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Mentally Ill Man Shot and Killed Seconds After Police Arrived On Scene – Video

Are you getting used to this yet? Police officers taking it upon themselves to decide who deserves a death penalty and then enforcing that death penalty on American citizens? You’ve seen numerous examples of this. You should be used to it by now.

But I’m not. Although I’ve seen countless videos of people being gunned down by police, I still cannot understand the act. It seems to me that gunning down the same person you’ve sworn to “serve and protect” is the ultimate living oxymoron.

On April 30th, Officer Neal Browder took a call to investigate a report of a man with a knife at an adult book store in San Diego. When Browder pulled up on the scene, the video shows him stopping his car and asking dispatch for a description of the perpetrator. After getting the description, Browder replied that he has the man in sight. The man, a 42-year-old mentally-ill homeless man named Fridoon Rawshan Nehad, walks into the video as Browder opens the drivers door and steps out of his car, gun drawn. Almost instantly, a flash of light leaves Browder’s gun and Nehad falls to the ground and dies.

The footage below was released by San Diego County District Attorney, Bonnie Dumanis. However, Bonnie Dumanis held a press conference stating that there will be no charges against the officer, according to reporting by KGTV.