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Report: Orlando Shooter and Wife Texted Each Other During Massacre

In the beginning, Noor Salman, wife of the Orlando shooter, insisted that she had no idea what her husband was up to when he gunned down 49 people at a Pulse night club. Now, reports say the two were communicating via text during the terrorist attack.
The Orlando shooter and his wife exchanged text messages during the Pulse nightclub rampage, a law enforcement official briefed on the investigation told CNN. Around 4 a.m., about two hours after he started the attack and while holed up in a bathroom, Omar Mateen texted his wife, Noor Salman, asking if she’d seen the news, the official said.
At one point, she responded with a text saying that she loved him. Salman also tried calling her husband several times during the standoff, a second law enforcement official said. The timing of her calls came after reports of the attack had emerged, and apparently after she realized her husband might be responsible. He didn’t answer, the official said.

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3 Year Old Toddler Shoots and Kills Self with Gun


On Sunday, another responsible gun owner in Rock Hill South Carolina, just lost a toddler in their life to the gun they love.

Savion Barrow, 3, was taken by EMS ambulance from his home on Amelia Avenue to Piedmont Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead by hospital staff shortly after his arrival, York County Coroner Sabrina Gast said.

Capt. Mark Bollinger, spokesman for the Rock Hill Police Department, said Savion somehow got his hands on the gun and shot himself.

Sunday’s shooting was the second by a toddler in Rock Hill in just a month.

Last month, Rock Hill police charged the great-aunt of a 2-year-old boy with unlawful carrying of a gun after the child was able to get the gun while in the woman’s car,accidentally shooting the child’s grandmother. The grandmother survived.

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This Gabby Giffords Ad Will Air Before and After The State of The Union Address

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On the eve of President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address, former Arizona Rep. Gabby Giffords is challenging Washington leaders not to ignore gun violence.

The former Democratic congresswoman is featured in a new television ad set to air immediately before and after the president’s speech. In the ad, Giffords faces the camera and says, “Congress is afraid of the gun lobby.”

“Tell Washington it’s too dangerous to wait,” she says in a slightly slurred voice.

Giffords, 43, is still recovering from a brain injury suffered in 2011 when a mentally ill man shot her in the head as she met with constituents outside an Arizona shopping center. Six people were killed in the attack.

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Gabby Giffords Visit To Raleigh, NC

On the last leg of their Gun Control Tour and getting the message out for stricter gun regulations, Former Arizona Congresswoman Gabby Giffords and her husband, former Astronaut, Mark Kelly were in Raleigh, NC Sunday.
After the couple had visited a shooting range, they sat down for lunch at The Pit Authentic Barbecue in downtown Raleigh with 14 hand-picked members of the organization she and her husband founded that promotes gun violence prevention called, “Americans for Responsible Solutions”. All are gun owners and are lobbying for expanded background checks. The group is attempting to drum up support at the ‘combat boot’ level by visiting key states that had voted Against background check legislation.

“Gabby and I are both gun owners. I’ve served in the military for 25 years,” Kelly said. “We are strong supporters of the Second Amendment.”

But Second Amendment protections shouldn’t stand in the way of common-sense gun controls, he said.
Kelly stated that they’re not fighting for stricter regulations because His wife was shot, but because of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Ct. which took the lives of 20 children and 6 staff members.

“In six months since Newtown, our national response has been to do nothing,” Kelly said. “It’s unacceptable.”

“We need to do a better job keeping guns out of the hands of criminals, the dangerously mentally ill, the way we do that is we expand background checks to gun shows, private sales and internet sales,” he said.

Of course, pro-gun rights critics were quick to oppose the visit. A group known as, “Grass Roots North Carolina”, criticized the couple for sitting down only with members of their organization rather than reaching out to All gun owners as a whole.

“They own guns, but I don’t believe they represent the majority of gun owners,” said Rick Foster. “I sympathize with (Giffords), but I believe her efforts are misdirected. She’s the victim of someone mentally deranged. Her efforts ought to be focused on helping to improve the mental health system.”

“Why are they hiding from the gun owners they claim to represent?” the group said in a statement Friday.

It should be added as a footnote that the group offered 100 rounds of free ammo to the first person to track down where Giffords would be. Yes, you read it correctly. “Track Down” is how it was reported. (And they wonder why Gabby and Mark didn’t divulge their meeting location).

I Pray for Success to the Gifford-Kelly campaign of Awareness and Change for this Serious and Important regulation to bring about stricter Gun Laws with a No-Brainer approach to background checks.
Gabby in Raleigh
Too Much Gun Violence. Too Many Deaths. Too Much Talk. “Fight, fight, fight, be bold, be courageous, the nation is counting on you,” Giffords told the crowd. The Time Is NOW Washington!

