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Missouri State Senator Tweets “F**K YOU” to Missouri Governor


State Senator Maria Chappelle Nadel is not very fond of Gov. Nixon. After calling him out on MSNBC yesterday stating that he is a “coward,” for not taking control senator of the situation in Ferguson,  Chappelle wasn’t done. She used her twitter account to respond directly to a tweet sent from the governor’s account.

Jay Nixon’s twitter message was one he delivered earlier in his press conference when he removed the local police and their horrendous handling of the protesters in Ferguson. The tear gas throwing, rubber bullets firing cops were replaced by State Patrol officers, and Nixon’s message was in reference to the actions of the local police.

“Situation in Ferguson does not represent who we are,” Nixon said. “Must keep the peace, while safeguarding rights if citizens and the press. ”

But that did not go over well with the Senator, who has accused the governor of not caring about the people in that district. “He has not come to ground zero,” she has said in interviews, and she called the governor’s handling of the shooting of Michael Brown “Nixon’s Katrina.”

“You don’t know shit,” Maria tweeted, “bc you never communicate. FUCK you governor.”


Mike Brown Shooting #Politics

Missouri State Senator Calls Missouri Governor a “Coward”


The governor of Missouri is a Democrat but he has handled the situation in Ferguson like a Republican, staying out of sight while his world crumbled around him, looking for someone else to blame.

Enter Missouri State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal, who has already been gassed by the Ferguson police when she joined the protests.

In an interview on MSNBC, Maria Chappelle-Nadel didn’t hold her tongue, calling Gov. Nixon a “coward” for his disappearing acts.

“Our governor, Governor Nixon, has been absent from the minority community, not for a few years, but for a few decades, and this is inexcusable. And he only comes to the minority community when it’s politically expedient. And now that the world’s eyes are on Missouri… the governor is now here. But he’s not really at Ground Zero. He’s never come to Ground Zero… For that, I call him a coward.”