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Confrontation – 50 Cent Gets In Steve Stoute’s Face at Knicks Game


Watch what you say! 50 Cent confronted Steve Stoute during a Knicks game at New York’s Madison Square Garden on Friday (Feb. 28). Photos surfaced of the two men in what appears to be in a heated conversation.

50 Cent may have not taken to kindly to Stoute’s unflattering remarks about his career while chatting with Hot 97 DJ Angie Martinez. During their conversation, the former rap manager-turned-advertising executive believed that Fiddy isn’t an influential artist.

“50 hasn’t had a hit in a really long time,” he told Martinez. “He has not made anything musically that has changed anything in a really long time. I feel like he’s always gearing up for something that never happens.”

50, a guy who doesn’t take smack from anyone, was photographed confronting Stoute during the Knicks game against the Golden State Warriors (see above).

Judging by the pics (posted at HipHop-N-More), it looks like the G-Unit leader was making sure he got his point across while Stoute was trying to diffuse the situation and explained himself.

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Bob Woodward And David Axelrod Face Off Over Supposed “Threat” – Video

Both men were on MSNBC’s  Morning Joe and the confrontation was almost immediate due to Woodward’s claim that an email he received from the White House amounted to a “threat.”

Woodward, a well respected journalist, has been in the news all week because of some of his reporting, where he blamed President Obama as the originator of the Sequester. The White House has been on the defensive since Woodward’s claim, leading to the confrontation between the two men on Friday.

“When the full e-mails came out, they were as cordial as can be,” Axelrod said to Woodward on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” “His e-mail was cordial, and your response was cordial. So if you felt threatened, why didn’t you say to Gene, ‘Don’t threaten me?’”

“You are putting words in my mouth,” Woodward responding, adding he never said he felt “threatened.” “I said, ‘I don’t think this is the way to operate.’”

Axelrod retorted: “I’m not putting words in your mouth, Bob. It’s your newspaper that said you said you were threatened.”

A Washington Post story posted Thursday did originally say in the headline that Woodward claimed the White House “threatened” him. The headline has since been changed.

On Fox News on Thursday night, Woodward said, “The problem I have with the Gene Sperling email — and this comes after a shouting match, lot’s of people shout at me — is that goes into the coded, ‘you better watch out’.”

The duo later debated whether Obama “moved the goalposts” on sequestration by insisting tax revenues be part of the package to avert it.

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Showdown At The Fox Corral Between Sean Hannity And Keith Ellison

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Congressman Keith Ellison went on Sean Hannity‘s Fox News program also known as the Republican channel last night and had what amounted to a showdown at the O.K Fox News Corral… the political version that is.

The Democratic congressman was introduced and already, from the introduction Mr. Ellison had something to say. He referenced a video clip Hannity showed, where Hannity depicted President Obama talking about the Sequester. But Hannity did not allow the president to talk uninterrupted.  Apparently there were other comments and music being played in the background while Mr. Obama spoke.

Congressman Keith Ellison couldn’t wait for Hannity to complete introducing him to the misguided uninformed viewers of Fox. He lashed out at Hannity and controlled the fight for the next six minutes. Ellison called Hannity  “the worst excuse for a journalist I’ve ever seen,” and accused the Fox host of engaging in “yellow journalism.

He also referred to Hannity as “deceptive,” said that Hannity had violated “every journalistic ethic I’ve ever heard of,” and called him “immoral.” And that was just the start. There was a time when the confrontation reminded me of what Piers Morgan experienced when he tried to interview the gun loving Alex Jones.

Watch the confrontation below.

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Muslim Man Confronted By Christian Conservatives. Video

Our Constitution demands the freedom of religion in these the United States of America. Are these just words written on a document that many considers sacred? Or is it just another one of our  rights that Conservative Christian Americans would prefer to eradicate?

Below, two different religions clash infront of the White House. One Muslim man tries to pray, and is surrounded by those of the ‘Christian’  faith.

I wonder if the Founding Fathers would approve of this scene.