Fox Host Drops The “Sh*t” Word On Television

Bob Beckel is slowly becoming our favorite host on Fox News. Remember when Bob decided that he was not going to partake in a conversation with his co-hosts that falsely slander the President? Well, Bob is sticking to his guns and in the last show, he may have been a tad bit upset and belted out the word that sounds like “hit,” but starts with the letter “S.”

Before pressing play on the video below, maybe you should send the kids to get a drink of water or something…


Bachmann Distances Herself From Her Retardation Claim

Michele Bachmann found herself in a little hot water when she repeated what a woman said to her after the last Republican debate. Bachmann, one of the Republican presidential candidates for 2012, was engaged in a heated contest back and forth with her competition, Rick Perry over his Texas mandate that pre-teen girls get the HPV vaccine. Clearly against Perry’s mandate, Bachmann told Fox News;

“There’s a woman who came up crying to me tonight after the debate. She said her daughter was given that vaccine. She told me her daughter suffered mental retardation as a result. There are very dangerous consequences.”

Of course, there’s no proof that the HPV vaccine cause mental retardation, but for whatever reason, and we assume it’s all political, Bachmann felt the need to repeat this woman’s claim to the media. Maybe she thought saying it to Fox News was a safe place to spread her lie and misinformation, afterall, that’s what Fox does all the time. But Bachmann’s inaccurate statement caused a huge backlash from actual professionals in the medical industry. Even her Republican base has raised an eyebrow on Bachmann’s lie, and she’s now trying to take back her statement.

Asked about her false statement by the Associated Press, Bachmann played the innocent role;

“All I was doing is relaying what a woman had said. I relayed what she said. I wasn’t attesting to her accuracy. I wasn’t attesting to anything.”

Call me naïve, but as a so-called leader in the Republican party and an elected congresswoman, shouldn’t we expect a certain level of honesty and accuracy from these people? How low has this nation descended to, when leaders think they can repeat certain claims, without “attesting” to their accuracy?

What message are we sending to the kids? What is this saying about the future of politics in the country?

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Michele Bachmann, Are You A Flake?

Fox News Chris Wallace lost the debate to Jon Stewart last week, so in his Sunday interview of Republican Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann, Wallace asked the question every sane American has asked about Michele:  “Is she for real, or is she “a flake?”

“The rap on you here in Washington is that you have a history of questionable statements, some would say gaffes . . . are you a flake?”

The question caught Mrs. Bachmann off-guard, to which she answered that she was “insulted” that Wallace would ask her such a question. Realizing that this was going to be his second loss in 2 weeks, Wallace issued the following apology.

“A lot of you were more than perturbed, you were upset and felt that I had been rude to her. And since in the end it’s really all about the answers and not about the questions. I messed up, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean any disrespect.”

Although Wallace buckled under the pressure from his bosses at Fox and apologized, his question was actually a good one. Considering all the numerous incorrect statements the presidential candidate has made in recent weeks, we are all wondering the same thing. Is this Republican presidential candidate for real?

And based on her lack of knowledge where basic American history is concerned, I’ll even venture to say that she’s a flake, who cut classes when the subject was taught.

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Glenn Beck Punks Out On Van Jones’ Challenge

Glenn Beck is more than happy to sit behind the camera on Fox News or behind the microphone of his radio talk show, and debate himself. The scary part is when he declares himself the winner of those debates, something that happens more times than any sane person should admit to.

Beck was recently given a chance to have a real debate,  a “fight”, a “discussion”. He was given the chance to have an “argument”, a “battle of ideas” from his favorite political rival, Van Jones. Mr. Jones – who, in 2009 had to resign his job at the White House because of the constant lies and character assassinations told about him on Beck’s shows,  issued a challenge to Beck, saying;

I issue a personal challenge to my beloved brother Glenn Beck. I will debate you anytime, anywhere, at any point. I’ll give you an hour, you give me five minutes. And I will stand up for our values. But you would have to stop talking about us and start talking to us.

