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Republican Con-man Donald Flip-Flops on Immigration – Video

If there was one policy you thought Donald Trump wiuld be consistent with, it was his stance on immigration.

When he announced his candidacy over a year ago, shipping immigrants back to their country was Trump’s number one talking point, and he rode that talking point all the way to his party’s nomination. He would balk at his supporters at rallies telling of his deport all immigrants plan and his supporters would happily applaud in anticipation of finally getting their country back.

But all things come to an end apparently and Trump has jumped off his gravy train choosing instead to flip-flop on his most sacred issue.

Clearly motivated by his sagging poll numbers in the general election, Trump tried to con voters his way during an interview with Fox’s Sean Hannity, by softening his immigration stance. The Republican businessman/politician told his followers that his plan to ship people out if the country was basically illegal, and that he would now “follow the laws” instead.