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LeBron James and The Cavaliers Refuse to Stay at Trump Hotel

The Hill reports that a group of Cleveland Cavaliers players are refusing to stay at a Trump hotel in New York City, according to ESPN.

The Cavaliers have a contract with Trump SoHo hotel in lower Manhattan, but a group of players have been excused from staying there.

LeBron James is among the players who will not stay at the hotel, ESPN reports.

James endorsed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton about a month before she lost the election to Donald Trump.


Cleveland Cavs Sorry for “Joking” about Domestic Violence – Video


Really? A video that can be interpreted as domestic violence? Who in their right mind thought this would have been funny and that showing it at a basket ball playoff game would be ideal?

During a timeout at their game against the Chicago Bulls, the one-minute video spoofs a health care commercial where a couple recreates the final dance scene from the movie “Dirty Dancing.”

In the Cavs’ parody, a man, dressed in a Cleveland Cavaliers T-shirt, is seen suggestively dancing around the kitchen with his partner, a woman. As he completes the “lift,” he realizes she’s wearing a red Chicago Bulls T-shirt, prompting him to throw her down on the ground.


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Rolling The Dice With Andrew Bynum

Bynum was pursued by the Mavericks and Cavaliers this free agency

The Cleveland Cavaliers have officially signed Center Andrew Bynum to a two-year deal worth a total of $24.5 million. While this sounds like a risky deal for Cleveland, it’s actually a brilliant pick up.

A new team requires a new hair style

The details of the contract only guarantee Bynum $6 million dollars and one single year; Cleveland has given him an incentive heavy contract and holds the option for a second year. This ensures that Cleveland will have plenty of cap space come the 2014 free agency period to lure a big name free agent, Lebron James, and bring him back home. On top of ensuring plenty of cap space Cleveland now has, when healthy and engaged, easily one of the top five big men in the league.

Cleveland is clearly hoping for the Bynum who played in L.A to show up

Bynum, who didn’t play all of last season with the 76ers, was an up and coming All Star back in Los Angeles. In his final year in L.A he averaged 18.7 points, 11.8 rebounds, 1.9 blocks and made his first NBA All Star appearance. On top of all that he was also part of two NBA Championship teams during his tenure as a Laker. Andrew Bynum is a very good, if not nearly complete basketball package; he has a good post game on offense and is a big body to deal with on defense.

The Eastern Conference is becoming much more interesting…