You got one week left before your show goes off. My phone is ringing. Call me! Call me, Glenn Beck! And let’s have this fight. Let’s have this discussion. Let’s have this argument. Let’s have this battle of ideas. Battle of ideas. And let’s fight for liberty and justice for all.

This would seem like the perfect opportunity for Beck to prove to his radio and television audiences that all the things he’s said about Jones were true. It would seem that Beck would finally have the opportunity to shed some real light on Jones’s true “communistic” character, and at the same time, prove to America that he (Beck) was not just pulling words out of thin air or making stuff up. It would seem like the right thing to do…

But what was Beck’s response?

He retreats back to the rubber room, comfort zone of his radio show where all that he says goes forever unchallenged, and spends 9 minutes continuing his smear campaign against Van Jones, calling him a “communist revolutionist” who formed a group to take over the government.

Yeah Beck, but are you going to accept the challenge? Back up what you say and join Mr. Jones in a debate.

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Tim Pawlenty Is No Punk, Just Don’t Tell Romney!

Tim Pawlenty showed his punkass side again. Last Sunday, Pawlenty went on Fox News and criticized his fellow Republican Mitt Romney and the health care bill Romney approved in Massachusetts. Funny thing is, when Pawlenty was given the opportunity to confront Romney at the CNN debate one day later, he punked out and showed the nation that he has no backbone.

Well that was then and this is now. Realizing that he crumbled while Romney was on stage with him, Pawlenty is trying to regain the ‘tough-guy’ front he never really had. So today, in the comforting confine of his own living room, and in front of his big bad computer, little Timmy went online and became ballsy tweeting to all who cared to listen, that he is once again willing to take on Romney.

After looking around the room and making sure Romney wasn’t there, Pawlenty took to twitter and tweeted the following;

But on CNN, and with Mitt Romney standing just a few feet away from him, Little Timmy emerged and the tough-guy persona he exhibited on Fox was gone.
Video below;

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Glenn Beck Insinuates Shooting President Obama

These days, it’s hard to be surprised by Glenn Beck’s antics. But his most recent attempt to grab the spotlight on his last few days at Fox News, really had me scratching my head. This is the same guy who once, when referring to congressional Democrats, told his viewers to “shoot them in the head.”

Well in this second attempt to incite some nut-job in his audience to commit the unthinkable, the Fox News host took to the television waves and after ranting about guns and his suggestion that the government is coming after gun owners, Beck asked the question, “why would you get a gun?” He then turns and points at a picture of President Obama.

Amazing that this idiot is still on television, or on any public media for that matter!


Americans Are Just Tired Of The Conservative Lies

It was bound to happen. You can only lie to people for so long, and the American people are beginning to say ENOUGH! A recent poll shows that top conservative radio talk shows are loosing their audience in droves!

The just-released Arbitron repor treveals that a lot less people are listening to right-wing talk radio.With a lull in ratings since November, RushLimbaugh had a 3.0 share of listeners for his radio time slot, which is a 33% slide from October and from last April, reports Crain’s Business.

Meanwhile, The Sean Hannity Show was reported to be down 28% from its peak numbers in the fall.

And let’s not forget the massive exodus from the Glenn Beck show. So bad was this exodus, that Fox News has decided not to renew his contract. But this report shows that the entire Fox network is loosing viewers;

Glenn Beck suffered the biggest drop, losing 30% of his audience compared to the first quarter last year.  But he wasn’t alone.  Top ranking O’Reilly lost 14% of his audience, Sean Hannity, up a spot from 2010, lost 19%, and Bret Baier, who pushed Beck out of the top three, lost 13%.

Greta Van Susteren, who has been bleeding viewers to Anderson Cooper this month, is down 22.86%.

All in all Fox News actually lost 21% of its primetime audience during the quarter.

What’s the old saying? You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t continually lie and expect Americans to continually buy into the dumbness. Well–that’s not exactly what they say but you catch my drift.