White House Spokesman Has a History of Speaking Blunders – Video

The White House Spokesman who recently proclaimed that Hitler did not use chemical weapons to kill his own people has a reputation of saying dumb things that make you go, huh?

Like no one else can, Rachel Maddow from MSNBC broke down the many misstatements of the man who speaks for the White House, Sean Spicer.


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Hitler-Like – Donald Trump Made Crowd Raise Their Right Hand to Support Him – Video

Sometimes you wonder if Donald Trump is really this clueless that he would ask his supporters to “raise your right hand” and asked them to vow to come out in support of his campaign for President. The request and image of all those raised right hands is reminiscent of another sad time in history, a time the rest of the world would love to forget.



Tea Party Member is President Obama’s Cousin – Compares the President to Hitler


A Kansas ‘tea party’ Republican who is running a primary campaign against incumbent GOP Sen. Pat Roberts, and who is a distant cousin of President Barack Obama, has compared the president to Adolf Hitler and a “less despotic” Benito Mussolini.

According to Mother Jones, Milton Wolf, who claims to share an ancestor, Thomas Creekmore McCurry—Obama’s great-great-grandfather and Wolf’s great-grandfather with the president,  has a history of comparing Obama and his party to Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.

Wolf, who claims that incumbent Republican Sen. Pat Roberts isn’t conservative enough, is an underdog in the primary contest against the sitting senator, but he does have the backing of the influential Senate Conservatives Fund  political action committee..

On his Twitter account (@miltonwolfmd), Wolf once wrote: “Other than killing Jews, what domestic policy of the Nazis do today’s American liberals oppose?”

Speaking of the Affordable Care Act, Wolf agreed with former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s unfounded assertion that there is a secret provision within the act which would impose end-of-life decisions on senior citizens.

“Promises from the White House notwithstanding, Mrs. Palin indeed was right,” Wolf wrote in 2010. “Death panels are all too real, and no family deserves to be caught up in them. Granted, some may find the term ‘death panel’ unnecessarily provocative, but then again, what exactly should we call a panel whose decisions result in death?”

Wolf has also compared Obama’s economic policies to the Holocaust, tweeting: “Scapegoats of history: Hitler – Jews & gypsies. Mussolini – Jews & Bolsheviks. #Obama – Successful Americans. #tcot #p2 #gop.


Charges Dropped Against 80 Year Old Who Took Down Obama Signs With Hitler Mustache

Authorities have dropped charges against an 80-year-old Connecticut woman who tore down political signs, including one that showed President Barack Obama with an Adolf Hitler-style mustache.

Nancy Lack was driving by a post office on Main Street in Hebron, Conn., on Oct. 11 when she saw signs showing Obama with a Hitler-like mustache. She said she was so offended by the images that she took the posters down.

“I just got very angry that they would do that to Obama’s image,” Lack said. “I took the one by the road and the two by the table.”

The posters were from LaRouchePAC, which backs presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche, and supports impeaching Obama for what they describe as “war crimes, cover-ups and blatant violations of the Constitution.”

Lack said when she removed the posters, she knew she would get in trouble. Some workers with LaRouchePAC tried stopping her, but Lack wouldn’t back down.

“A woman was following me to the car and I put the posters in the car and I said, ‘Make sure you get my license plate’,” Lack said.

Lack was arrested and charged with sixth-degree larceny and breach of peace.


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Hitler Mustache Found On Ronald Reagan

How did it happen? That’s the question some were asking as they showed up to work in a southern town where a 12 foot mural, showing the  face of Ronald Reagan, got a make-over. During the night, someone painted a Hitler mustache on the Republican god. The mural covers the wall of the County Republican Party headquarters in downtown Cookeville, Tennessee. All that was left behind was a folding chair.

County chairman Curtis Shinsky expressed his dismay at the site when he arrived to work Monday morning;

“Ronald Reagan is really beloved by the Republican party, he’s our guy… I just think this is people who have it in for us. There’s a lot of folks who don’t like us being up here on the square because we really have a lot of visibility.

“They had to be pretty tall because that chair was not tall, just a regular folding chair.”

Just saying…