39 Years Later, Escaped Prisoner Turns Himself in for Healthcare


Having to choose between health and freedom, he chose health. Like, what’s the point of being free, if you’re dead!

Get healthcare folks, it’s kinda important.

Ronnie Dickinson of Frankfort, Kentucky, turned himself in to authorities with an incredible story, sheriff’s officials said Tuesday: His name isn’t Ronnie Dickinson, he’s been a fugitive for nearly 39 years and he wants to go back to prison for the health care.

Clarence David Moore, 66, called the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office on Monday and said he wanted to turn himself in, the sheriff’s office said. When deputies arrived, they found Moore — who’d been living in Frankfort as Ronnie Dickerson for the last six years — partially paralyzed and unable to walk because of a recent stroke. He was arrested and taken by ambulance to a hospital for examination before he was taken to the Franklin County Regional Jail.

Sheriff Pat Melton told NBC station WLEX of Lexington on Tuesday that Moore said he’d escaped from the Henderson County, North Carolina, Prison Unit in the mid-1970s and has been on the lam for almost four decades.

But as he got sicker, he couldn’t get medical coverage to pay for the complications of his stroke and other health problems, because he doesn’t have a valid Social Security number under his alias.

“You can’t make this up,” Melton said.

North Carolina prison records show that Moore, in fact, escaped at least three times from state prisons — the first time in 1971, as he was serving an eight-year sentence for larceny. He was caught within hours, but he escaped again the next year and remained loose until 1975 before he was captured.

Finally, on Aug. 6, 1976, he vanished again — this time, seemingly, for good.

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In Red Red Texas, Almost 1 Million People Already Signed up for Obamacare

Ted CruzAP Photo/Jose Luis Magana

Republicans love to hate the man, but they love his Obamacare!

Federal officials announced Wednesday that 969,461 people in Texas have signed so far up for insurance coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace.

In the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington area, 277,015 consumers selected or were automatically enrolled in a 2015 plan, according to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.

The sign-up deadline for this year’s coverage is Feb. 15.

Nearly 7.5 million consumers selected a plan or were automatically re-enrolled through the platform as of Jan. 30, 2015.

Wednesday’s Weekly Enrollment Snapshot for the first time also includes people who selected a plan or were automatically re-enrolled within select Metropolitan Statistical Areas. This localized data provides another level of detail to better understand total plan selections within local communities ahead of the Feb. 15 deadline.

As of Jan. 30:

– 256,982 consumers in the Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land, TX local area selected or were automatically enrolled in a plan – 89,821 consumers in the San Antonio-New Braunfels, TX local area selected or were automatically enrolled in a plan – 85,116 consumers in the Austin-Round Rock, TX local area selected or were automatically enrolled in a plan – 40,791 consumers in the El Paso, TX local area selected or were automatically enrolled in a plan – 26,17 consumers in the McAllen-Edinburg-Mission, TX local area selected or were automatically enrolled in a plan

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Donald Trump Endorses Single Payer Healthcare – Video

Donald Trump went on David Letterman last night and spewed some lies about Obamacare. So much lies were told, that David Letterman actually had to interject at one point, saying “I don’t believe that is true.” At another point when Trump continued complaining about Obamacare, he accused the system of containing “fraud and abuse,” to which Letterman asked for documented proof of said “fraud and abuse.”

But in all the lies, Trump spoke about a friend of his who suffered a serious medical condition while visiting in Scotland. According to Trump, his friend was only supposed to be there for four days when he got sick, and was taken to a hospital where he was treated by some very “great doctors” giving him “great care.” According to Trump, when his friend asked “where do I pay,” he was told, “there are no charge.”

This of course is because Scotland has a single payer type system, and in comparing the American system to that in Scotland, Trump said, “we can have a great system in this country…” before he was cut off by Letterman. But following his line of reasoning one can easily conclude that Trump prefers the Scotland system than the system here in America.



