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Rapper Demands that “Scumbag” Trump Stop Using his Music – Calls Trump “a Piece of S–t”


Add Rapper Everlast from the rap group “House of Pain” to the long list of musicians who have demanded that Republican leader Donald Trump, stop using their music. And to get his point and frustrations across, Everlast used some rather colorful adjectives to describe the donald.

“Hey @realDonaldTrump stop using my song jump around at your rallies you piece of s–t. Cease and desist is coming you scumbag,” the rapper, whose real name is Erik Francis Schrody, tweeted Monday night.

“Stop playing my song you ignorant racist piece of s–t lawyers are already on it. I don’t want your money no amount you offer will get the license. I would love to meet you and smack that comb over right off your scalp you scumbag!!!” he added on Instagram.

“The reason he doesn’t ask anybody — a lot of people have asked him to cease and desist — (is) because every f–king person would say, ‘No, f–k you,’ except for whatever right-wing country artist wants to give him the song,” he said.

It’s unclear whether Trump’s campaign obtained a license to play the song, which has long been a favorite in movies, clubs and sporting events. A spokeswoman has yet to return the Daily News’ request for comment.