years.

All in all, Trump has meant big business for the international gambling industry. There’s always been betting on politics — mostly as a novelty around election season — but professional bookies say Trump’s unlikely victory and tumultuous transition mean that gamblers are jonesing to wager on his presidency.

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Political Historian Predicts – Donald Trump Will be Impeached

A political historian and professor who predicted that Donald Trump would win the presidency has a new bet: Trump will be impeached, The Hill reports.

“I’m going to make another prediction,” Allan Lichtman told The Washington Post Friday. “This one is not based on a system; it’s just my gut. They don’t want Trump as president, because they can’t control him. He’s unpredictable. They’d love to have Pence — an absolutely down-the-line, conservative, controllable Republican. And I’m quite certain Trump will give someone grounds for impeachment, either by doing something that endangers national security or because it helps his pocketbook.”

Lichtman isn’t the first to predict that Trump could be impeached. University of Utah Law Professor Christopher Lewis Peterson wrote a 23-page article explaining the legal reasons Congress should impeach Trump. And on Friday, documentary filmmaker Michael Moore told MSNBC reporters he predicts Trump will either be impeached or resign before his term is up.

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Herman Cain Knows Obama’s Secret, And He’s Telling It


Herman Cain has somehow got his filthy, grimy hands on President Obama’s secret plan, his secret mission to get the Republicans to impeach him right before the November election. And Herman Cain, being a Republican, is not going to keep Obama’s secret, secret. He is going to foil the president’s plan by telling it to the whole world.

Herman Cain was a guest on Rick Wiles’ End Times radio broadcast yesterday where he warned that President Obama will soon issue an executive order providing a path to citizenship to millions of undocumented immigrants in order to mobilize Hispanic voters to turn out in the upcoming midterm elections. As a bonus, such a move will force Republicans in Congress to impeach Obama, which is exactly what Democrats want because it’ll distract the media from Obama’s incompetence and corruption.

Cain told Wiles that Obama will issue such an order because he knows that by the time Congress or the courts take steps to stop his decision, he will have already mobilized millions of Hispanic voters, including those who are here illegally, to vote for the Democrats in the November elections.

Sidenote: The president has already indicated that he is not doing anything on immigration before the November elections.

You got it wrong again Herman Cain. Why are Republicans always wrong about everything?

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Republican Congressman Calls Impeachment a “trap” Set by Democrats


Rep. Mick Mulvaney of South Carolina is pleading with Republicans to thread lightly on the impeachment talk, suggesting that Democrats would want nothing more than an impeachment conversation before the midterm elections.

In a radio interview with WQSC 1340, the South Carolina Republican said, “Believe me, let’s make one thing perfectly clear. The only people who want impeachment more than the right wing of the Republican Party is the entire Democrat Party.”

He continued;

“Oh, they’re desperate for impeachment. They would love to be able to talk about impeachment and immigration between now and the November elections. Instead of talking about jobs, and the economy, and health care. They are desperate to change the dialogue, which is exactly why you heard the president starting to talk about his amnesty cause he’s begging to be impeached.”

Mulvaney added Republicans should “follow the Constitution” and only impeach the president if he takes an action that meets the high standard of high crimes and misdemeanors.

“Let’s not fall into a trap when the guy absolutely wants to be impeached,” the congressman said, citing money raised by Democrats exploiting the supposed threat of impeachment.


Based On His Made Up Scenerio, This Republican Called for Obama’s Impeachment

This is how easy it is for Republicans and conservatives to call for President Obama’s impeachment. And there calls are usually based on factless emotional outbursts.

Conservative legal activist Larry Klayman warned on Friday that President Obama and his allies “have created a new type of affirmative action where Muslim terrorists have more rights than our own military and our country as a whole,” arguing that the “Mullah in Chief” is siding with terrorists.

“The situation has reached an intolerable point, and it is time to either impeach Obama or find some other legal means to rid the nation of his treasonous and harmful ways,” he wrote in WorldNetDaily.

And as always, no proof is necessary to make his fact less claim. And with that fact less claim, Larry called for Obama’s impeachment.

“Obama must now be held legally accountable for his treason, either through impeachment or some other legal means. The nation finally must be rid of this tyrant, who allows our own best and brightest to be sacrificed at the altar of his Muslim roots and sympathies,” he said.

So impeach Obama because Larry said so.

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Republican Official – Forget The Lawsuit, Just Impeach Obama!


Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC) said in a radio interview Monday that the House needs to stop wasting time and money on suing the President and get straight to impeachment.

In the interview with the “Talk of the Town” radio show on Greenville, N.C. radio station WTIB, which was flagged by BuzzFeed, Jones blasted the vote his colleagues took last week to sue Obama, saying he was “one of the five” Republicans to vote against it. He said it would cost taxpayers too much money.

“My problem with what my party is trying to do to sue is it will cost the taxpayers between two and three million dollars,” Jones said. “Use the Constitution, that’s what it is there for.”

Jones said impeachment was designed to get a President’s attention when he or she surpassed their executive authority.

“Thank Alexander Hamilton. He felt that the Congress needed to use this process to get the attention of a President. And if the President had lost the public trust then move forward in that area,” he said.


h/t TPM

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Juan Williams – Republicans Want to Impeach, Because Obama is Black – Video

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Juan Williams, a Fox News contributor went on Fox News today and explained the motivating factor behind those like his Fox network, who are calling for the impeachment of Barack Obama. That motivating factor, according to Juan Williams, is racism.

“Lot’s of people see it, especially in the minority community, as an attack on the first black president, think it’s unfair, so it’s going spur their turnout in midterms which is going to be critical in several races,” Williams said.

Fox host Chris Wallace then jumped in to ask if Williams really meant to accuse conservatives of racism.

“Well, all I can do is look at the numbers,” Williams responded. “If you look at the core constituency of people, let’s say, who are in tea party opposition support of impeachment, there’s no diversity. It’s a white, older group of people.”