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Mike Pence – “Who Cares” if Trump Has Conflicts of Interests

As you’ve probably heard, Donald Trump and his business partners from around the world are having secret meeting. Again, these are men who have business ties with Trump, and they are sneaking in under the cover of night and outside of any media coverage to see their business partner.

Some people apparently think there is nothing wrong with this obvious conflict of interest.

During an interview with Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday,” Pence was asked about allegations that Trump’s meetings with business leaders from nations like India could constitute “the Clinton Foundation on steroids.” His response was to quote a line he heard from Trump on the same subject: “Who cares?”

After Pence reassured viewers that “the best legal minds in the country” were involved in the transition process, Wallace pointed out that this is “not just a legal question,” but one that speaks to the ethical character of the president-elect, particularly given reports that his children (who are still in charge of his business empire) will also act as advisers to the new administration.

“Well, I can tell you, in a recent interview after the election, the president-elect summed up his view of his interest in his business life with two words. He said, ‘Who cares?’” Pence replied to Wallace.

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GOP Leader Eric Cantor Could Make a Profit if United States Default


House Democrats are circulating a resolution accusing House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) of having a conflict of interest in the debt ceiling debate, a move that could provide an awkward C-SPAN moment for one of the lead Republicans in the budget negotiations.

The resolution goes after Cantor’s investment in ProShares Trust Ultrashort 20+ Year Treasury ETF, a fund that “takes a short position in long-dated government bonds.”

The fund is essentially a bet against U.S. government bonds. If the debt ceiling is not raised and the United States defaults on its debts, the value of Cantor’s fund would likely increase.

The Democratic resolution, obtained by The Huffington Post from a Democratic source on the Hill, argues that Cantor “stands to profit from U.S. treasury default, which thereby raises the appearance of a conflict of interest,” and that he “may be sabotaging [debt ceiling] negotiations for his own personal gain.” It’s not clear how widely the measure was being circulated, with a House Democratic aide saying they hadn’t seen the resolution or heard it being discussed.

“Majority Leader Cantor has compromised the dignity and integrity of the Members of the House by raising the appearance of a conflict of interest in negotiations with the executive branch over raising the debt ceiling,” adds the measure.