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Obamacare Good News – Millions More Enrolled, Lowest Uninsured Rate in 5 Years

The Obama administration on Wednesday released its monthly update on health insurance enrollment under the Affordable Care Act. Nearly 3.3 million Americans enrolled in private health plans through Obamacare’s state and federal marketplaces from October through February 1, with 1.1 million signing up in January alone. The data comes on the same day that a Gallup survey found that the U.S. uninsurance rate has hit a five-year low:


“We’re seeing a healthy growth in enrollment,” said Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius in a conference call with reporters. According to Sebelius, an additional 6.6 million Americans have been deemed eligible for Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Plan (CHIP) during the first four months of the open enrollment period.


How Low Can Congress Go – New Poll Finds Lowest Ratings Ever!

This new Gallop poll finds that Congress has the lowest ratings for any institution ever recorded.

Americans’ confidence in Congress as an institution is down to 10%, ranking the legislative body last on a list of 16 societal institutions for the fourth straight year. This is the lowest level of confidence Gallup has found, not only for Congress, but for any institution on record. Americans remain most confident in the military, at 76%.

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Now I’m just guessing here, but I believe that Congress still has some lowering to go. Why you may ask? Because it is still saturated by a do-nothing Republican party whose main objective is the destruction of Congress and the destruction of government itself.

Mark my words…

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Multiple Polls Say – Raise Taxes Before Spending Cuts

Two polls, conducted on the same day showed the same thing – Americans, by a margin of 2 to 1, prefer raising taxes to address the deficit instead of spending cuts alone. The Gallop poll, conducted on 8/10/2011, shows 66% supports raising taxes, while 33% prefers spending cuts, and the CNN poll conducted on the same day mirrors the Gallop results, with 63% for more taxes, and 36% for more spending cuts.

Another poll conducted a day before on 8/9/2011 by another polling agency called McClatchy/Marist, showed the same results. In that poll, 68% of Americans think raising taxes is the way to go, as opposed to the 29% who want more spending cuts.

If you think there’s a pattern here, there is. Over 23 different polls dating back to December 12th, 2010 found the same thing – Americans prefer raising taxes to combat the deficit problem over cutting spending to programs that help people.

See the full table here.