Trump’s Education Secretary Blocked from Entering Washington School

Fresh off her controversial nomination, controversial nomination process¬†and eventual confirmation, the most inexperience Education Secretary in this country’s history, Betsy DeVos, was greeted by a not-so-welcoming group of protesters as she tried entering a school in Washington.

Parents holding signs greeted DeVos when she arrived at Jefferson Middle School Academy in southwest Washington, not far from the Department of Education building.

When she tried to enter the school, the protesters stood in front of her, video from CNN affiliate WJLA showed.

The video showed DeVos then turned around and walked away, with one protester walking beside her shouting, “Go back! Shame, shame.”

She got into an SUV and drove off. It’s not clear if she later entered the school through another door.

WJLA reported the protest was organized by the Washington Teachers’ Union, which did not support DeVos’ nomination.