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Bill O’Reilly – Trump Won in Florida Because “Voters Want a Punishment” – Video

Bill O’Reilly of Fox News said something very eye-opening. After seeing Donald Trump crush-fest on Marco Rubio in Rubio’s home state of Florida, O’Reilly said something rather telling – “voters want a punishment,” so that’s why they’re voting for Trump.

“It was no surprise that Trump won in Florida,” O’Reilly told Fox News anchor Bret Baier moments after the network called the state for the Republican billionaire. “The reason I think that Trump won in Florida is because he comes across as more authoritarian — not authoritative — authoritarian.”

According to O’Reilly, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio was never able to overcome the perception that an outsider was needed “to punish the Republican establishment.”

“But more importantly to take it to Hillary Clinton,” he continued. “I think the turning point in this race for Trump was when he attacked both Hillary and Bill Clinton a few months ago when they started the sexist stuff, and he just laid them out. I think a lot of people saw that and said, ‘You know what? This guy can punish as well as win.’”

“And in this angry age,” O’Reilly added, “voters want a punishment along with a victory.”


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Black Woman Beaten and Arrested for Filming White Cops – Video

Her husband was getting arrested, so like anyone else with a cellphone, she turned on her camera and began recording the arrest when the two white officers in Jacksonville Florida, suddenly became afraid for their lives and decided to attack her and her cellphone to save their lives.

“I was beaten, and then falsely arrested, my phone was stolen, my car was taken. It was a traumatic experience,” Kelli Wilson said of her unintended encounter with the cops. “It was definitely an experience you never think you would be going through,” said Wilson.

Wilson said that when the officers demanded she put away her phone, she asked “why?” And that is when the police decided to escalate the situation with the citizen.

“He asked for it, he demanded it again, and I gave him the same, ‘Why do you want my phone? What do you need my phone for?’ He told me he would punch me in my face. I eventually got punched and beaten and the sergeant that was on the scene joined in the beating.”

Wilson said the police still have her phone. Her beating for recording an arrest was captured by a nearby surveillance camera. On the police report, the officers claimed they arrested Wilson because she was interfering with an arrest.

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Florida Cop Fired for Tasing Man for No Apparent Reason – Video

The man stood in his own home, both hands raised, showing the screaming cop that he was no threat, but still getting tased in his living room by a cop who was apparently scared for his life!

The officer from Zephyrhills Florida, was a 10 year veteran of the police department. He insisted that the man “come outside to talk to me.” The man refused to go out, insisting that he had done nothing wrong, is not armed and raised both hands to show the cop that he had no weapons. His soft-spoken and calm demeanor apparently threatened the officer, who, screaming to the top of his lungs for the man to talk to him, pulled the trigger on his taser and dropped the homeowner to the floor.

The officer was fired last Thursday after an internal investigation.



Woman Finds Out Her Husband Had Another Wife During Church Service


She was sitting in the congregation when the pastor made the announcement that her husband was married to another woman.

“Your whole life, your whole life goes down the drain,” a neighbor told the news station. “It’s very sad.”

Patrick Celicourt, 49, of Apopka, Florida, is facing bigamy felony charges after his new marriage was announced in Pine Hills church while his wife of 22 years sat in the congregation.

WESH 2 News reports.


No Joke – Florida County Votes to Put Confederate Flag Back Up – Video


It’s Florida, so what do you expect. If there were ever going to be a vote in favor of flying the confederate flag, Florida would be the place to hold such a vote! And today, after all the fuss about the racism surrounding the flag, Florida has decided to put their flag back up on full display!

Officials in Florida’s Marion County have decided to buck the national — not counting Mississippi — trend of removing the Confederate battle flag from government buildings by restoring the one they took down after the June shootings in Charleston, South Carolina.

At the Marion County Commission meeting Tuesday morning, “several” members of general public argued that the flag ought to be restored, and the commission voted to do exactly that.

Members of the commission assured the Ocala Star Banner’s Kristine Cane, however, that the flag would be accompanied by an informative display that would outline its historical significance.

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Obamacare in Florida – Almost 2 Million Floridians Enrolled by February 15th


Florida. Another state with a Republican governor who, if he had his way, would repeal Obamacare and leave his constituents without healthcare in a jiffy! Yes, that same Florida registered almost 2 million Americans to receive health insurance benefits from The Affordable Care Act.

Erollment in Affordable Care Act health insurance plans topped 1.6 million in Florida and totaled about 11.4 million nationwide through the Feb. 15 deadline, according to data released Wednesday by the federal Department of Health and Human Services.

The figures reflect the number of people who selected a plan during the just-completed three-month open enrollment period or who enrolled during the previous year and were automatically re-enrolled.

Officials said the deadline for people who were unable to complete their enrollments by Feb. 15 would be extended by a week, so the enrollment totals will be revised once those enrollees are counted.

Enrollment totals for metropolitan areas included in Wednesday’s release were:

Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach — 756,137

Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford — 192,881

Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater — 174,675

Jacksonville — 80,256

North Port-Sarasota-Bradenton — 44,072

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Jon Stewart Disects Showdown in Congress Between Florida Democrat and Texas Republican – Video

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It was almost an all out war between the Florida Democratic congressman Alcee Hastings and the gentleman from Texas, Republican Michael Burgess. During a recent congressional meeting, Hastings directed an insult towards the state of Texas, prompting the Texas Representative to demand an apology.

The apology never came, in fact, Hastings doubled down, rather tripled down on his original insult. After showing the clip, Stewart wondered if America would be better off if the two states destroyed themselves in an all out war!