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Two Year Old Girl Shot And Killed By Her Five Year Old Brother

After what happened in Sandy Hook, and especially after Congressional Republicans stood their grounds against any form of gun control, you can’t help but think that there will be many more stories like this. And with that knowledge, you’d think Republicans would want to cut down on these kind of news. But you’d be wrong to think that.

A Kentucky toddler was accidentally shot dead by her own brother as he played with a gun he’d been given as a gift, police said.

Caroline Starks, 2, was killed after her 5-year-old sibling fired the .22-caliber rifle at their Burkesville home at 1 p.m. Tuesday.

She was rushed to Cumberland County Hospital but pronounced dead.

The Lexington Herald-Leader reports the weapon — a Crickett branded by makers Keystone Sporting Arms as “My First Rifle” — was given to the boy last year.

Crickett Guns

Crickett Guns


Congress Has Decided – Gun Violence Victims Don’t Deserve A Vote

In his State of the Union address, President Obama issued a very moving appeal to get Congress to vote on certain measures of Gun Control. Calling out the names of different victims of gun violence, and raising his voice over the thunderous applause from the very same members of congress he was appealing to, the President said,

“Hadiya’s parents, Nate and Cleo, are in this chamber tonight, along with more than two dozen Americans whose lives have been torn apart by gun violence.  They deserve a vote. Gabby Giffords deserves a vote. The families of Newtown deserve a vote. The families of Aurora deserve a vote.

 “The families of Oak Creek, and Tucson, and Blacksburg, and the countless other communities ripped open by gun violence – they deserve a simple vote.”
Well Congress has now answered the President, and its decision is that the President was wrong. Hadiya’s parents, Gabby Giffords, the families of Newtown, the families of Aurora, the families of Oak Creek and Tucson and Blacksburg – Congress is saying that these families don’t deserve a vote.
Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid on Tuesday declared politically dead the effort to ban military-style assault weapons, a setback for President Obama and gun-control advocates who are pushing the Senate to move quickly on bills to limit gun violence.
Reid (D-Nev.) is preparing to move ahead with debate on a series of gun-control proposals when the Senate returns from a two-week Easter recess in early April. Although he has vowed to hold votes on measures introduced after the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in Newtown, Conn., in December, Reid told reporters Tuesday that the proposed assault-weapons ban isn’t holding up against Senate rules that require at least 60 votes to end debate and move to final passage.
The proposed ban, “using the most optimistic numbers, has less than 40 votes. That’s not 60,” Reid said.Still up for consideration are three other bills approved last week by the Senate Judiciary Committee: bipartisan legislation to make gun trafficking a federal crime, a bipartisan measure to expand a Justice Department grant program that provides funding for school security, and a Democratic proposal to expand the nation’s gun background check program.

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What To Do With The Gun Violence Offenders – Ever Heard of The Dirty Dozen?

Have you ever wondered how to curb, or even merge violent crime prisoners here in the U.S. prison system back into a form of societal life? Have you ever heard of the movie, The Dirty Dozen? In 1967, an awesome war movie enlisted or drafted violent, life-sentence type prisoners into the Army during World War II to fight against the German war machine. It featured some of the greatest actors of that time such as Lee Marvin, Charles Bronson, Ernest Borgnine and living legend Hall of Fame Football running back, Jim Brown.

The Dirty Dozen 1

The premise of the movie was to take these violent criminals from prison, train them to become soldiers and send them into battle, supervised of course by a US Army Major. The goal was to get the best out of these hardened criminals.

At any rate, that’s what the U.S. could do with these prisoners here in our jails. They seem not to mind violence so why not establish a real-life “Dirty Dozen” squadron of soldiers. Put them right in the middle of Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and all of the hot spots around the world. Send the violent offenders that are condemned, those on a life sentence, the rapist and extreme violent gang members that have been reeking havoc here in the States. With that, prisons would be freed up of violent offenders and would be filled with more of your “white collar” criminals instead.

Just last week, a member of Congress was thinking about re-introducing the notion of a Draft again. Really? With the dangers all over the world right now, terrorists are ready and violence are on our borders due to the drug war. Why would we even want to consider a Draft? There is another alternative, a deterrent that may work in our favor instead of the dreaded Draft.

Think about it. With violent criminals who are currently imprisoned fighting these wars on behalf of the United States, our sons and daughters would not be on the front lines. Those that seem to enjoy “killing” and violence without remorse would be risking their lives instead.

And they’re already on ‘death row’ or serving ‘life sentences’ anyway. It’s a win-win situation. Problem solved. Prison over crowding, solved. Those that commit violent crimes now would know their punishment – terminal life sentence in the Army or in the Marines. Believe me, I think these guys would have a totally different perspective when someone else is shooting back at them.