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Dick Durbin – We Must Hold Trump Accountable If He “Violated The Law”

In a Sunday interview on CNN, Democratic Senator Dick Durbin told Jake Tapper that “no one, including the president, is above the law.” Durbin then warned that Trump will be “held accountable” if  it is proven that the violated the law.

 “Well, I don’t want to predict that. I think that’s too hypothetical. We understand what the constitution says. We must do, and that is hold everyone in the United States, including the president of the United States accountable if they have violated the law. No one including the president is above the law.”

For his part, Donald Trump and his Republican party are doing all they can to interfere with Robert Mueller’s investigation into his campaign’s illegal dealings with Vladimir Putin’s Russia. As improbable as it sounds, the so-called President of the United States is now blaming the FBI in his ongoing attempt to cast doubt on Mueller and the outcome of Mueller’s investigation. And the entire Republican party is going along with this.

I give Durbin credit though. Although Democrats are currently in the minority and limited by what they can do even if it is proven that Trump broke the law, Durbin and other Democrats are talking the talk. The stark reality is however, that Republicans are in power with no checks and balances, and they are too afraid of Trump and his Twitter handle. Until Republicans decide to uphold the laws and more importantly, the constitution, Democrats are left with no alternative but to talk.

It’s no longer country first, it’s protect Trump first for these Republicans