Report – Number of Americans Without Healthcare at Record lows – #ThanksObamacare


It’s a very simple concept – provide people with the opportunity to buy their own life saving health insurance and the average, sensible American would jump at that opportunity. Then there are  those who would deny themselves life saving healthcare if they think doing so would hurt the president.  We will call those people Republicans. You should always stay away from Republicans

But I digress.

A new report out today finds that the amount of uninsured in America is at record lows.

Earlier this week, the National Center for Health Statistics released new data on health insurance coverage during the second quarter of 2014, the first federal survey data that largely capture the effects of the Affordable Care Act’s first open enrollment period. These new data confirm earlier findings that 2014 has seen dramatic reductions in the share of Americans without health insurance, reductions that correspond to an estimated 10 million people gaining coverage since before the start of open enrollment.

This progress is even more striking when viewed in historical context. Building on work by other researchers, the Council of Economic Advisers has constructed estimates of the share of Americans without health insurance extending back to 1963. These estimates show that the drop in the nation’s uninsured rate so far this year is the largest over any period since the early 1970s, years in which the Medicaid program was still ramping up and the Medicare and Medicaid programs were expanded to people with disabilities.

With this year’s decline, the nation’s uninsured rate is now at or near the lowest level recorded across five decades of data. Furthermore, new data out today on Medicaid enrollment and data on Marketplace plan selections from earlier this week show that progress in reducing the number of uninsured Americans is continuing.

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Mitch McConnell Promising an Obamacare Repeal Vote in The Senate


Republican Senate Majority Leader-elect, Mitch McConnell, campaigned on repealing Obamacare, promising to uproot Obamacare “root and branch” he often said, and the voters in Kentucky, who benefit most from Obamacare decided to put McConnell in charge.

So in an effort to keep his promise to take away his constituents healthcare, McConnell is already gearing up for a repeal vote in the senate.

“Number one: We certainly will have a vote on proceeding to a bill to repeal Obamacare. … It was a very large issue in the campaign,” he told Roll Call in an interview published on Monday.

Republicans will have 54 members in the new Senate to convene on January 3 – short of the 60 needed to overcome an expected Democratic filibuster on a bill that repeals Obamacare.

Though he spoke of a more cooperative and functioning Senate, McConnell insisted that Republicans “will go at that law [Obamacare] – which in my view is the single worst piece of legislation passed in the last half century – in every way that we can.”

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Mitch McConnell Lied Again – You Cannot Have Kynect Without Obamacare


By now I’m sure you’ve heard the bogus and outrageous claim by Republican Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell.

In his one and only debate with Alison Lundergan Grimes earlier this week, McConnell was asked about his plans for Obamacare if reelected to the Senate to represent the people of Kentucky.

It should be noted that McConnell already sits in that seat, he is the Senator for that state. But he knows that Republicans in Kentucky don’t like Obamacare and they want it repealed, even though Obamacare – they call it Kynect in Kentucky – provides them with life saving healthcare.

McConnell also know that Republicans cannot repeal Obamacare. They have tried over 50 times to no avail. And even if they win the Senate in November – and it’s looking more likely that they will – Republicans will not be able to repeal the law because the president is not going to sign any legislation that kills healthcare for millions of Americans.

But in the debate, McConnell could not avoid lying to the people of Kentucky, the people he represents, the people who wants the Obamacare repealed although they are benefitting from the law. When asked about his plans for healthcare, McConnell lied… twice!

“Kentucky Kynect is a website,” McConnell said. “The website can continue, but in my view the best interests of the country would be achieved by pulling out Obamacare root and branch.”

His first lie was trying to separate Kentucky Kynect from Obamacare as if they are two different entities. Kynect is not just a website, it is a marketplace set up and funded by Obamacare. Uprooting Obamacare “root and branch” is in fact, uprooting Kynect “root and branch,” and thus, eliminating health care for hundreds of thousands of Kentuckians.

His second lie? That re-electing him to the Senate will magically result in repealing Obamacare,  as if the last 50 trials were just practice.

What’s the odds that the people of Kentucky picked up on these lies? Don’t bet on it. They are mostly Republicans.